The House Without a Key I would put Charlie Chan among the ten best fictional detectives Rex StoutCharlie Chan is back Earl Derr Biggers crackling six volume series featuring the clever chubby Chinese Detective of the Honol

  • Title: The House Without a Key
  • Author: Earl Derr Biggers
  • ISBN: 9780445402195
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • I would put Charlie Chan among the ten best fictional detectives Rex StoutCharlie Chan is back Earl Derr Biggers crackling six volume series featuring the clever, chubby Chinese Detective of the Honolulu Police Department, is coming back into print.Biggers brings Honolulu to life with his deft descriptions of the landscape and its hybrid ethnic communities And with t I would put Charlie Chan among the ten best fictional detectives Rex StoutCharlie Chan is back Earl Derr Biggers crackling six volume series featuring the clever, chubby Chinese Detective of the Honolulu Police Department, is coming back into print.Biggers brings Honolulu to life with his deft descriptions of the landscape and its hybrid ethnic communities And with the creation of Inspector Chan, Biggers also shatters stereotypes and is ahead of his time in highlighting the positive aspects of Chinese Hawaiian culture.In this first novel, published in 1925, Chan comes to the aid of an aristocratic Boston family who find themselves in dire straits over what has befallen Dan Winterslip, the black sheep of the family, who lives in a mansion on Waikiki Beach the house without a key.The troubles begin when a young nephew is dispatched by the family in Boston to retrieve a wayward aunt who has overstayed her welcome in Dan Winterslip s house.

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    1. Earl Derr Biggers

      Earl Derr Biggers was born in Warren, Ohio on August 24, 1884 Years later, while attending Harvard University, Biggers showed little passion for the classics, preferring instead writers such as Rudyard Kipling and Richard Harding Davis Following his graduation from Harvard in 1907, he worked briefly for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and at Bobbs Merrill publishers By 1908, Biggers was hired at the Boston Traveler to write a daily humor column Soon, however, he became that paper s drama critic It was at this time that he met Elanor Ladd, who would later become his wife and who would have a marked influence in his writing.

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    1. You can almost feel the gentle trade winds of Hawaii during the 1920s in this classic novel by Earl Derr Biggers Romantic and full of atmosphere, this is a most enjoyable read that was our first introduction to Charlie Chan Biggers was always a great romance writer who simply incorporated mystery into his books to propel the story forward This is never evident than in The House Without a Key.The story centers on young and proper John Quincy Winterslip of Boston, who has been sent to retrieve th [...]

    2. 50 years before the suave and dapper fictional TV detective Steve McGarrett policed the streets of Honolulu in Hawaii 5 0 , writer Earl Derr Biggers what a great name, BTW gave us the equally dapper but alas not suave fictional book detective Charlie Chan Chan became so famous and beloved by his fans that Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon and made a series of black and white movies featuring this fat and canny Oriental detective.In Biggers 1925 debut whodunnit featuring Chan, it really shouldn t [...]

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed this first Charlie Chan mystery, and can t believe that I never picked one up before I imagine this will be a series that I ll tear through.The mystery itself was good, of course, and it probably stands on par with any number of Agatha Christie mystery novels, but for me the mystery wasn t what made this book so enjoyable It was the subtle humor, and the wispy strokes of humanity that Earl Derr Biggers gave to his characters that made me fall for this book Charlie s way with [...]

    4. The House Without a Key, published in 1925, was the first of the Charlie Chan mysteries by Earl Derr Biggers The six Charlie Chan novels were immensely successful but the movies based loosely on them were even so in fact there were no less than 40 Charlie Chan movies The movies have been attacked for supposedly promoting racial stereotypes I haven t seen the movies but the intention behind the books was to overturn racial stereotypes by having a Chinese hero at a time when Chinese villains were [...]

    5. I went on a mission to read at least one book featuring every literary detective who was satirized in the 1976 movie Murder by Death, which is one of my favorites Having already read novels featuring Poirot, Marple, Nick Nora Charles, and Spade, this was my last stop My verdict Best detective character Nick Nora Their sarcastic banter put them at the top of the list for me.Best plot Poirot Agatha Christie was a great storyteller.That said, I simply loved the setting AND the writing style of The [...]

