Further Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman Take three wacky aunts two talking animals one nervous bride and an upcoming hit and you ve got the follow up to JB Lynn s wickedly funny Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic HitwomanKnocking off a d

  • Title: Further Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman
  • Author: J.B. Lynn
  • ISBN: 9780062233073
  • Page: 490
  • Format: ebook
  • Take three wacky aunts, two talking animals, one nervous bride, and an upcoming hit,and you ve got the follow up to JB Lynn s wickedly funny Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic HitwomanKnocking off a drug kingpin was the last thing on Maggie Lee s to do list, but when a tragic accident leaves her beloved niece orphaned and in the hospital, Maggie will go to desperate lengthTake three wacky aunts, two talking animals, one nervous bride, and an upcoming hit,and you ve got the follow up to JB Lynn s wickedly funny Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic HitwomanKnocking off a drug kingpin was the last thing on Maggie Lee s to do list, but when a tragic accident leaves her beloved niece orphaned and in the hospital, Maggie will go to desperate lengths to land the money needed for her care.But the drug kingpin is the least of her worries Maggie s aunts are driving her crazy, her best friend s turned into a bridezilla and a knock on the head has given Maggie Dr Dolittle abilities she can talk to animals Unfortunately, they talk back.It s just another day in the life of this neurotic hitwoman.

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      490 J.B. Lynn
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    1. J.B. Lynn

      Author of Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic HitwomanFurther Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic HitwomanThe Hitwoman Gets LuckyThe Hitwoman and The Family JewelsThe Hitwoman and the Neurotic WitnessThe Hitwoman Hunts a GhostThe Hitwoman the 7 CopsThe Hitwoman and the Poisoned AppleThe Hitwoman and the Downward DogThe Hitwoman s Act of ContritionThe Hitwoman Hires a MannyThe Hitwoman and the Sacrificial LambThe Mutt and the MatchmakerA Match Made in MysteryCatnapped A Woof in Sheep s ClothingThe First VictimUntil Proven InnocentWhen a fan told her that she s a fabulous author , a great sport , and a very cool chick , JB Lynn immediately thought, that s what I want my obituary to say.A Jersey Girl transplanted to the Sunshine State, JB you can call her Jen writes laugh out loud suspense and mysteries, along with goosebump raising thrillers.She also guzzles coffee, spoils her dog, wastes endless hours daydreaming, and does her best to be a cool chick but if you ever see her running, swimming, or biking, you ll know how dismally she fails.Find out about JB and her books at jblynn

    792 thoughts on “Further Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman”

    1. I really like this series It s funny, quick and you just can t help but love Maggie Her sidekicks God and Dee add so much to the story, that I can t stop the smile on my face, when they appear Already started the third book.

    2. Funny and gritty at the same time, Further Confessions is an excellent follow up to the first book in the series Maggie gets herself into a pickle at work, with her family, with her best friend and all the men in her life Domesday was my favorite seconadary character this round, and I enjoyed the addition of Zeke I hope he ll be back in the next book

    3. This is such a fun series JB Lynn writes a great story and adds such depth to her characters They all have their quirks and I just love Godzilla and DeeDee A lizard with such wit and snark is funny enough alone, but to add a big, lovable, grammatically challenged Doberman is hilarious This is a book that has so much going on, you won t want to put it down until you find out how everything turns out I really think the first book needs to be read before this one It will help in understanding all t [...]

    4. Further Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman is a wonderful sopho edition to the NEUROTIC HITWOMAN series I m sometimes disappointed in second books That is absolutely NOT the case with this book Where the first book was a trip to the fun house, this book is like a log ride at the amusement park There are parts where you float along, enjoying the ride, laughing and talking with your friends before drifting around a corner and getting drenched with buckets of cold water All you can do is [...]

    5. Solid sequel I still love Maggie as a heroine as well as her animal sidekicks.I still love Patrick too Maggie s family is still crazy but everyone came through by the end of the book I wanted to put a hurt on Alice a few times Pregnant or not, she was pretty bitchy to Maggie a few times She did come through, but she needed a hitch slap to put her in line, in my opinion.I adored Zeke I so wanted something to happen on that front J.B please tell me that we will see Zeke again I was shocked to lear [...]

    6. I won this book on Goodread giveaways and it is an excellent book I m always so happy when I get a book that I can t seem to put down This was so well written and such a good story It kept me guessing the whole time on what was going to happen next The only downside was that I haven t read the previous one If you like books with quirky family members, a strong heroine and lots of comic relief, but all mixed in with a thriller type of story then this is a good book for you Thanks for the giveaway [...]

    7. JB Lynn does it again with another light hearted romp through the world of professional murders for hire, talking pets, and hunky men Not only that but she manages to do it all while tugging at your heart I can t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

    8. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt At the same time I just want to give Maggie a big hug I ve decided between Patrick and Paul And definitely there is to come Read my full review at Girl Who Reads

    9. Enjoyed this book even than the first I love there s a lot happening but the plot doesn t get held down I m off to read the Hitwoman and the family jewels next

    10. Won this book through GoodRead First Read giveaways Loved this book so much and will have to get the prequel Highly recommend it for others.

