Closer Alternate cover edition can be found here hereCloser is a stand alone novella that is based in the same world of the Mageri series but is not part of the Mageri series A RIVETING PARANORMAL ROMANCE f

  • Title: Closer
  • Author: Dannika Dark
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover edition can be found here hereCloser is a stand alone novella that is based in the same world of the Mageri series, but is not part of the Mageri series.A RIVETING PARANORMAL ROMANCE from USA Today Bestselling author, Dannika Dark.Time is running outKane never believed in things like fate or karma Not until the night he took a life.A secret society of iAlternate cover edition can be found here hereCloser is a stand alone novella that is based in the same world of the Mageri series, but is not part of the Mageri series.A RIVETING PARANORMAL ROMANCE from USA Today Bestselling author, Dannika Dark.Time is running outKane never believed in things like fate or karma Not until the night he took a life.A secret society of immortals lives within the human world Kane is one of them a Sensor who experiences emotional energy through touch But despite his good looks and easy going personality, Kane lives a solitary life Unlike other Sensors, he is unnaturally hypersensitive.Touch brings pain.Fate throws a curveball when a woman s life is placed in his hands Kane is suddenly faced with making a choice, and each comes with a consequence that will wreck him forever Time is not on his side.Will she be his salvation, or his ruination

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    1. Kane is a sensitive Every touch gives him the feelings and emotions of those around him Never trained to control these emotions, he has isolated himself from physical touch.He accidently has contact with a man on the street and immediately feels his evil intent this man has murdered and enjoyed killing women Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Kane kills this man Now he takes the man s car in attempt to hide his actions.le did he know that in the trunk was his next victim.Closer was ama [...]

    2. This review was originally posted on un Conventional BookviewsEven if Closer is set in the Mageri universe, which I know and love, it took me a while to invest with the story, since most of it happened over the span of just a few hours, and Kane and Caroline were the only characters.Closer is a strange little story, where most of the action happens inside of Caroline s head, while she is unconscious She s not hallucinating, either, what happens is actually as reals as can be Kane was on his way [...]

    3. Closer is what I would call a sister book to the Mageri series It is a stand alone book or rather novella, but, I am glad I read the Mageri series first because it helped me to understand the Breed world In this book we have Kane and Caroline, both of whom are sensors Kane is extra sensitive, though, so the emotions he picks up are magnified As a result, he has cut himself off from touching others He wears gloves to protect himself Caroline is the opposite She can t transfer She can receive but [...]

    4. 4 I Sense You Stars for the story and 4.5 Stars for the narration Having fallen in love with the Seven Series, both from a writing and a narration point of view, I was delighted to hear that the dynamic duo who wrote and narrated that series Dannika Dark and Nicole Poole were releasing an audio version of a standalone novella from Dannika Dark s previous Mageri series Needless to say I enjoyed the fabulous narration and was intrigued by the intricate world that Dannika Dark gives us a peek into [...]

    5. 5 Closer Stars If you read the Mageri series then you already know Kane is Sunny s brother The jail scene in the last book has always been on my mind Why Kane Why the girl Even the first time I read the books it was always a question I wanted to know Well if I had known Closer was going to give me those answers I would have picked it up a heck of a lot faster than I did Kane a Sensor, who knew, I won t give you details it s a short story so pick it up But I hope to see a reunion with Sunny and t [...]

    6. Kane is an unusually sensitive Sensor, someone who experiences emotional energy through touch and touch brings him pain, forcing him to live as a recluse.When he felt the evil radiating off a man one night, he acts on his instincts to stop this menace permanently Faced with what he has done, he flees, in the man s vehicle, not knowing that another victim was stuffed in the truck He senses the thoughts and terror of this woman, Caroline, feels her pain, so much like his own.The ending is amazingl [...]

