Transforming Pandora Pandora Attempting to come to terms with her husband s death Pandora reluctantly attends an evening of clairvoyance and raises a spirit who sets her on a new path Just as her romantic life begins to improve

  • Title: Transforming Pandora (Pandora, #1)
  • Author: CarolynMathews
  • ISBN: 9781780997452
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Attempting to come to terms with her husband s death, Pandora reluctantly attends an evening of clairvoyance and raises a spirit who sets her on a new path Just as her romantic life begins to improve, things become complicated by the reappearance of a man she never expected to see again Her spiritual life is also presented with a challenge when she is offered the chanceAttempting to come to terms with her husband s death, Pandora reluctantly attends an evening of clairvoyance and raises a spirit who sets her on a new path Just as her romantic life begins to improve, things become complicated by the reappearance of a man she never expected to see again Her spiritual life is also presented with a challenge when she is offered the chance of enlightenment via a heavenly correspondence course Her quest in life to find her true purpose is within her grasp But will she take it Should she follow her heart or her soul or can she satisfy both SHOWCASED BY THE PEOPLE S BOOK PRIZE

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      In her youth, Carolyn Mathews ran away from a steady job to work in a Spanish nightclub, finally becoming an English lecturer, producing books and plays for language students She lives in the south of England with a wild Pomeranian and practises yoga and meditation whenever possible, in the hope of eventually getting them right.

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    1. Pandora is feeling lost and unsure of her purpose following her husband s death and sets out on a new journey of spiritual realisation We are often transported back to the 70 s, and she begins to examine the life she has lived in a whole new light, whilst being interspersed with a narrative of how her current situation is unfolding and the difficulties that come with moving on once a loved one has passed Whilst I loved the dreamy, unique way the book was written and the imagery Mathews painted, [...]

    2. If you happen to choose a copy of Carolyn Mathews Transforming Pandora as one of your summer reads, I suggest you pour yourself a cool glass of Sangria and pick a shady spot As the story unfolds you might find yourself caught up in the heroine s hedonistic exploits of the 70 s and wish to linger a while The poignant pieces of her personal history fall neatly into place as she time slips between the places and events of her colourful past, with no shortage of handsome, leading men taking centre s [...]

    3. When you read the blurb for Transforming Pandora, you can be forgiven for thinking that it is going to be a spiritual New Age story of someone finding themselves , but that is not really what it is Yes there is a spiritual element to this book, but it is just the icing on the cake, so to speak, of a wonderful tale of love lost and found The story begins with the middle aged Pandora, newly widowed, trying with great difficulty to come to terms with the loss of her husband, Mike However, she finds [...]

    4. Finding it hard to come to terms with her husband s sudden death, Pandora visits a spiritual church where she is given a message encouraging her to meditate Pandora finds that during meditation she can communicate with a wise old spirit, and with spirit awakening in her, she reflects back on her life in the past, to lead her to move forward with her life in the present.This is just one of those really beautiful, touching and delightful stories, that draws you in from the very beginning and keep [...]

    5. Transforming Pandora is a great debut novel for author Carolyn Mathews I immediately fell in love with Pandora and the people in her life Mathews creates real and sympathetic characters that you root for from the get go She does a brilliant job weaving a classic romantic tale with threads of the supernatural I loved the focus on personal growth and healing through the book and it inspires you to seek some of the same in your own life.For most of the book I was completely absorbed in Pandora s wo [...]

    6. I received this book by winning a giveaway on I received it through the post a few months back and have just gotten round to reading it I must say that this book has a unique way of the way it s written as it jumps back and forth to Pandoras life as a teenager and as her now as a grown woman.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and to be quite honest I didn t want to put it down At first I didn t think I would get in to as it does have a different way of being written, I was wrong A few chapters in an [...]

    7. Pandora recently lost her husband and is having a hard time She decides to visit a spiritualist church and received a message to meditate During her meditation she connects with an old spirit called Enoch Enoch is going to set her off on a spiritual journey through her life We then follow along with Pandora as she remembers the different events that she has gone through in her life.I have to admit that this book was not what I expected it to be I figured that it was going to be some spirit drive [...]

    8. Easy to see why this was nominated for the 2013 People s Book Prize As an American reader who has previously read other British authors, I quickly adapted to grammatical and spelling differences ah, the Queen s English After reading Carolyn Matthews enchanting writing I feel somewhat inadequate writing this review My prose is not as eloquent, but here goes Transforming Pandora is an utterly charming adult read I was hooked at page one by the beguiling storytelling which made me feel personally i [...]