    11. Honest review ahead, don t kill meAfter the first book, which was effing amazing I jumped into this book wanting to continue this read And boyyyyy did I receive.The main thing that continued that I absolutely loved in the previous book was the not instant love Yeh, yeh, I know, we all love those cheesy romances that you read, while sobbing heart fully while eating ice cream by the gallon.Slight drawback that may have made me think about giving this book 4 stars instead of 5 the lack of actual mu [...]

    12. Easy readingGood reading any time Light and easy to enjoy from start to finish Very funny through out Looking forward to Maggie s next adventure

    13. 3.5 Stars A Better Than OK Read This is the second book in this series, and while it usually is fairly easy to pick up a book this early in the series without reading the previous ones, this time I would suggest you read the first book before this It will make it so much easier to catch up to what is going on.This book disappointed me a bit While the first book was unique, interesting ad engrossing this book just seemed like one of so many romances that are so common out there Maggie seems to ha [...]

    14. This is the fabulous follow up to the first book in this series Confessions of a Neurotic Hitwoman JB Lynn is still a fairly new author This is her third book and i have read all three and the one thing that i have liked is that you can t see what s coming There s no predictability You can t see what s coming Not even a little lol In this book she does that and also the book is has serious feeling since she s supposed to kill someone but also has all these humorous moments Not to mention the rom [...]

    15. J.B Lynn does it again So much fun it should be illegal I dare say, the addition of the fabulous Doomsday might even make this sequel better than the original I finished this book in record time I simply couldn t put it down As always, Maggie Lee and her friends kept me giggling late into the night I ve never had so much fun reading a series I ve downloaded every book and plan to move straight on to the next one.There are a couple of small typos about mid way through the Kindle edition, but the [...]

    16. I received Further Confessions as a giveaway I had not read the first novel in the series and it may have been helpful It took me a while to keep all of the characters straight.This story is a zany ride following the heroine, Maggie, through her adventures working in an insurance call center by day and moonlighting as a hitwoman to earn money for her niece to continue receiving medical care She has a cast of characters to support her endeavors including wacky aunts, her pets, a dingy dog and a s [...]

    17. Thankfully Paul was no love interest any, just a creepy stalker Instead we get a new love interest eye rolling I m really looking forward to her and Patrick establishing a deeper relationship, I hope it doesn t take too many books And I hope that he and his wife settel things first and we get to know about his secrets Apropos secrets I never trusted Paul and knew from the beginning he wasn t a good guy, but I m not sure what the deal is with the rat Would be nice if he turned out to be somehow [...]

    18. I m going to start this review with the fact that I did indeed love it, but now I m going to whinge and not about the writing or the story This is one of those series where I find myself getting annoyed on behalf of the main character, because she never seems to get a break People are constantly wanting and needing and mean and nasty and selfish, and never give the poor main character a break I found myself wanting to punch a few characters in the face on Maggie s behalf Still, it s mostly a fun [...]

    19. Continuing the fun with the whole gang back for murder.Continuing the fun with the whole gang back for murder.I really enjoyed the Continued adventures of Maggie and Godzilla and DD As with the first book this one continually leaves you hanging and an unusual ending always follows The interplay between Maggie and her pets is part of the enjoyment of this book As with the first book I can t wait to finish the next book to see what the next adventure will be As with the first book you continue t [...]

    20. While I enjoy the character and her pets very much, the stories are very formulaic I enjoyed the book, but opted to leave the series here It reads very much like Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum series in that the main character falls into her profession and is successful purely by accident I m not really a fan of the Inspector Clouseau plot device used in this way If she grew capable, that might help, but it seems that it will always be a series about a bumbling idiot who manages to kill the r [...]

    21. Uh May Zing JB Lynn has done it again I loved following Maggie through this second hilarious, fast paced thrill ride known as her life It had the right amount of everything Romance, humor, intrigue, insanity, and drama JB never disappoints Book 2 is just as good as the first, if a bit of a tease.Can t wait to read book 3 Salivating for my chance Now time to play the waiting game.

    22. While the title portrays hitwoman Maggie as slightly neurotic, it is clear that she is actually suffering from complete disassociation Most of the book she spends juggling the handsome but criminal or creepy men in her life While I found the first book in the series amusing, this one was just appalling.

    23. pretty good These books definitely have their problems looots of stigmatising mental illness stuff, some he didn t know she was beautiful until he told her stuff , but they are seriously enjoyable.

    24. Great mind candyJB Lynn s series is great Nice plot twists that aren t overdone Already have the next book downloaded and looking for the next couple

    25. Definitely should read the first one in the series if you want to understand all of the book Overall an ok story.

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