Witchlock The Beladors are back in WITCHLOCK Book of the bestselling urban fantasy series by New York Times bestseller Dianna Love Witchlock vanished in the th century or did it Some win Some lose And some

  • Title: Witchlock
  • Author: Dianna Love
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  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Beladors are back in WITCHLOCK, Book 6 of the bestselling urban fantasy series by New York Times bestseller Dianna Love.Witchlock vanished in the 13th century or did it Some win Some lose And some will never be the same again.After finally earning her place among the Beladors, Evalle is navigating the ups and downs of her new life with Storm when she s sucked into aThe Beladors are back in WITCHLOCK, Book 6 of the bestselling urban fantasy series by New York Times bestseller Dianna Love.Witchlock vanished in the 13th century or did it Some win Some lose And some will never be the same again.After finally earning her place among the Beladors, Evalle is navigating the ups and downs of her new life with Storm when she s sucked into a power play between her Belador tribe and the Medb coven Both groups claim possession of the Alterants turned gryphons, especially Evalle, the gryphon leader But an influx of demons and dark witches into Atlanta threatens to unleash war between covens, pitting allies against each other as a legendary majik known as Witchlock invades the city and attacks powerful beings Evalle has one hope for stopping the invasion, but the cost may be her sanity and having to choose which friend to save.

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    1. Dianna Love

      New York Times best seller Dianna Love always liked to do things big and still does After spending many years traveling across country to create unusual marketing projects for Fortune 500 company, she s now released her energetic muse on creating high octane romantic thriller stories and urban fantasy Her first book won the prestigious RITA Award as Dianna Love Snell and she now has a new Slye Temp romantic thriller series with the most recent being DECEPTIVE TREASURES Dianna also writes the NYT Bestselling Belador urban fantasy series and book 5 DEMON STORM, will be available Oct 20, 2014 When not speaking at national and international events throughout the year, Dianna lives in the metro Atlanta area with her motorcycle instructor husband and a tank full of unruly saltwater fish named after celebrities For on Dianna visit authordiannalove and Dianna Love Fan Page on Facebook.

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    1. I really enjoy coming back to the Belador series I think that has to do largely with the heroine, Evalle, and how easy she is to root for Really, very little time has passed over the course of these six books, but Evie has been put through the wringer She just takes one hit after another at such a breakneck pace, but somehow, her focus remains on taking care of the people she loves and those she has given her loyalty to It s nice to see, finally, some of that loyalty is coming back to her.The st [...]

    2. okay okay I admit the last one since breaking off from Sherilyn Kenyon was not really good or not what I was used to for this series and was unsure if I was going to continue one but I can not get enough of Evalle and Storm I just needed them in my life so I gave it another shot and got it through the library This one was a lot better than the 5th book so there is still hope for this series I would give it a 3.5 star rating I am again once excited to continue on with this series once again I am [...]

    3. If power hungry beings ever try to take over the world, then I really hope there is a group of fighters who can stop these foes with their skills and a little luck Evalle and her friends have been continuously battling for the good side in every book of the urban fantasy Belador series, and these warriors have looked out for their comrades while facing death in each story Between perilous situations and torturous emotional issues, stressful lives are the norm for Evalle and her colleagues But no [...]

    4. Witchlock by Dianna Love is the 6th book in her wonderful urban fantasy Beladors series Those of you who have read my reviews know that I am a big fan of this series, and it s heroine Evalle Dianna Love, who is a master at writing romance suspense thrillers, once again gives us another sensational new story, with most of our favorites, Evalle, Storm, Tzader, Quinn and my wonderful Feenix Thank you, Dianna for giving me of Feenix In Witchlock, one of our regulars, Adrianna, steps up to the plate [...]

    5. O M G Best I can say Dianna has done it again Extremely well written and fast paced, so hold on tight as our favorite kick ass heroine discovers relationships aren t easy, especially when you re tasked to save the world, and can only do it after sundown Your pulse sort of stays in your throat, even while you re chuckling at the interplay between characters and trying not to weep at the emotional sincerity of the dialogues.For the record The book picks up just days after the end of Demon Storm wh [...]

    6. Evalle and friends are back in another high energy, pulse pounding adventure Everything about this book from the villainess on the gorgeous cover to the very last page grabs you, sucks you in and won t let you go until panting and exhausted you read the very last page Well written and very fast paced this book is one fantastic ride Evalle s angst is less work related and personal but she has learned to deal with trouble in all its forms and she will figure out her relationship with Storm too Th [...]