    9. I had not heard of this author before but the storyline intrigued me I gave it a 3 star rating but would say 3.5 as I enjoyed the book once I got into it As a debut novel this was interesting, I don t normally read this type of book but am glad I did as it was enjoyable once I got used to one chapter being 1970 the next being 2003 almost all the way through the book, at first this put me off but once I got used to the back forth I got into the story Pandora is the daughter of a hippy mother rat [...]

    10. This book is a great work of fiction I love this twist on romance that the author did by adding elements of spirituality to it, and Pandora is just a delightful character At the beginning of the book, we see that she is faced with a lot of grief after her husband Mike s death After a meeting with a medium, she got the message that she was to meditate in order to get access to her husband again Meanwhile, the story also alternates between past and present We flash back to 1970, when Pandora was s [...]

    11. I ve read Transforming Pandora and Squaring Circles in reverse order, but after reading the latter I just had to read the former, and I was not disappointed The story of young Pandora and her mother Frankie which follows them all the way to Pandora s early 50s I will not spoil the follow up book, Squaring Circles by giving up too many plot details is not only cleverly told on than one level, but makes an immensely enjoyable read and shifts elegantly between the 1970s and the last decade, the ea [...]

    12. I must have been hungry when I started reading this book because it had me at the cupcakes Transforming Pandora is a novel full of the things life is made of awkward moments of young adulthood, the trials and triumphs of our closest relationships and romantic love, and how the past and present often move fluidly together than we realize The author writes beautifully and humorously, appealing to all of the reader s senses.It also entertains with all of the things one experiences on the spiritual [...]

    13. Pandora begins as a middle aged woman, alone after her husband dies suddenly of cancer Her only comfort these days is her dog, Oscar Reminiscing on her roller coaster life so far with the help of a few invisible friends Pandora realises that the misfortunes and other crazy events have all carefully forged the life she has today, which she really wouldn t change for the world, or worlds , shall we say By being courageous in taking chances, and listening to her heart throughout 2003, as cheesy as [...]

    14. Transforming Pandora is the first book in the Pandora series and in this book we get to know Pandora a 51 year old woman who has just lost her Husband In this book we get a look at all the key moments in Pandora s life so far as she examines her life with help from a spiritual companion We see all the good and all the bad in Pandora s life so far and it is very easy to relate to her as we look back at her life While she is looking back we also read about her current situation and how she is copi [...]

    15. The Pandora of the title will strike a cord with many women, because I know she struck a chord with me Unlike so many books, Pandora is an ordinary woman she could be me or you and that s why she s so likeable and you want things to go well for her as she goes on her personal journey.As well as being thought provoking, there are touches of humour too The flashbacks in the book are also well done So often in other books, they drag the story down, but not in Transforming Pandora At a time when peo [...]

    16. What a lovely story of spiritual awakening I was touched deeply by it and enjoyed it immensely It is written beautifully and pulled me into the very core of the tale Pandora struggles with the unexpected death of her husband and has to face her grief and try and make some sense of her life Her strength is deep and through meditation she finds a spirit that shows her who she is and who she should be I felt every emotion and shared her tears and fears The other characters are wonderful and added s [...]

    17. This book is truly difficult to put down, once you begin reading this finely told story The author fully develops likeable characters, while shifting back and forth from a woman s adolescent and young adult years, to her early 50 s Most importantly, however, is the transformation of Pandora Like many women in today s world, Pandora struggles with parents, love relationships, belief systems, career choices, and friendships Many of her choices caused her great sadness and pain The transformation i [...]

    18. A charming tale about a widow who is trying to cope with all the changes in her life in a spiritual and metaphysical way The story is so close to my own life at this time it was almost scary, yet it made me feel hopeful I know that my life will have purpose, once I have time to grieve, and that I m expecting too much of myself People don t realize how much extra work each day entails when you lose a spouse, and every facet of everyday life is different But I came away from this book feeling li [...]

    19. Transforming Pandora is about the life of a young girl coming to age at 17 18 and rediscovering herself, and raison d etre over 30 years later.Told in a clever and at times very humorous way, the author quickly develops some interesting and believable characters, including the lovely Enoch I m hoping that there will be a sequel to this fine story.If you require a great book to just dip into, every few days or one to absorb over a long plane journey, this one ticks all the boxes, and it s suitabl [...]

    20. A TEMPLATE FOR GROWING OLD DISGRACEFULLY Londoner Pandora Fry is sceptical of the supernatural, especially as her flighty mother has found herself in Glastonbury To her surprise, a spiritual encounter changes everything Pandora comes to terms with the loves she has lost and proves that even in her fifties, she can attract rich and handsome men A template for growing old disgracefully, this novel is great fun.

    21. An engaging blend of the events of everyday life balanced perfectly with the process of becoming an enlightened individual is what makes this book a real joy to read as well as an educational experience that introduces spirituality in a way that does not overwhelm the reader.

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