The Kin of Ata Are Waiting for You The Kin of Ata live only for the dream Their work their art their love are designed in and by their dreams and their only aim is to dream higher dreams into the world of Ata comes a desperate man w

  • Title: The Kin of Ata Are Waiting for You
  • Author: Dorothy Bryant
  • ISBN: 9780394732923
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Kin of Ata live only for the dream Their work, their art, their love are designed in and by their dreams, and their only aim is to dream higher dreams into the world of Ata comes a desperate man who is first subdued and then led on the spiritual journey that, sooner or later, all of us must make this book itself is such a journey.

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      297 Dorothy Bryant
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    1. Dorothy Bryant

      Dorothy Bryant was born in San Francisco in 1930, second daughter of Joe and Giuditta Calvetti, both born in Balangero, a factory town near Turin, Italy, and brought to the United States as children Bryant became the first in her family to graduate from college, and she earned her living teaching high school and college until 1976 She began writing in 1960 and has since published a dozen books of fiction and non fiction Her plays have been performed in the Bay Area and beyond.Bryant is known for her mystical, feminist and fantastic novels and plays that traverse the space between the real world and her character s inner psyche or soul Her book The Kin of Ata are Waiting for You was described by Alice Walker as One of my favorite books in all the world.

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    1. This cover is hysterically phallic with representations of both male and female genitalia That was my first impression before opening the book This is not surprising considering that the book deals with dreams Freud was one of the forerunners in dream psychology in which dreams often contained sexual overtones The theories of Jung, a colleague of Freud, is listed as an influence on the back cover synopsis The book and it s contents contain less sexual references than one would presume I was init [...]

    2. This is the book I ve been longing to find A gem of a story that s been waiting for rediscovery as new age fiction Dorothy Bryant s 1971 novel, originally promoted as science fiction, is described as part love story, part science fiction, and at once Jungian myth and utopian allegory But by today s standards, it s a straightforward exploration of connecting to the highest and best parts of ourselves and living according to that guidance.Story The kin of Ata live only for the dream Their work, th [...]

    3. This book is one, like Illusions by Richard Bach, which I ve read several times over the years Because I am different every time I read them, they never fail to point out yet another lesson and keep my attention riveted.The main character in The Kin of Ata had led a seamy, notorious life A set of circumstances occurred He had a car accident, veered off a cliff and crashed He should have been dead Instead, he was found and taken to a place where dreams of the night held value, and ideals common t [...]

    4. I read this book as part of my Literature of Mysticism, Meditation and Madness course in college Bryant writes from the point of view of a very conflicted man who has hit rock bottom A sudden accident propels him to the Eden like Ata where the he learns a new way of being I loved this book The main character s journey from a broken man with no discernible conscience to a spiritually aware entity was both trying and beautiful Bryant s anti hero starts out committing terrible acts, and yet each st [...]

    5. I read the first chapter of this book on a thursday, didnt pick it up again until the next monday in which I read the entire book After I turned the last page and finally closed the book I was sad to put it down The Kin of Ata is ultimately a story of spiritual growth mixed with a love story, thrown in with touches of feminism and psychology and philosophy It makes you think of human nature and also questions the accepted ways people on earth currently live.Do yourself a favor and pick it up, it [...]

    6. Originally published in 1971 under the title The Comforter A Mystical Fantasy, this is a novel that I think a lot of people would overlook as being some sort of New Age mumbo jumbo, the way people look at James Redfield or Carlos Castaneda To each their own, I say I will admit that what drew me to this book in the used bookstore was the title first and foremost what an intriguing title, and how have I never heard of it before, and who is this Dorothy Bryant person anyway And then secondly, bitch [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book teaching wrapped up as a good page turner mystery I have heard about it over the years and it showed up as a recommendation at the perfect moment, the ending of a heart relationship Reading it took me through the first weeks after parting and it was soothing and inspiring at the same time.

    8. This is a book I would classify as just not my cup of tea The idea was interesting, a man whose life is spiraling downhill because of his uncontrolled demons, is transported to a mysterious island where the people lead a simple life There he discovers the real life force hidden behind daily life I can see how the book would appeal to some My problem was that I disliked the main character and I found the islanders and their life style annoying It is someone else s vision for the meaning of life, [...]

    9. This is one book I remember liking, a lot, and I keep seeing on the shelf of my local used bookstore Every time I go to buy it, I remember all the other books I already own that I want to read, and so I stop But, after reading other s reviews on here, I think I ll buy it next time I m at the bookstore.

    10. I just finished this book and I immediately had to write about how good it was It s one of those books that, once finished, aren t actually over I can tell I m going to be thinking about it fortl the next few days and trying to find the rhythm of Ata myself, doing as much donego as I can.

