Whisper Cape A town mixed with the supernatural magic and murder Stand still on the cliff side and you just might hear the dead whispering in the wind WHISPER CAPEBook An Erotic and Dark Paranormal RomanceEscap

  • Title: Whisper Cape
  • Author: Susan Griscom
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  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A town mixed with the supernatural, magic and murder Stand still on the cliff side and you just might hear the dead whispering in the wind WHISPER CAPEBook 1 An Erotic and Dark Paranormal RomanceEscape to a world where the impossible becomes possible and sparks ignite.Whisper Cape is a town of secrets, and Addison MacKenna soon becomes tangled in a web of them PlaguedA town mixed with the supernatural, magic and murder Stand still on the cliff side and you just might hear the dead whispering in the wind WHISPER CAPEBook 1 An Erotic and Dark Paranormal RomanceEscape to a world where the impossible becomes possible and sparks ignite.Whisper Cape is a town of secrets, and Addison MacKenna soon becomes tangled in a web of them Plagued with nightmares of her father s sudden and brutal death, Addie struggles with her anguish and refuses to believe that his demise was accidental But that s not the only thing she struggles with All of a sudden, the impossible seems possible, and it s not clear whether that s a blessing or a curse.Cael Sheridan may be arrogant and mysterious, but he s also undeniably gorgeous A member of a secret society, he is sworn to protect the woman he believes to be the daughter of his recently murdered mentor In the process, he finds it impossible to resist her magnetic sensuality, complicating his efforts to shield and guide her as she learns to manage her newly acquired skills.A powerful woman, an extraordinary man, and a murderous maniac who wants to destroy them Fate has brought them together, but will it make them stronger or destroy them all in the end

    Whisper Cape Book Volume Jun , Whisper Cape This fantastic debut novel by Regan Walsh is hard almost impossible to put down So when you pick it up make sure you have time to read cause you are not gonna wanna put it down The characters she has created are ah may zing and you can relate to them even the ones with the supernatural powers. Whisper Cape book series Kindle Edition Whisper Cape book series Kindle Edition From Book He can take her anywhere her heart desires, but she can bring him to his knees with the gentle flick of her finger. Ignite the Flame The Sectorium Whisper Cape Cael has returned to Whisper Cape to investigate the death of his powerful mentor, Richard MacKenna He is stunned to discover that Richard had concealed the existence of his daughter, Addie, to protect her The storyline has lots of mystery and suspense and sets the stage for future books. The Whisper Cape Trilogy Box Set by Susan Griscom Whisper Cape is a t A town mixed with the supernatural, magic and murder If you stand very still close to the edge of the cliff and you just might hear the dead whispering in the wind. Whisper Cape Audiobooks Listen to the Full Series Whisper Cape is a town of secrets and Addison MacKenna soon becomes tangled in a web of them Plagued with nightmares of her father s sudden and brutal death, Addie struggles with her anguish and refuses to believe his demise was accidental. Tame the Flame Whisper Cape, Book Audible In this third book in the steamy Whisper Cape Trilogy, Cael and Addison s fate has taken an unexpected turn Gerry, Addie and Cael almost captured Careen s murderer only to lose Cael in the battle a battle that nearly cost him his life. WHISPER STYLING CAPE Betty Dain Creations WHISPER STYLING CAPE . SKU S BLK Quantity Details Packs Now Available in Black w Snap Closure for . A savings You must Menu Whispers Cafe Creperie san jose location monday am pm tuesday am pm wednesday am pm thursday am pm friday am pm Whispers Cafe Whispers Cafe Creperie Cafe food and the atmosphere here is above par two thumbs up for this place service is consistently great. Whisper Whisper is the best place to discover secrets around you Recent stories True Life I Lost A Loved One To Covid , Couples Confess How The Covid Quarantine Has Affected My Relationship, Heartbreaking Confessions From Kids Who Have An Unemployed Parent

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      Find me on Susan Griscom Find me on Facebook facebook SMGriscomAward winning author, Susan Griscom, writes paranormal and contemporary romance She s hooked on gritty romances and is a huge fan of superheroes and bad boys confronted with extraordinary forces of nature, powers, and abilities beyond the norm mixed with steamy romance, of course She loves those days when she gets to sit around in her sweat pants, doing nothing but writing emotionally charged stories about love and violence and drinking coffee She lives in Northern California with her romantic husband and together they have five great superhero kids and eight mini superhero grand kids, so far.