    6. First Charlie Chan mystery, and a very fun book it is to read It is of it s time and gives some really interesting views of society at that time It is wonderful to follow Chan and John Quincy Winterslip work together and develop a respect for one another that transcends many others in the story Nice mystery as well, very visual, and let s face it you ll want to go to Hawaii after reading of its beauty The story follows John Quincy for the most part and he moves from a man raised and ready to bec [...]

    7. 1925 Hawaii was an idyllic sort of place, a place where a straight laced New England Puritan could lose himself in the heady scent of night blooms and the sunset gilding of the sea And that s just what happens to John Quincy Winterslip, a Boston bond dealer who is sent by the family to fetch home his aunt, who left months ago for a visit and hasn t come home.His ship arrives in the evening and because of bureaucratic red tape yes, even in Hawaii Territory in 1925 the ship has to sit outside the [...]

    8. This is the book that started it all the movies, etc Charlie Chan is a respected detective in the Hawaiian police force John Quincy Winterslip has come to Hawaii from Boston to get his Aunt Minerva to return home She has been in Hawaii for quite some time staying with the family blacksheep, Dan Winterslip John Quincy is not happy as he arrives in San Francisco but he has a feeling of homecoming at San Francisco, like he s been there before He meets an uncle in San Francisco who he stays with bef [...]

    9. This book is the first of the Charlie Chan mysteries and I was quite excited to read it I m a big fan of the Charlie Chan movies and wanted to read the novels that inspired them I was a bit disappointed with this one for a few reasons First of all, there is not enough Charlie Chan As one of my friends pointed out to me, Earl Derr Biggers didn t realize that character would be such a sensation So perhaps subsequent books will have Charlie Chan Another thing is that I didn t really like any of th [...]

    10. I have seen many of the Charlie Chan films, and I have always enjoyed them, but I had not read any of the books I was pleasantly surprised that I found this first book very enjoyable The book has a complex plot that held my interest A family originally from Boston, the Winterslips, has some members living in Hawaii One of the wealthy Winterslips living in Hawaii is murdered A younger member of the family, John Quincy Winterslip, has been sent to Boston to check up on his Aunt Minerva and persuad [...]

    11. What a fascinating peek into time The House Without a Key is In the novel, the characters regularly ruminate on how much Hawaii has changed since the glory years of the 80s and 90s and they weren t talking about the twentieth century, either The descriptions of Honolulu in the 1920s are enough to warrant a read of the book The story s characters are strong, if a little predictable, and the mystery takes second seat to the novel s spectacular setting But all in all, it was a great read.Lots of pe [...]

    12. Young Bostonian, John Quincy Winterslip, has been dispatched to Honolulu, Hawaii to bring his Aunt Minerva home She s been visiting relative, Dan Winterslip, for many weeks and was supposed to have returned by now But Dan s murder changes everything, and as John Quincy becomes embroiled in the investigation, he too begins to succumb to the charms of Hawaii.I ve never watched a Charlie Chan movie for than a few minutes Something about them didn t hold my interest, but when I found a copy of The [...]

    13. For the past few years I had been intrigued by the thought of reading Charlie Chan mysteries but based on my dim memories of the Charlie Chan movies I had seen on TV as a kid, I was afraid that the books would be a bit racist and therefore off putting However, my wife recently read this book and assured me that this was not the case and she recommended the book, enthusiastically Lo and behold, she was correct Not only was there no racism in the novel but in a few instances there was social comme [...]

    14. The story takes place in the early 1920 s Hawaii in Honolulu surrounding the murder of a wealthy man A side story is that of a young man who has come from the chilly Boston area to the lovely tropical islands that are either buffeted by Kona winds or soothed by trade winds and he finds a a new world I had a great time reading this book easily finding myself transported back to the era described in the book even as they bemoaned the fact that Hawaii had changed beyond recognition That damned mech [...]