    11. The unnamed narrator is a very successful, nasty man who, after making a name for himself as a poet, exploits his small measure of fame and position to acquire a cushy teaching job that allows him to do very little work while seducing his students He marries a wealthy woman and exploits her father s contacts in the publishing world to launch himself as a writer of bestselling spy novels that eventually make him rich and famous He s a misogynist and all around terrible person from the first scene [...]

    12. Great book, using the protagonist as an extreme example of human greed pulling us from what makes us happy, the story becomes about how someone can becomes centered and what that brings A major theme in the story is how easy it is to look down upon something greater than ourselves.

    13. Read this for my book club Difficult to recommend when there are so many books to read but it was someone s favorite It s an interesting story, but not very well written and never really liked the main character Hmmm, sounds like I really should make this a 2

    14. I can t recall exactly how this ended up in my tbr but I am certain it had something to do with it being older feminist scifi fantasy, which I collect and read as much as possible What I was expecting, particularly from a book from the 1970s, was a wishful book about an impossible utopia What I got instead was a spiritual parable that left me breathless, surprised, and craving not out of the book but out of life.The book starts slowly The entire first chapter has the main character driving angr [...]

    15. I loved this unique book It was a sweet, fun, quick read Here are some of my favorite quotes I was used to superficial conventions of clothing, grooming and manner.Even so, I easily saw that, regardless of my talents, degrees without contacts would get me nothing but the starvation of a serious writer or the dull security of teaching To work too hard is donagdeo it will give you sore muscles and a headache And all night you will dream of dogs biting your legs or of trees falling on your aching b [...]

    16. Read this for a philosophy class in the 1990s and had a very interesting time with it Loved it Just came across it again by chance on my girlfriend s shelf and dusted it off, surprised And now curious I wonder if I d love it as much today Looking forward to rereading it again sometime to find out.

    17. This was an amazing book It kept me interested all the way to the end.Dorothy Bryant mixed a love story with spiritual growth and made it work This book described the place of Ata so beautiful and peaceful it made me want to live there forever And the people of Ata were so friendly not like a lot of the people today When the man who was sent to live in Ata got there for the first time i was sort of confused I didn t know how he got there I thought he was dead I later realized it was Ata His adve [...]

    18. A book of hope and inspiration, THE KIN OF ATA ARE WAITING FOR YOU carries the reader along as gently and as inexorably as a mountain stream.The anti hero we meet in the first pages is unlikeable in many ways despite this or perhaps because of it one has a stake in the outcome of his spiritual journey on the island of Ata and his final test back in the material world.Life on Ata is what one imagines pre lapserian Eden was like As he experiences of the community of Ata as he learns to understand [...]

    19. I am really impressed with this book and it s author, Dorothy Bryant I believe she is still among the living, a 1930 model Here s what SHE says about her book on her website Kin of Ata is often mistakenly labeled a utopian novel The mythic island community of Ata is not a social economic model for a perfect society it is a psycho spiritual metaphor drawn from many belief systems The people on the island of Ata follow a non materialistic, austere, and strenuous spiritual discipline, through which [...]

    20. Right after finishing, I felt like I liked the book than not, but the longer it s been since setting it down, the less I m taken with it First off, the whole format of allegorical novels seem to fall apart for me after I m out from under the reading experience the author builds up a contrived setting where a pilgrim of some sort, willing or not, goes through an intense psychic change, and, once the biggest scoffer, transforms into the biggest advocate of the received lifestyle Second, although [...]

    21. When I started reading this book I had some doubts, I had these doubts because even though my teacher recomened this book to me the description she gave me painted a picture that I really didn t like When I read the book I went into it with a open mind and I did, I am so glad I did because this book made me see death,destiny,understanding,and living in the moment in a way I had never seen it before The main character of the book is a man who is a becoming actor who is trying to find his place in [...]

    22. The Kin of Ata are Waiting for You is a one of the strangest books I have ever read It follows a jaded man who seems like an antagonist than anything else, and seems to have virtually no concern for anyone aside from himself The narrative jumps right in to him in his natural habitat, being a selfish dead beat He then goes on to kill a friend of his in an intoxicated rage, and as he attempts to make a sloppy escape, he totals his car, and is dealt a severe blow to the head He awakes in a strange [...]

    23. It took me a little while to get into this story of the people of Ata, but once I did I was absorbed by it Bryant came up with an organizing principle that leads to a society that is peaceful and communal, but where, at the same time, the people are ultimately motivated by what s best for their own individual well being I won t reveal what that organizing principle is, but I will say it s intriguing I ve always thought that communism can t work because humankind will never completely overcome se [...]

    24. I read this book for a class that I attended at a Liberal Studies Program Hutchins School at Sonoma State University in CA It was quite awhile ago, so my memory of the book has faded The class was regarding consciousness and reality where this was a perfect book for the subject matter of the course.It s an easy and short read about an alternative reality utopia where the members lived in an egalitarian society They resided peacefully, worked together and for the most part got along Here is where [...]

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