    7. This book is awesome I loved how all of the books just flow together After reading Demon Storm, I was like Oh my goodness, what happens to Evalle, Storm, and everyone else I could not put this book down Dianna does a wonderful job making me picture how those characters act and feel I honestly picture them in my mind saving humanity from the evil demons out there I can t wait until the next book comes out Way to go Miss Dianna Love, you are one of my favorite authors and that includes the AG hers [...]

    8. AMAZING Twists and turns, humor and kick ass action This book has it all Definitely one of the BEST books ever Cannot wait for the next in the series Dianna Love is a terrific writer I got the book free in exchange for an honest review And quite honestly I would do the same for all of her books.

    9. Once again Dianna Love delivers With action right from the start, Witchlock keeps you on the thrill ride that is Evalle s life We learn the history behind the covens within the Belador series, Evalle finds herself in trouble once with the Tribunal and Sen, you are taken on the emotional journey as Evalle and Storm and even little Feenix navigate the bumps in their relationship and once hidden players in the game come to light If you are a fan of the Belador series this one is a MUST read Adrian [...]

    10. Dianna Love did it again, storytelling at its best You know FINALLY Evalle catches a break My girl manages to get a little rest, her man s love, and some Feenix snuggles by the end of Witchlock Poor Evalle is always wrapped up in muck gone wrong I ve been waiting for her to have a moment of sanity without the world stacked against her Witchlock starts out with the anticipation of What now, what can she take My heart rate is always up when I read from Dianna Love s Belador Series.The Medb are at [...]

    11. Excellent Series This is excellent series this is the sixth book in the Belador series by Dianna Love If you have not read any of the other books in this series, I would recommend that you start reading the first book and read them in order Evalle has finally earned her place among the Beladors and is trying to get used to her new life When she is sucked into a power play between her Belador tribe and the Medb coven When an influx of demons and dark witches threaten Atlanta she has to find a way [...]

    12. The sixth installment in the Belador series, Witchlock is a non stop, action packed read that will keep you on the edge of your seat As Evalle, Adrianna and Storm race to save the unsuspecting humans and everyone else from an ambitious witch who wants to take control of the power of Witchlock, the Medb are plotting to take down the Beladors, starting with Evalle If that isn t enough, Storm and Evalle s living arrangements are tested by a Evalle s jealous gargoyle, Feenix.Dianna Love doesn t disa [...]

    13. Agony of waitingThe Belador books keep getting better These are some of my favorite characters because they have come alive through the many complex story lines Are they good or evil or bothjust love the depth of each one 2016 until we get to visit again you be human and have to write so slow I wish the stories would never end

    14. Love this series, love all the characters in it Love, love, love Evalle and Storm and I can really get with an Isak and Adrianna love match Each book has an ending but yet leaves wanting the next adventure I fell in love with this series through reading Sherrilyn Kenyon books and I will continue to read it now that Dianna Love is the only author.

    15. Thank you once again Dianna I m thrilled to tell everyone who listens to me that this is definitely a must read Evalle is on the move from the very first page Trying to keep everyone safe Her life at home, livable Yet, still keep her ass out of the fire And continuing to learn to trust, in a world that seems to just knock you down.

    16. The next exciting book in the Belador seriesEvalle, Storm and Feenix are all back in this action packed story of love, danger and of course they must save the worldVery exciting and well writtenHard to put down.Come join Dianna in this wonderful world of her creation

    17. Storm and Evalle are very cute like the couple that are hot for eachother and the other times one of the people wants to smakc the other person severely hard just cause they cant believe they were lucky to get them thats how I feel with their relationship EValle has always been a loner and when Storm comes her way and tries to woo her she can not believe someone wants to be involved with her in any way shape or form and I find her adorable for that.

    18. Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyWitchlock is book 6 in the amazing Belador Series A Series that was initially written by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love It was so well done that it is very hard, almost impossible to tell where one author begn and the other ended but in book 5, Demon Storm, Dianna Love took over as the sole author It could have been a disaster but fortunately for all of us who love this series, Ms Love tells an amazing story And now, with Witchlo [...]

    19. This book got into the back story of Adrianna She has a twin sister Ragan who has been taken prison by a super powerful witch Veronika that plans to destroy the world Storm and Evalle help her through multiple tries to get everything back under control Evalle and Storm are also having anxiety about living together in her apartment with Feenix not liking Storm very must Storm also spends most of the novel trying to protect Evalle from everything This really doesn t work no surprise there She is c [...]

