Willy the Dreamer Children will love the evocative world of Willy s daydreams a world of heroism fame adventure the past and the future The author s stunning illustrations look for a banana in every scene pay homag

  • Title: Willy the Dreamer
  • Author: Anthony Browne
  • ISBN: 9780763618834
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Children will love the evocative world of Willy s daydreams a world of heroism, fame, adventure, the past, and the future The author s stunning illustrations look for a banana in every scene pay homage to great painters, while exploring ordinary childhood fantasies with extraordinary flair Full color 32 pp Ages 4 and up Pub 4 98.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Anthony Browne, a Hans Christian Andersen Medalist, is the author illustrator of many acclaimed books for children, including SILLY BILLY and LITTLE BEAUTY He lives in Kent, England.

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    1. Every picture a surreal work of art So many details one could spend hours finding all the puns allusions in the book A book to own, because of course the youngest children can enjoy it on a simple level thinking the ideas just funny, but older children and adults can look for references to Magritte, Carroll, Henri Rousseau, etc in the illustrations that pay homage to one of the other artists.I do wish there were a key or author s note, however There were some main references I didn t recognize, [...]

    2. This picture book by Anthony Browne follows the many adventures of a chimp named Willy These adventures all take place in Willy s dreams We see Willy dreams of many things such as being a Film Star, a Singer, a Sumo Wrestler, a Ballet Dancer, a Painter, An Explorer, a Writer, a Scuba Diver, a Giant, a Beggar or a King He dreams of both the future and of the past, and also of strange and wonderful landscapes both real and imaginary Superheroes and monsters and bananas all feature in Willy s dream [...]

    3. Willy the Dreamer was the first piece of Browne s work I ve read and it certainly won t be the last This picture book gives a personal insight into Willy s aspirations for life, from becoming an explorer to becoming a famous writer He belives he can become anything he wants and the author plays on opposites to illustrate this I found this book gripping from the very first page to the last, with a great sense of curiosity to find out what Willy dreamt of becoming next with the flick of every page [...]

    4. This children s book has than meets the eye While the book itself on the surface is a clever treament to a child aged gorilla s fantasies of having adventures flying, exploring and morphing into monsters, there is definitely a deeper level.The treatment of gorillas and bananas is so thorough a mermaid s tail becomes a banana, a hot air balloon becomes a gorilla s face You could read this book over and over again to count the secret bananas, and also, for older readers, to compare them to great [...]

    5. Willy dreams of many different things, good and bad, and we can discover a lot about these dreams by looking closely at the pictures.Many of the illustrations contain references to things that Browne is assuming we already know For example, the image of Willy s dream of being a film star shows us characters from Tarzan, Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz, Frankenstein, King Kong and others.Browne also assumes knowledge of certain animals, particularly in the image of Willy as a scuba diver where we [...]

    6. Anthony Brown did it again This time I was in shock by the amazing illustrations I found the artwork was what made the story that amazing I believe this book was fun I loved the bananas in the pictures Children would ADORE this book because children dream of all of these things and are curious about them I would use this book to show how people are different Diversity is a beautiful thing and people need to understand the importance of it and I believe this book shows diversity I love this stor [...]

    7. Interesting concept book about our capacity to dream, with a chimp as the main character Willy is shown sleeping in the first frame, and then each subsequent frame illustrations are shown as framed paintings shows him in whatever scenario he s dreaming about Most are positive in a movie, as a rock star, or a famous painter A couple are poignant as a beggar or unable to walk In the last frame we wonder how many of the dreams were REM induced and how many were daydreams.

    8. I really enjoyed the great pictures in this book, they had great detail and I that young children would really enjoy this story It is a fun and creative story about wonderful dreams I would read this to younger children and I think it is a boo that they would be able to read on their own in first or second grade.

    9. My class thought this book was funny, cute, imaginative, and had excellent illustrations We also thought it was very thoughtful and creative We love Anthony Browne books and Good Reads

    10. This is a surreal and interesting children s picture book that s great for introducing kids to the world of art as well as sparking the imagination Willy the Dreamer doesn t have much of a story, it is a book that is about the pictures inside than the story being told The paperback is a bit larger than A4 in size and filled with thick and glossy, colourful pages, mainly of large pictures of Willy s dreams.The story runs along the bottom of the page and is a short and repetitive story made of si [...]

    11. Ideal as a starting point for small readers, this book is essentially a flip book of interesting and beautiful illustrations demonstrating lots of dreams that Willy the chimp is having about himself From performing various jobs to flying, this book has everything and all in beautiful colours and fun, witty drawings You could peruse the illustrations for ages actually, there is so much going on.The narrative is quite sparse this book really is all about the pictures but it gets the message across [...]

    12. Beautiful artwork with loads of humor and Willy s versions of some famous works of art I read the Spanish version so I m not sure I understood everything perfectly, but in English I d have the same problem And I got the gist of it.

    13. Willy the Dreamer by Anthony Browne is about Willy s dreams, dreams of fame, adventure, heroism, the past and the future This is a vertically oriented picturebook The end papers are the same in the front and the back Both convey images of bananas which are of course Willy s favorite because he s a chimpanzee The title page is a large panel or picture frame with wooden borders that serves as a window into illustration The image emphasizes the dream states that Willy may have because he is in mida [...]