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    1. Another little teaser Grab your jacket He wrapped his arm around her, pulled her in close, cupped her chin in his hand, and tilted her head up toward his, their lips inches apart Do you trust me His voice was husky, his breath warm and her knees were about to turn to jelly Yes, I think so Do I have a choice No Close your eyes, he whispered.She did as he requested as a weird sensation of air swept through every pore, every cell of her body.

    2. Discrimination is a horrible reality People are afraid of what they don t understand This was a really fun read Out of everything, including the plot, characters, and romantic development between Addie and Cael, my favorite thing about this story was the setting From the first chapter, everything felt so vivid The town and the surroundings were very eerie, very atmospheric The author did a great job at creating an unsettling mood throughout I always felt what Addie was feeling uncertainty and th [...]

    3. Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION S Pack Alpha Michelle L Olson I was contacted by a troupe that I work with to do a promotional Event for Regan Walsh in July I had never heard of her before, nor had I heard about Whisper Cape Trying to be the good book website admin and book promoter, I went out and bought the book on and when a gap opened in my schedule, decided to sit down and read it I COULDN T PUT IT DOWN In my honest opinion, this was one of the best new Urban Fantasy books I have read in t [...]

    4. Cael Sheridan shows up in Whisper Cape as a Private Investigator, to find who is murdering the women in Whisper Cape, however in reality he was sent from the Sectorium to find Eidolon, who he believes is responsible for the murders around town along with the murder of Risteard MacKenna, Addison s father.Addison keeps running into Cael, she s immediately attracted to him but feels he s a bit on the arrogant side Soon after meeting Cael, Addison finds out that her father lived a whole other life t [...]

    5. The first book is a good start to a new series Like most first books, it starts with a slow beginning but quickly picks up After her father dies mysteriously, Addie, a 26 year old, begins to have nightmares every night She has a hard time figuring out what they mean and ties them into the strange note her father had left for her Moving to Oregon where her father and aunt grew up she works in the restaurant Whisper Cape where she is introduced into the paranormal world Suddenly Addie discovers a [...]

    6. 4.75 Stars What a fantastic read The setting is Whisper Cape, Oregon The visualizations and scenery the author painted was a combination of beautiful and eerie I was floored at how I escaped to this creepy seaside town It was so vivid that I envisioned myself standing along the seaside cliffs, an eerie fog rolling in, looking down at the ocean waves crashing on the rocks At times, you felt what the character was feeling After the mysterious death of her father, our heroine, Addie is having night [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book and loved Cael and Addison I didn t want to put this book down once I started it I won my copy in a competition run by Anna Dase on her blog and had not heard of the author before this It is definetly for older readers as there are sex scenes in the book which makes it unsuitable for younger readers but it had great characters a good plot and was quite fastpaced There were a couple of twists throughout it and at the end as well I would definetly pick up another of this [...]

    8. Quick plot run down Addison MacKenna has recently moved back to the town where she was born, Whisper Cape While rushing to get to work one day, she hits a man or so she thinks Once she gets out of her truck, he has completely disappeared After that her life is all sorts of strange she finds she has a new ability, the vanishing almost accident victim returns, and someone is out to kill her the same someone who murdered her father Okay, I liked the suspense part of this book, because I couldn t fi [...]

    9. Addison MacKenna is having devastating nightmares, and not just a few She suspects the reason might have something to do with her late father s death, but has no other evidence that she possesses any other specific cause From the opening scene describing Addie s reaction to her most recent nightmare, Hot and tingly blood pulsed through her body and a force strengthened and burned as though her veins were on fire, WHISPER CAPE S readers are treated to hints that she is than just your average wai [...]