    15. I enjoyed this a great deal, it s a clever, well paced mystery with an engaging enough romantic drama weaving in and out of the actual whodunnit.Surely I should be able to say than that about a book I enjoyed so much Not necessarily I always try and say something about theme, style and resonance, but in this case it s simply a case of a book that sets out to do one thing entertain the reader with a breezy, absorbing story, and everything within works to achieve just just that end no , and no le [...]

    16. Throw away everything you ever thought you knew about Charlie Chan from the Charlie Chan movies of the 1930s and 40s Earl Derr Biggers Charlie Chan books, written in the 1920s and 1930s, are much interesting, putting on view the commonly held stereotypes of Chinese Americans during this period and the racism they encountered The Charlie Chan of the books is an intelligent and subtle opponent of those attitudes The mystery is clever and great fun, and like all of the Charlie Chan books, it has a [...]

    17. The first Charlie Chan book from the 20s Set in Waikiki, the Honolulu police department solves a murder mystery with the help of both recent and long time visitors to the area I loved each characters impressions of the island and having cocktails at the former home that was the setting of the book under the century old Kiawe tree from the story was dreamy I will definitely be reading the rest of the series Did I mention I may now be obsessed with Hawaii.

    18. After reading the biography of Charlie Chan, I wanted to read a Charlie Chan mystery This was a wonderful engaging story Aside from the whodunit, it is a coming of age story of a young man from a Boston Brahmin society who finds a new identity in the free romantic atmosphere of Hawaii Charlie Chan is a key figure with all the charm and wit that I remembered about him.

    19. The good A solid, nicely written mystery with some interesting characters, set in Hawaii Also, it s pretty liberal, considering the time it was written The bad Well, I d appreciate Chan and less other charactersThe bad None.

    20. What an enjoyable read A great mystery with a quirky detective Then you have the wonderful scenes of Hawaii, subtle humor and and great characters Some f the attitudes are dated, but does not take away from the story.

    21. Introducing Charlie Chan in his debut novelHaving successfully published His first mystery Seven Keys to Baldpate, Earl Biggers would introduce to the world Charlie Chan in The House Without a Key.The background on Charlie Chan is that the character was based on a news story read by Biggers while he was visiting in Hawaii The real Charlie Chan was a Hawaiian police officer Chang Apana Charlie Chan The Untold Story of the Honorable Detective and His Rendezvous with American HistoryBiggers would w [...]

    22. Read this book on our trip to Hawaii It s the first in the Charlie Chan series, and was written by the author Earl Derr Biggers there in 1925 Miss Minerva Winterslip of Boston has been staying too long in Hawaii at the home of her cousin, Dan Every day she thinks about leaving, but then time passes, and she continues to stay Her serious nephew, John Quincy, is dispatched by the family to bring her home When he arrives he finds that his cousin Dan has been murdered during the night Miss Minerva [...]

    23. FROM MY BLOG The eighties , he sighed Hawaii was Hawaii then Unspoiled, a land of opera bouffe, with old Kalakaua sitting on his golden throne It s been ruined, he complained sadly.It is mandatory for anyone who has visited Hawaii than once to tell everyone within earshot, It was so much nicer or uncrowded or romantic or authentically Hawaiian last time I was here You won t be cured of such comments for of such is human nature but you may gain a little perspective from reading Earl Derr Biggers [...]

    24. 1st in the Honolulu police detective Charlie Chan mystery series A wealthy prominent Honolulu resident with an unsavory past and not well liked is found murdered and it is Chan s job to discover the killer.Set in Honolulu, the story has has well developed descriptions of the landscape and hybrid ethnic communities of Honolulu along with Chinese Hawaiian culture Blended into the story is the Boston origins of the victim s family and well developed characters representing this different culture.

    25. Great Charlie Chan mystery Takes place in Hawaii during the 1920s Biggers does a great job with dialogue of characters and depiction of the beautiful landmarks and plant life of Hawaii Charlie Chan is almost a secondary character and I found myself looking forward to the sections where the author decides to bring Charlie back into the story The author s writing style is very smooth and easy flowing The way he handles Charlie Chan s dialogue and approach is admirable and entertaining.

    26. A very nice book.exotic location, chinese detective,lots of red herrings hiding simple motives and a very lucid writing style for such an old book.Charlies comments are a treat a very wholesome one at that.

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