The Adventures of Bindi Girl Diving Deep Into the Heart of India Erin Reese is a one of a kind travel writer a spiritual seeker and solo backpacker who dropped out of a successful career in corporate America hit the road and never looked back A SPIRITUAL TRAVELER

  • Title: The Adventures of Bindi Girl: Diving Deep Into the Heart of India
  • Author: Erin Reese
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Erin Reese is a one of a kind travel writer a spiritual seeker and solo backpacker who dropped out of a successful career in corporate America, hit the road, and never looked back.A SPIRITUAL TRAVELER S SASSY TALEPacked with plenty of spicy curry, cows, and comedy, Bindi Girl takes us on one heck of a wild ride across India From Dharamsala and the Dalai Lama to ashrams, yErin Reese is a one of a kind travel writer a spiritual seeker and solo backpacker who dropped out of a successful career in corporate America, hit the road, and never looked back.A SPIRITUAL TRAVELER S SASSY TALEPacked with plenty of spicy curry, cows, and comedy, Bindi Girl takes us on one heck of a wild ride across India From Dharamsala and the Dalai Lama to ashrams, yoga schools, and meditation melodramas, Bindi educates and entertains as she goes We discover the Hindu deities, the tourist trap mafia, and the beach havens of the hippie trail From Guru Disney to the holy hell of Varanasi, Bindi s got us clamoring for masala chai all the way.When Bindi meets an attractive young stranger who is than her mental and physical match, her fiery spirit is put to the test He whisks her off to the furthest reaches of India the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal There, in an isolated jungle, they attempt to live out a Robinson Crusoe fantasy Will it be the Garden of Eden or end up a natural disaster Among the wild beauty and danger of the islands and the kooky madness of typical India, Reese takes us deep into the heart of a country and her very self.Bindi Girl is a gift to the traveler, the spiritual seeker, and the armchair tourist anyone yearning for honest inspiration and a real kick to get out and truly live

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    About "Erin Reese"

    1. Erin Reese

      Erin Reese is a one of a kind explorer a solo, spiritual minded globetrotter who dropped out of a successful career in corporate America, hit the road, and never looked back.Erin maintains an online magazine site Erin Reese, Travel and Soul with a solid base of international followers and subscribers Her work has appeared in the premiere luxury travel magazine, Global Traveler, featuring articles on Varanasi, Kolkata, Malaysia, and Taipei She is the author of the immensely popular spiritual travel India blog, Bindi Girl, which delighted fans around the world from 2002 2010 and received the Top Ten Travel Blog notation on Blogged One hit tale, Erin s short story about the wild side of Indian train travel, Miracle on the Mangala Express, was published in the spiritual anthology, Angel Over My Shoulder Fair Winds Press, 2004.Erin is a freelance writer, editor, and consultant who works from the road, dividing her time between the San Francisco Bay Area, India, and Berlin Her editorial credits include A Love Alchemist s Notebook Magical Secrets for Drawing Your True Love Into Your Life by Jessica Shepherd Publishers Weekly starred review, 2010 and Massively Networked by Pamela Lund 2011 From 2004 to 2006, Erin was producer and managing editor for Astrocenter, the world s leading independent astrology and tarot website Erin s sign by sign astrological articles have appeared on the syndicate, MSN Astrology.Erin holds a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Policy and Conservation Biology with Highest Honors and a departmental citation for outstanding performance from the University of California 1993 She has also completed graduate level coursework at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California as well as the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California.Erin has traveled and lived on the expansive subcontinent of India for a combined total of four years She has extensive experience in both Eastern and Western modalities of spiritual philosophy and practice, including Hinduism, Advaita Vedanta and Buddhist insight meditation She is a hatha yoga instructor, astrologer, and intuitive consultant for her clients worldwide.

    433 thoughts on “The Adventures of Bindi Girl: Diving Deep Into the Heart of India”

    1. This book can be summed up as white American woman spends a few months travelling around India and, unforgivably, doesn t seem to meet any Indian people or appear remotely interested in doing so, only to hang out with her fellow westerners who are also travelling around India, to, like, totally find themselves spiritually, man I was especially keen to read the author s experiences visiting Pune because a good friend of mine lives there, but no no, she doesn t care at all about anything in Pune o [...]