    14. Anthony Browne s Willy the Dreamer is a creative masterpiece that draws the reader into each and every page It is about Willy, a chimp, who imagines he can be anything in the world Each page tells a story and lets you into Willy s wild imagination Willy, like many children, has different hopes and aspirations that change from page to page or day to day Willy dreams he is a movie star or singer, a scuba diver or explorer and much The elaborate illustrations in this story are accompanied by simpl [...]

    15. Willy the Dreamer is a dreamy book about a Chimp who dreams that he is of many different professions Every character is of ones that are familiar and he has seen before For instance when he dreams of being a movie star the characters are of the Wizard of Oz , Mary Poppins , King Kong , and even Charlie Chaplin Also when he dreams of being a singer he is actually Elvis The other characters he imitates in his dreams are of a sumo wrestler, ballet dancer, explorer, painter, scuba diver, and even a [...]

    16. Kesan pertama gue buat buku ini GEDE BANGEEEET Susah nyampulnyaaaa Seriusan Buku ini begitu besar ukurannya Dan cukup tebal.Tapi begitu buka halaman pertama, gue langsung jatuh hati dan ngga bosen bosen bacain buku ini terus hihihiHal yang sangat menarik perhatian gue tentang buku ini adalah disetiap halamannya, SELALU ada gambar pisangnya Atau ada gambar benda benda yang dimiripin ama pisang Gue awalnya mikir, kenapa banyak banget pisang berarakan disana dan disini Kemudian gue tersadar YA EYAL [...]

    17. Willy the Dreamer by Anthony Browne is another great postmodern picture book This is a good book for very young students It is about Willy the main character who loves dreaming and he believes that he can be anything whether its a painter or a scuba diver It goes on and on about what Willy dreams he can be and all of the magical places his dreams take him I think this would be very entertaining for young students because it will get their imagination going You could also do class assignments wit [...]

    18. Willy the Dreamer has fascinating illustrations I found it interesting that Anthony Browne used monkeys gorillas as the characters in this picturebook as well I wonder if all of his picturebooks are like that There are also bananas in a lot of the pictures For example, in one of the illustrations the character s ballet shoes are made out of bananas I think that children will enjoy this book because of all the dreams that Willy dreams and because the illustrations are so detailed I would read thi [...]

    19. Sounlike Willy the wimp I quite liked this book I love how all the illustrations have ridiculously placed bananas in them I like the diversity of the dreams I am still a little uneasy about gender in the illustrations but I think the way it is presented here is a lot complex and open to being interpreted liberatively.There is some sense here behind the obvious silliness because we really can and should be that free in our dreaming Add to that how easy the text is to read and you have a presch [...]

    20. The pictures and designs are really creative and nice, especially for the ubiquitous and versatile bananas The use of colours are mostly bright and warm, which takes away the remoteness from present world and dreamland I think it inspires readers of every age match their own dreams with the ones the protagonist has A grorilla as he is, he is brave and free enough to dream of everthing While some people often trap themselves into a black box having no dreams or even not dare to dream their dreams [...]

    21. I m not exactly sure what to think of this book I didn t feel that it had much of a story to it It mostly just had odd pictures and basic sentences about what Willy was dreaming about I m sure it had a deeper meaning but it went over my head so I think it would definitely go over younger kid s heads too The pictures were great though Almost everything in them was made out of parts of bananas Like in Willy s Pictures, the monkeys were the humans and humans were the animals Cute book but kind of w [...]

    22. I m a big fan ofAnthony Browne his picture books are always beautifully detailed and very thought provoking Willy the Dreamer is a great starting point for talking about imagination, dreams for the future, and what children might want to be or achieve Nice simple text means it s accessible for K1, while the illustrations are stimulating and inspiring enough to capture the imaginations of K2 Just marvelous.

    23. Willy, the lovable ape, joins us again is a surreal and fantastical picture book about being a dreamer The cover illustration of Willy dreaming in an armchair floating over the sea captivates and provokes the reader to spot and wonder about the ubiquitous bananas to come throughout the story Each vivid watercolor tells its own story and its own jokes Kids will delight in seeing their favorite characters from The Wizard of Oz to Alice and Alice in Wonderland, while older readers will enjoy the ho [...]

    24. Every child dreams, so why can t monkeys Willy is an imaginative dreamer, one night he s a sumo wrestler, and the other he s a ballet dancer Willy the Dreamer is a great book for a reader just starting out There are few words on each page to coincide with some amazingly painted illustrations The illustrations are what really make this book pop Without these illustrations the book wouldn t have been able to tell the story There is always so much going on in each page a child s imagination will be [...]

    25. Willy the Dreamer is a book told in third person The illustrations are funny and a banana always has to be incorporated in each illustration This is a good book to teach children third person point of view because Willy is referred to as he After reading this story I would give my students a work sheet with sentences and have hem circle the right word that would make the sentence a third person point of view For example, a sentence would be Yesterday afternoon, ___________ went to the store and [...]

    26. I love the overall storyline of this book, it s quite entertaining for younger kids The fact that Willy, the main character, loves dreaming and he believes that he can be anything he puts his mind too is an awesome mindset to show kids I think this would be very exciting and intriguing for kids because it will get their imagination going, and even give them things to apply in their own life like setting their mind to do whatever they want Stories about younger kids dreaming and going above and b [...]

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