    10. review to come later all I will say now u wanna be cold when you read this cuz it gonna make you HOT Whisper Cape This fantastic debut novel by Regan Walsh is hard almost impossible to put down So when you pick it up make sure you have time to read cause you are not gonna wanna put it down The characters she has created are ah may zing and you can relate to them even the ones with the supernatural powers This story can and will take you on a sensual and yet suspenseful ride of your life Addison [...]

    11. I was given a free copy of this book for review purposes The review is based solely on my opinion and was not influenced by author or publisher After her father suddenly dies, Addison MacKenna moves back to the town of Whisper Cape, Oregon where she was born Along for the move is Addison s Aunt Maia, who helped raise her from infancy because Addison s mother died shortly after giving birth With the exception of the nightmares life seems to be moving forward for Addison, that is until a stranger [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this story It kept me on the edge of my seat not knowing what was going to happen next The author did an excellent job of grabbing my attention and keeping it She was able to develop characters that were relatable.Addison is haunted by nightmares since her dad was murdered Addison and her aunt moved from New York to Whisper Cape on Oregon s coast to start a new life and hopefully put the nightmares behind them She accidentally meets Cael who is hunting the man who murdered her f [...]

    13. I loved Whisper Cape It was different for one I m totally thinking about kidnapping Cael and hiding him in my closet I m sure I can convince him to stay Whisper Cape had the perfect amount of suspense mixed with romance I fell into the story easily and dreaded the inevitable ending It had me flipping pages until way past my bed time All the characters were believable which made the story solid and hard to put down 5 stars from me Highly recommended

    14. Whisper Cape is billed as a Sensual Paranormal Romance Sounds very interesting And it is The story concerns Addison Addie MacKenna Growing up as a normal child there was nothing unusual about her But after the recent death of her father she began to have nightmares Every night The nightmares seemed to be trying to tell her something, but she couldn t figure them out The only concrete thing she had of her father was a single note he had written shortly before he died It said simply, Addison will [...]

    15. I thought this book was well written from the very first page I liked Addie right away, and I found myself really wanting to live in the town of Whisper Cape Her nightmares were vivid and frightening, and left me feeling the same shock when she woke up as I do when I ve had a nightmare of my own I love an honest main character, and Addie was a very genuinely good person who had a lot of bad things happen to her, but still held herself to a standard I was impressed with how she wrestled with the [...]

    16. Addison, or Addie for short, is a great heroine that I loved from the minute I started reading The poor girl is haunted by nightmares after her father s violent death Instead of normal recurring nightmares, she is experiencing progressive dreams that change each night and go further into the nightmare like a bad movie She is even rattled when she almost hits a man in the middle of the road When she starts experiencing some freaky abilities she is not sure who she should trust to tell her secret [...]

    17. I sometimes have trouble getting into romance novels, but I love fantasy and paranormal suspense In Whisper Cape, Regan Walsh combines the two genres in a way that held my interest all the way through Though the lovers, Addie and Cael, are predictably attractive and gifted with amazing powers, they have quirks and flaws that make them human and likable The sex scenes are wonderful, never crude or coy Once or twice they stall the action than I would like, but I m guessing many readers will enjoy [...]

    18. A simmering 4 star paranormal romantic thriller.This is really a good story and a great foundation for a new series It is a murder mystery with paranormal elements Addie MacKenna is grieving after losing her father under mysterious circumstances She and her aunt move to Whisper Cape where her aunt and father grew up There is a serial murder on the loose and all the victims have a remarkable resemblance to Addie Enter Cael Sheridan, a warrior and protector with supernatural skills He introduces A [...]

    19. the book diariesHere is one of those books where the cover can be deceiving When I first got this book I really didn t look much further that the cover and that it was in my genre of reading Where I thought I would be reading a bit of mystery romance, I got much Whisper Cape is a dark, edgy, suspenseful read that is captivating from page one With so many twists and turns within a story, you are compelled to continue to find out secrets hidden within this town Nobody is who they say they are an [...]

    20. This was a very good story A friend suggested this book to me and I wasn t disappointed In a town where it s possible to hear the dead whisper and where everyone basically knows everyone there are many secrets that are about to be revealed Addie is sure her father s death wasn t an accident but, murder No one wants to believe he was murdered, how can she make them understand what she can t herself Every night she has the same recurring nightmare that steals her breath away Will she ever understa [...]