    2. Long before traveling to India became de rigueur for everyone who s ever taken a yoga class, Erin Reese had begun combing the entire subcontinent in her quest for a deeper, decidedly unWestern, experience of life What I love most about Bindi Girl is that Erin presents the full picture of longterm travel in a destination that is usually either glorified or vilified Erin takes readers to the heights of India s attributes the sights, smells, sounds, mountains, cities, islands, festivals, colors and [...]

    3. Let me start off with this caveat I like the ideas of self publishing and Kindle free downloads, however, self publishing shouldn t make you exempt from editing your text I really struggle reading travel journals such as this one The overly conversational writing style, the poor punctuation, the poor grammar, and the inconsistent verb tenses drive me mad Erin Reese s fondness for em dashes and emphasis via ALL CAPS and exclamation points add to my frustration.And that s just the physical challen [...]

    4. After reading some of the reviews here, I think its important to understand what this book is It is a travelogue, an experiential diary of a woman who does what many women men would love to do but only dream ofe finds the courage to let go of a life that is not working for her and set sail on a voyage that will permanently change her life She doesn t have a neat, tidy journey and as she bounces around looking for her self, her writing reflects this But you also get a sense of Erin s deep love fo [...]

    5. Erin Reese described India in such a way I could almost imagine myself there The good, the bad, and the smelly Her descriptions and experiences made me want to jump on a plane and go to the Heart Now if I could only somehow travel around Mother India with her

    6. BINDI GIRL PUTTING THE SELF INTO SELF DISCOVERYIf like me you believe that the heart of a Nation is its people then you may be disappointed to discover this is less a tale from India s heart and a voyage of self discovery in which its people appear mostly as chai wallahs, shopkeepers and beggars The Westerners Reece meets come off a bit better but rarely get described in greater detail than their name nationality and approximate age even Jan, the Czech man she travels with for the last quarter [...]

    7. If you are looking for of a travel guide about India, then this isn t your book However, that being said, if you are looking for a well written and interesting travel log that reads like a personal memoir, this is certainly a good book to choose I enjoyed reading the stories of this woman s travels through India and her unique and spiritual perspective on the land, people and customs There are portions of this book that really made me want to sell my stuff and take off on an adventure as well S [...]

    8. It was FUN It really made me want to venture outside of my shell and experience something new life She tells her story in a non judgmental way She simply just tells of her experiences beautiful I highly recommend this book if you want an experience and some fun At the end she gives you ideas of what you should bring with you on such a travel experience that the guide books leave out She wrestled snakes, sand fleas, falling coconuts, urine smells wafting in your face on the ack barf boat, fangy h [...]

    9. After something of a muddled and confused start, this non fiction romp turned out to be a warm and loving portrayal of a beautiful country Bindi Girl tells us the good and the bad but she tells it with the love of someone who knows nothing is perfect I really enjoyed this book.

    10. wonderful read a great adventure and journey of self discover as well as a beautiful and spiritual picture of India

    11. I had a blast on Erin s adventure I really connected with her journey and hope to someday have my own India adventure.

    12. I m a sucker for a travel book and this one, like most others, left me inspired by the author s willingness to go adventuring on her own and her positive attitude However, she was a little too new agey for me and had me rolling my eyes at various points But she was open about who she was and what she was about, so that was purely a difference in beliefs between author and reader It was a quick and easy read, so it was worth the time it took to finish.

    13. Of interest in this book was the spunky young lady following her dreams traveling the non touristy portions of India, living meagerly and studying meditation with the guru s I greatly appreciated her enthusiasm and head strong attitudes to getting and doing what she wanted Quick, easy treadmill read.

    14. Two of the reasons that I picked up to read this book in first place 1 It was being sold at a throwaway price in a sale2 I m from India and wanted a non Indian narration I have previously read A search in secret India ,by Paul brunton ,an non Indian author writing about his spiritual experiences in India Such books help me make a journey where I m no longer a part India but floating along watching and scrutinizing everything as I go along Paul s book exceeded my expectation in providing me those [...]

    15. India calls to Erin Her love of this country shines through on every page She is a much intrepid traveler then I am, and I enjoyed sharing her journey with her I do think the book lacked depth Although she relates her journeys to India, I think this book would ve benefited from detailed descriptions and about her inner journey I wanted to see of what she was seeing and feel of what she was feeling I also would ve wanted a bit background of her life in the U.S to contrast this with her time [...]