    7. Closer is a novella in the Mageri universe, of which I m certainly a fan Unlike the Mageri novels, this novel stars not Mages, but Sensors, a different kind of Breed Sensors are basically empaths that sense and transfer emotions through their hands Except for our stars, Kane and Caroline, who are both slightly impaired as Sensors.On the whole, I like Mages better Something about them resonates for me Which said, this was a great read It s of a straight up love story, where the other Mageri sto [...]

    8. Normally I don t seek out Novella s I love series because I love to see so much change and growth in the story and characters However, I love Dannika s work so I could not pass this by.This book was touching and sweet just a beautiful love story It wasn t cheesy, not overly heroic but just about perfect for what anyone would expect from a novella.Sorry this isn t much of a review but I defiantly give it 5 stars

    9. I Want More I laughed, I criedI felt These characters jumped off the page from word one and I couldn t stop until i was finished I don t normally invest in novella s but I m so in love with this series, this world, that I couldn t resist So glad I did.

    10. Aww a novella.I totally want Kane is actually view spoiler Sunny s brother hide spoiler Kane is a Sensor who s never been taught to be a sensor So he is super sensitive to touch When he accidentally brushed up with a serial killer who has a girl in his trunk.Carrie is a strong female character but I thought it interesting that perhaps Sensors have a mating pull too Not 100% sure though since we don t get deep personal with sensors except in this book.I think Kane is a wonderful guy and I hate t [...]

    11. So I saw the author of this book post the book on one night, I read the synopsis and something was tugging me to give the book a try even though I had other books I should have been reading I have not read anything else by Dannika Dark and later learned that this book is set in the same world as a series she writes I am so glad I gave this book a try It is a fairly short book as it is a novella, but it packs quite an emotional punch for not being a full length I have a rule, that you may know ab [...]

    12. Kane is a Sensor A very sensitive one his gift causes him pain Other Sensors can sell feelings of one person to another Kane can t He prefers a solitary life To have sex he has to wear thick gloves, not many women appreciate this and he can t explain himself Kane is in his 30 s but looks much younger Coming home from the store an older man bumps into Kane and then acts like it s Kane s fault Kane drops his groceries and goes after the man Without his gloves on he learns the human is a serial kil [...]

    13. No spoilersAs a fan of Ms Darks I just HAD to have Closer as soon as it came out, and I don t regret buying it one little bit.Danika continues with her Mageri world here, so if you are a first time reader, I would thoroughly recommend you begin with Book One in The Mageri series first buy this by all means, but read Closer after the other series to get the full enjoyment from this one.I love this world, almost as much as I love Anne McCaffreys Pern The blending Ms Dark has done of Breeds into ou [...]

    14. Dannika Dark is an author that you never have to wonder if you will get your monies worth The quality of her writing and imagination is far beyond her affordable pricing I consider myself somewhat of a Mageri how should I put this FREAK Yes, that sums it up In her Mageri series you have a certain cast of characters you grow to or instantly love, and I was afraid I would miss them in this novella I was happily proven wrong, as Kane and Caroline were a force all their own A subtle but firm force.C [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this story It was about Kane, who is a Sensor, which is someone that senses feelings from touch He sees sort of visions from people and objects he touches One night he is bumped into by a man in a hurry, and he gets a vision of how evil he is and all these girls he has killed Since he had no proof, he decided to make the world a better place by offing him While he is trying to decide what to do now, he discovers the guys last victim is still in the trunk of his car, and still al [...]

    16. Felt like all I was reading was words for the most part of the story Seemed to take a long time to get into and then it didn t really go anywhere much for me I did not connect with the characters at all.

    17. Too short Way too short I want to see of Kane and Caroline I want to see him see Sunny I also want to know about this Chitah bc I have a strong feeling I know him yes, so much I need of.