    21. I picked this book up because I m a huge fan of romantic suspense The fact that it had a paranormal element didn t hurt either After reading the first page, I knew Whisper Cape would be a winner The story opens with Addie waking up from a recurring nightmare My mind instantly filled with questions that needed answers From Addie s first disastrous encounter with Cael, I was hooked I liked the hero and the heroine from the start and enjoyed their growing attraction to each other Their sexual tensi [...]

    22. I have to start out by saying, I LOVE THIS BOOK Whisper Cape is so astonishing with characters that are lovable and well developed I can t brag enough about author Susan Griscom This book grabbed my attention from the moment I picked it up and I just couldn t put it down If you are a fan of paranormal romance, you have to read this book Addison MacKenna moves back to Whisper Cape after her father dies She has continued nightmares of his death and has a gut feeling he has been murdered Worry ensu [...]

    23. If you are a reader who thrives on paranormal, romantic adventures, then a visit to Whisper Cape is an absolute must It begins with recurring nightmares connected with a horrific event.Whisper Cape is not only a quaint little town in the Pacific Northwest, it s the tale of two unique people and situations by no means ordinary When the two primary characters, Addison and Cael, meet for the first several times, the sparks are already beginning to fly, and I don t mean just between them sexually, b [...]

    24. First of all I need to say that this book is AMAZING I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and hope that Regan Walsh writes novels based on these characters.In short this novel is about a young women called Addie, who discovers that she has the ability to shoot sparks from her hands She is driving to work one day when she nearly runs over a man who disappears as soon as she stops the car Over time, it becomes clear that he also has special powers and they start to grow close However, there is somethi [...]

    25. Whisper Cape, what an entertaining ride The storyline grabs you from chapter one The storyline revolves around Addison, a young woman who s dad was recently killed by a wild animal, but Addie s gut tells her that isn t the case All of a sudden Addie s fingers are letting out an electrical current, pretty cool Then a stranger comes to town, Cael He s tall, mysterious and sexy as all hell Cael Addie have never met, but they both have her dad in common The sexual chemistry between these two charact [...]

    26. I love finding new authors, and Ms Walsh does not disappoint Whisper Cape is a great start to a new series, and follows Addie as she discovers things about her life, and herself, that she couldn t have possibly imagined The romance between herself and Cael is, in some respects, a typical story, but the secrets they hold ensure that this is one relationship that has even higher highs, and dramatic lows.Initially, the story just clips along, introducing us to all the characters involved, and givi [...]

    27. Whisper Cape is the first book I ve read by Regan Walsh The description quickly drew me in and I was very anxious to read this book I was worried that like some other books the description gives away too much or the book turns out to be nothing like it I was pleasantly surprised when the books turns out extremely better than the description This book was very hard to put down Regan Walsh writes with great passion and detail that you can t help but get caught up in the story She has a great way o [...]

    28. Whisper Cape is the first book I ve read by Susan and I can guarantee that it will not be the last When I started reading, I wondered what was going on and quickly became engrossed into the whole story From Addison s nightmares to the wierd creepy feeling of being followed to the steamy scenes with Cael, I never shied away from the book Susan did an amazing job on creating an addictive series that leaves you needing the next install ASAP and does not disappoint whatsoever

    29. I really enjoyed this book A paranormal romance with a different take on the paranormals Addison and Cael were a great couple, and I certainly found myself rooting for them to be together Also, I enjoyed that the story had a lot of twists and turns Great paranoromal romance read

    30. 2.5, round up I have to be honest, I hate giving bad reviews but I m thrilled to be done with this book I was beginning to think I might never reach the end and it really wasn t ringing any bells for me Mostly because I disliked the heroine, Addie, and didn t particularly care for the hero, Cael, either.Addie was pitiful in almost every sense of the word In the first 1 4 of the book she had nightmares, almost ran someone over and drove off a cliff, bumped her head into a metal sign so hard she a [...]

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