    16. kindle For me this was a wonderful read, The Author takes us on a journey through India, which had a new twist from what I have read before From Dharamsala and the Dalai Lama, to meditation melodramas and yoga schools on the banks of the holy Ganges, Reese educates and entertains as she goes We discover the Hindu gods and goddesses, the tourist trap mafia, and the beach havens of the hippie trail From __Guru Disney__ to the holy hell of Varanasi, She left her life in San Francisco, to get away f [...]

    17. I found this a fascinating and curious study of India and spiritual searching The book is split up into short chapters, most of which I would say are easily read in 5 minutes, making it an ideal book to pick up and put down again This was necessary for me as I have rather limited knowledge of Hinduism, yoga, spirituality and backpacking in general.There was a great deal of information, discussions of various Gods and practises, but I felt it was all well explained, is a bit too much of an info d [...]

    18. This book reads like a grocery list of places the author has been and people she has met It lacks substance.The book is constructed with chronological blog entries that make the story somewhat disjointed The reader, at least this reader, feels like she missed some important part of the story from one chapter blog entry to the next There are a lot of yoga and Hindu Gods references that can get a bit annoying when you are not familiar with one or the others As I said at the beginning, I felt the b [...]

    19. Not really a bad read, and as it was a free Kindle read, it was about what I expected A nice book to have stored on the iPad when I didn t have anything better to read btw, I always have a lifetime s worth of books as backup This was said facetiously The author does paint a vivid picture of India as seen with an open heart Her brief chapters emails home are a bit disjointed but it s like getting travelog emails from a former work buddy Sometimes fascinating, and other timesjust ok.If you can get [...]

    20. I got this as a free Kindle download and read it just after reading Backpacked compare the two, I enjoyed Backpacked much because of the humourous slanta true fish out of water experience.where Bindi Girl was focused on the spiritual journey Which is fine, just less enjoyable reading Her book did leave me with an appreciation for Indian and the culture, and since I m just living vicariously, with no hopes to ever backpack a country myself, I did feel like I got a good feel for the country.

    21. This book is not really a travelogue it is about the author who is on a journey of self disovery Unfortunately this rather comes across as being self obsessed in respect that very little is said about the indigenous people It is almost like she is co existing in a parallel universe in the countries that she visits Considering that the author is into peace and meditation, the book s pace is frantic and left me feeling dizzy.Not interesting enough for me I m afraid.

    22. Personal travelogueThis personal travelogue does not bring as much to the table as I was hoping for But I do think there is some merit to the stories and experiences Book could definitely use an editor All in all, am glad I read it, did not consider it a waste of time Just a bit shallow But since this is somewhat of a travel diary, I was not expecting too much either Good job done on giving us the colors of India.

    23. I really enjoyed this book It is written in diary form and that s not everyone s cup of tea, but I happen to love it It was descriptive and informative without being boring dry, had enough of a loose plot to keep me interested, and it was funny I really enjoyed reading it, and I have never read a travel book before, and I very very rarely read non fiction.

    24. I really feel bad about giving this book only 2 stars It was not a bad book and I did enjoy the beginning but after about 3 4 of the way through it just got really slow and uninteresting to me It was nice to read about India and the culture, I would have just like it if it had depth Read it for yourself, you might enjoy it.

    25. This book was ok I liked some of the travel narrative, but the frequent discussions about Buddhist gods was a little confusing, since I don t know much about them Not as good as many other travel narratives that I ve read, and I almost didn t finish it, but it was free and I did enjoy parts of it.

    26. This travel book about her experiences in India is engaging The author, Erin Reese backpacks through India exploring her spiritual side The tastes, sounds and colors of India come alive in this engaging story.

    27. Erin s travel experiences require a certain previous knowledge of India that I just didn t have I wanted to connect with her, but it seemed too much like a daily journal of events and not a journey to share with her.

    28. She starts about something and you just wait for a in depth description or story but she abruptly ends it I didn t like her style I finished the book because I love travelling but this one was a disappointment.

    29. I enjoyed this slim travel volume on the author s two trips to India at times, Erin is a bit too mystical for my personal taste, but overall a quick, easy, engaging peek at what it s like to backpack around India.

    30. Meh, it was okay For someone who professes to love Indian culture she doesn t really examine it I do know how much she loves certain beaches now though and how superior she feels to her fellow travelers and most of humanity.

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