    18. Loved it Great quick read I only wish it was longer Love all of Dannika s series She makes you fall in love with the characters

    19. 3.0 3 StarsKane is a very sensitive Sensor, while Caroline aka Carrie is a defective Sensor that can only feel other s emotions but others can t feel anything from her So in the case of Kane it s perfect because he hasn t been able to touch anyone for a long time because he gets sensory overload In a twist of fate they meet after a serial killer s attack that leaves Caroline clinging to life view spoiler Kane sees Caroline for the first time when he opens the trunk of the car he stole after kill [...]

    20. Darkly cuteWell that was an interesting mix of dark and cute Caroline and Kane are adorable Caroline has a good swing and it was really cool how strong her connection was to Kane to the point that what happened in her mind appeared in the physical world It was also pretty dark how she was abducted by a serial killer and Kane just happened to notice the human and decided to kill him This book doesn t seem to be related to Silver s story at all but it was a nice stand alone novella.

    21. That was different I liked seeing on Sunny s brother we got a little peak at in an earlier book in the Mageri series.

    22. I am a huge Dannika dark fan and love the world she has created, so when I saw this novella, I knew I had to read it Of the many things I love about this story, one of the things I love the most is that it is a story in and of itself and you do not need to have reads her Impulse series to enjoy it Why do I love that Because it gives people an opportunity to dive into her world without the feeling that they are committing to a series Mind you, you will probably want to read the series after readi [...]

    23. I actually stayed up long into the night finishing this While I didn t read the series, the story intrigues me.I adore the H He is sweet, caring and kind Our h is feisty yet also very womanly here The whole book is focused on them getting to know each other and getting closer, showing us readers this pair is really meant for each other due to what they are, a key and a lock.While I didn t read the series and didn t know the background at all, Dark did a great job painting this world with so few [...]

    24. This and other reviews available at Viviana, Enchantress of BooksThis novella is set within the Mageri World but not specifically within the world Yeah, I know that sounds a bit weird or odd but once you read it, you ll totally get what I m saying We do learn about the society s view of differences within their own breeds This brings an interesting perspective on how we treat each other our bias and how we judge others Closer is about two individuals who may not have ever met if it weren t for [...]

    25. What a fascinating read This is quite an original story by Dannika Dark There has never been a interesting first meet than the one Kane and Caroline had, and what a way to find your soul mate and fall in love I wasn t sure what to think when I first started this book A book where 90% of the story takes place inside one of the character s head seems risky or boring Not at all This book was really good The vulnerability that each character showed, the willingness to share with another at the most [...]

    26. I didn t particularly enjoy this book, but that s just because I prefer a bit adventure with my romance, rather than just straight and narrow romance The style of writing was still fantastic, as I ve come to expect from Dannika Dark, no grammatical errors and the story flowed smoothly Once again, she brought two people with issues together and made them work out I particularly like that the MC still suffered for his crimes, which lead him in the Mageri Series to meet with his sisters friend, wh [...]

    27. I m WaitingI gave it this rating because it was a typically well written book by Dannika Dark I really like the book because it explain the part of Sunny s life that we didn t heretofore have an experience with Where she came from who her family was What I don t like is that I m not a big fan of Novellas It doesn t give me enough backdrop and enough information going forward What I did not like also was that I expected the book to at least end where Silver mentioned Sunny to Kane as he was leavi [...]

    28. Enjoyed sneak peakI don t think u could read this and not want to read the others I m seriously bummed the Mageri series is done Kane sparked my curiosity in those so this was great A peak into Darks breed world and a touching romantic story don t want to give anything away.I REALLY hope Dannika Dark plans on expanding on these characters HINT HINT I would love to know what comes next The small peak u get if what happens after this book during the last Mageri book is NOT enough I really want to [...]

    29. I really enjoyed this novella in the Mageri world created by Dannika Dark It s not very long and doesn t involve any of our usual characters, except in a round about way.Kane is the older brother to Sunny whom we ve seen in the other books Sunny is human but Kane was not born into that family and he s a Sensor A Sensor is another type of Breed that can manipulate emotion, not always in a negative way, in many different ways He s highly sensitive though and because he never knew what he was until [...]

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