    20. I loved this book It was full of excitement and so many of the characters from the series were in it I felt like I was able to see what everyone was up to and what they have going on They all seemed to have a very interesting situation, and I can t wait to see what is next I thought Evalle was magnificent in this book I liked seeing her trying to make living with Storm work It was a new side of her, but she was still the super powerful Evalle from all the other books I liked where this book took [...]

    21. Witchlock Belodor, book 6 Dianna Love never fails to deliver This is a fast paced book full of mystery magic and supernatural beings of all shapes sizes and variety all fighting for power some with and some against each other Evalle and her band of friends try to stop Veronica a powerful Witch from a long forgotten coven from trying to claim the power of Witchlock during an eclipse of the sun and if they don t stop her she would become the most powerful being and would eventually in time control [...]

    22. I absolutely love this seriesHonestly growing up I hated reading And would never read anything Then a friend recommended the belador series it started my love of reading I started with blood trinity and this has become my favorite series I love this books just as much as the others in the series I can t wait for the next one I couldn t put it down it took me 2 days to read it Anytime someone asked me if I know of a good book or series I always think about the beladors, and a couple of Sherilyn k [...]

    23. Love, love, love it Dianna Love did it again I love the Belador Series and Witchlock, the sixth book in the series, was a thrill to read It was wonderful to see some of the previous characters return and to learn about them Evalle, Storm and their friends are back to protect the humans from demons, trolls and other preternatural beings as well as the Medb coven s witches and warlocks Enter a new threat from the KievRus and their chosen one who wants Witchlock at all costs From the first page un [...]

    24. Still loving it I absolutely love and hate the Beladors Evalle has given and given and given over and over again and she is still fighting for what she should already haveeir full support and respect I sincerely hope this last book Rogue Belador tells us who and what Sen is and how to kill him I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of that snake He really needs his head chopped off preferably by Evalle or Storm The character development continuity and growth in each individual is so amazing [...]

    25. Witchlock by Dianna LoveUrban fantasy series with witches, Griffins, shifters, and demons This is the 6th book in the series and should be read in order.Although the books are dark with battles, power struggles and mean characters, the below short extract describes Evalle.Excerpt She finished the call and sent a text to Quinn, then dove through the shower, dressed and grabbed a power bar from the kitchen She was starting to unwrap it when her phone buzzed with an incoming text from Rowan Crud Co [...]

    26. This book had a few lull moments such as the repeated We need to talk instances between Storm and Evalle But, this latest tale in the Belador series had action packed, eye opening, moments which outweighed the slow parts One such example, Isak and Adrianna interactions These two are going to make quite the power couple once they get to the coupling part A match has been lit and unfortunately we will have to wait until April 2016 for Dianna to flame this smoldering fire In case you didn t know, [...]

    27. BAMM .Dianna Love you NAILED it once again You pulled me in and I couldn t rest until I finished I fell in love with this series at book one and Witchlock is no exception other than it s my favorite so far, yep.e Evalle s been a favorite of mine since first meeting her, also I was really stoked when her and my special sexy big cat Storm got together I had to do a happy dance andddd this book brings them even closer.loving it If you like paranormal characters and a great story I promise you, you [...]

    28. Another awesome readI fell in love with this series on accident I picked up Blood Trinity book one in the series by mistake when I was browsing the bookstore and thought it was a different series I had heard about Needless to say I am grateful for my mistake because again Dianna Love rocks my imaginary world with Witchlock The heroine Evalle is a rock in gal who can t help but be who she was meant to be despite the many setbacks she s conquered throughout the series Can t wait for the next insta [...]

    29. Dianna Love has really stepped up with continuing the Beladors series without her co author As the series progresses, the storyline gets better and better and I fall in love with the characters all over again The story is so enthralling that I couldn t put the book down once I started and finished it in one sitting The characters are lovable and each have their own uniqueness that clearly comes through in the writing I can only imagine what they re continue to say Definitely get your hands on a [...]

    30. Belador Book Six.After helping Evalle rescue Storm, Adrianna is now calling in her favor A new power is coming that could possibly destroy the world as they know it During all of this is Evalle and Storm are dealing with all of the issues that come with moving in together Will Feenix and Storm be able to come to some kind of understanding, or will Feenix push Storm into moving out This book will push the most unlikely characters together, so be ready to watch the fireworks.

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