The Librarian from the Black Lagoon Large paperback

  • Title: The Librarian from the Black Lagoon
  • Author: Mike Thaler Jared Lee
  • ISBN: 9780590503112
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • Large paperback

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      395 Mike Thaler Jared Lee
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    1. Mike Thaler Jared Lee

      Mike Thaler, born in Los Angeles, started his professional career drawing cartoons for adults A children s book editor saw one of his cartoon stories in a national magazine and encouraged Mike to try writing for children His first attempt met with success, and The Magic Boy was published in 1961.Mike has produced over 220 published books and is known as America s Riddle King He has also been called The Court Jester of Children s Literature Mike Thaler lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Patty He gladly welcomes all invitations to do church and school programs, and other book events.Mike travels each year throughout the world helping children and teachers create their own stories, riddles, and books He writes and teaches with creativity, inspiring his audiences with a love of language from the author s website

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    1. I think this series of books simultaneously satisfies my children s varied desires for books that are a little bit scary, funny, related to their own lives, and happily resolved It has all the components they enjoy individually rolled up into one I find most children s series of this kind become increasingly disappointing as you move on in the series the first is always the best, but soon they become repetitive and somewhat dull rip offs of each other This is not the case for me with the Black L [...]

    2. this book is about a kid in elementary that heard a bunch of bad rumors about his librani teacher but then at the end of the book it turns out she wasnt like that

    3. if was a mistery because he didn t know the the librarian really looked like and his friend was giving bad information about her then he final met her and figer out she was a nice and caring person i would wont elementery students to read this book because it is easy and not at the reading level for middle school s and high school s

    4. Hubie s class is getting ready to visit the school library for the first time, but rumor has it that the library is a scary place, and that the librarian, Mrs Beamster is terrifying Just to get inside, you have to be decontaminated The books are bolted to the shelves, the kids are literally glued to their chairs, and the computer uses a real mouse In appearance, the scary Mrs Beamster has a lot in common with Viola Swamp from Miss Nelson is Missing and she revels in making library time miserable [...]

    5. I absolutely loved this book, it made me think about my kindergarten classes first trip to the library Was this what they were thinking before we arrived Did I do a good job of preparing them for their first trip The author did a great job of displaying the complicated mind of a child and their wild imagination of the unknown The illustrations brought me back to a time when I was young and my peers would share rumors about other teachers music, p.e etc We would spread the rumors throughout the d [...]

    6. Rumor has it that the library is a scary place It s located somewhere behind the broiler room The Media Center of the Earth and the monsterous librarian rules with an iron fist Word on the street says she won t even let you check out books they are all bolted down If she catches you talking, she will laminate you that s why they call her the Laminator She s so boring, she recites the Dewey decimal system by memory to her classes and wears a picture of Mr Dewey in a locket around her neck In the [...]

    7. The L I B R A R Y SCARY SCARY SCARY indeed Anything could be in there Anything could get you You could read something scary, see something scary, meet someone scary Why would A N Y O N E go there Read The Librarian from the Black LagoonAnd find out unless the library monsters get you first

    8. One of my favorite picture books I haven t met a teacher yet who hasn t liked at least one of the books in this series Oh, and kids think they re pretty funny too It helps that I m a school media center specialist, and yes, there are times I ve fantasized about bolting the books to the shelves and laminating certain students.

    9. Summary This book provides sumptuous detail of what the students think going to the library will be like based on stories they have heard All of the stories are terrifying, but the students learn that the librarian is actually a nice lady and the library isn t as scary as it seemed.Evaluation This book allows students to use their creativity when reading along due to the stories given by the students This book is also a good length for a quick read aloud Teaching Point This book can be used to t [...]

    10. Summary This book tells the ultimate horror story of going to the library It paints the library and the librarian as the scariest, most unwelcoming place to be The students minds change, however, upon arriving to the school library and they find out that its not so bad after all Evaluation I thought this book was very imaginative and would encourage students to think outside the box when they tell their own stories Teaching Point I could have students make text to self connections between the st [...]

    11. These series were one of my childhood classics I liked all of them The best part is the graphics and pictures of all them They give you the scared side of an elementary school student and then show the real thing at the end These books always leave you feeling warm inside.

    12. I used this book to introduce myself and students to the library at the beginning of the school year They loved it and got a big kick when I d tell them I would laminate them It was a great ice breaker book for the library.

    13. A little boy imagines the library as a terrible dungeon and the librarian as a scary ogre Everything turns out the opposite, of course, with the boy liking the library in the end Not a huge fan of the illustrations The premise is gimmicky.

    14. I found this book to be highly entertaining, and I think that it would make a great read aloud or trade book This book would work well for encouraging student sot be interested in reading, and I would most likely start using this book in a second grade classroom.

    15. My first prompt of the year Read a book set in a library or recommended by a librarian.I m not going to lie, I loved re reading this little classic I was glad 2018 reading challenge had a prompt that fit it perfectly This is probably my favorite book out of the whole challenge I just love that it s so cheeky and I even went back and read several of the other books in the canon just because I enjoy the art and nostalgia so much While of course this isn t a challenging book or even a band book, yo [...]

    16. SummaryThe class is going to the library, and it s the first time ever for many students The students have apprehension and anxiety about the library because they ve heard all kinds of crazy stories about the library and the librarian Mrs Beamster They say not only are you not allowed to talk, but you aren t even allowed to breathe The librarian doesn t actually want anyone checking out the books, and instead she tortures students by reading them the card catalogue and talking about the Dewey De [...]

    17. The story begins as a narration from a young school child who is about to experience their first trip to the library and a description of the librarian The student tells of how the librarian, Mrs Beamster, is referred to as The Laminator because if you are caught talking in the library, she will laminate you They say she does not allow students to check out books, they remain bolted to the shelf so they stay in order The soles of her shoes have stamps saying overdue every time she steps, and dur [...]

    18. In the story, elementary school students are going to the library for the first time Before they have meet the librarian, others have told them what the librarian is like Most of the story explains what the students have heard The things range from the librarian laminating students to glueing them down in their seats There are outrageous things that the librarian is said to be like As a story progresses, you can see how much bigger the fear of what the librarian is like grows with each new desc [...]

    19. I chuckled several times throughout this cute little story about a boy s first visit to his school library or media center as they are calling it these days I will have to say that one great idea that the book presents is the decontamination room Frankly, I think most public libraries in urban centers need one for both patrons and for the materials That begin said, I do have one serious complaint After the boy is told all of these scary stories about the Laminator Mrs Beamster, the librarian and [...]

    20. I remember reading the black lagoon series in elementary school, so I knew this was a book I had to reread A class gets ready to go to the library They are very nervous because the heard rumors about the librarian and the way she controls her library A student describes to the reader all of the horrible and scary things that happen when you go to Mrs Beamster s library However, when they go to the library, they find that nothing that they had heard was true Mrs Beamster was very sweet and only w [...]

    21. I chose this book because I really enjoyed it when I was in elementary school, but I had never analyzed it the way I did now It was about a group of students who had never been to the library and they were so frightened to go They had heard so many horror stories by the other students that the library was one of the worst places to go to and it resembled a dungeon The librarian, who resembled a dragon, was the most unfriendliest person and she did not like kids When the students finally walked i [...]

    22. I read the book, The Librarian from the Black Lagoon, and I enjoyed it This book is part of a series of picture books featuring the school from the mysterious Black Lagoon The story begins with an average looking class getting ready for library However, the stories the children have heard about the librarian, Mrs Beamster, aka THE LAMINATOR, are out of this world This book captured my attention as a primary teacher I think it would be a good introduction to a child s first library experience bec [...]

    23. School Library Journal August 1, 2007 K Gr 2 You don t want to go to the library Everyone knows that its the realm of The Laminator, an ogre of a librarian who doesn t even let students breath while they re in her dangerous realm Thinking of messing up the books Not likely, since she bolts them to the shelves Any kid caught whispering gets laminated, and you have to pass through a gum detector to get inside But the children are in for a surprise when they visit the library for the first time Mik [...]

    24. The Librarian from the Black Lagoon is book written by Mike Thaler and Pictures by Jared Lee This is a story about a boy who has a terrible misconception on what an actual library is like In the beginning it starts with our main character a young boy who is getting ready to take a class trip to the library The boy is very concerned because of the weird and scary things that happens in the library and he s especially afraid of the the librarian Mrs Beamster or better known as the The Laminator Is [...]

    25. The Librarian from the Black Lagoon is about a school library and librarian that has a bad reputation from the students attending the school Students begin by viewing the library as a scary place where unpleasant things happen from not being allowed to breath to not be able to choose a book to even being laminated This simple text kept me entertained and even giggling from reading the scary classic rules of a library The viewpoints the students have are the turned around and the joy of reading i [...]

    26. We like the stories in the Black Lagoon series by Mike Thaler and Jared Lee Many children tend to think of people of authority as scary or mean, but this is just another example of how our expectations do not always live up to reality The illustrations really make the narrative come alive and we enjoyed listening to this book narrated aloud on CD while we followed along with the book The narration was great and we loved the music and sound effects We will certainly read of the books in this ser [...]

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