Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN ISBN Josh Anvil has powers though how he got them is a mystery He can make living things just by talking about them and

  • Title: Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door
  • Author: Bruce E. Arrington
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 10 0985388900 ISBN 13 9780985388904.Josh Anvil has powers, though how he got them is a mystery He can make living things just by talking about them, and of course they get him into all kinds of trouble Schoolmates harass him, the FBI kidnaps him, and else something is out to kill him.

    Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door by Bruce E Arrington Mar , Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door by Bruce E Arrington is a middle grade, sci fi adventure set in the Louisiana swamp and surrounds Josh is an ordinary fourteen year old with severe dyslexia His greatest ambitions are to win the trophy at the storytellers club, ditch school, and attract the attention of Kirsten a hot volley ball player in his grade. Josh Anvil and the Gathering Storm Josh Anvil Series Mar , This is the third book in the Josh Anvil series, and true to form offers swift action, great middle grader entertainment, and some thoughtful consideration of ethics as interpreted by Josh, who is refreshingly slow at times, not to mention as self absorbed and impulsive as most fourteen year old boys. Josh Anvil and the Pivotal Weapon Josh Anvil Mar , Josh Anvil and the Pivotal Weapon by Bruce Arrington is a science fiction adventure story written for middle school boys The story begins when year old Josh Anvil and his friend, Troy, pass through a portal into an alien world While this is an adventure mystery, it is also a book about friendship and trust. Josh Anvil and the Gathering Storm by Bruce E Arrington Mar , Josh Anvil and the Gathering Storm book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers Back on Earth, Josh faces a global interview disa Josh Anvil and the Pivotal Weapon by Bruce E Arrington May , Josh Anvil and the Pivotal Weapon by Bruce Arrington is a science fiction adventure story written for middle school boys The story begins when year old Josh Anvil and his friend, Troy, pass through a portal into an alien world While this is an adventure mystery, it is also a book about friendship and trust. Josh Anvil and the Pivotal Weapon eBook Mar , Josh Anvil and the Pivotal Weapon by Bruce Arrington is a science fiction adventure story written for middle school boys The story begins when year old Josh Anvil and his friend, Troy, pass through a portal into an alien world While this is an adventure mystery, it is also a book about friendship and trust. Josh Anvil And The Cypress Door Kindle edition by Jun , Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door is Bruce Arrington s first contemporary young adult teen novel, a five stars Reader s Favorite recipient Josh Anvil wants to quit school for good His severe dyslexia put a stop to any dream of academic success. Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door Volume Arrington Jun , Josh Anvil and the Cyprus Door is a fun, light hearted romp through a time in a person s life where even superpowers don t seem to help all that much It has almost a Saturday Morning Cartoon feel to it as the rest of the world oddly takes the appearance of dragons and miracle healing in stride. Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door by Bruce E Arrington Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door is a fun and imaginative story that ultimately overstays its welcome with too much stuff While you won t find a single bad idea in here flying dragons, magic healing powers, floating islands, sentient roller coasters, and it feels like pounds of plot in a pound bag. Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door eBook por Bruce E Weaved in teen YA fantasy with elements of action and comedy, Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door captures the trials of a high school freshman with powerful abilities at his command En esta serie Libro

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      Bruce takes your average, everyday characters and upends their lives through unusual and powerful circumstances He authored the teen Josh Anvil series, the Fallen Powers series and shorter stories Currently Bruce teaches in a small K 12 school, and enjoys challenging students to be their creative best He writes mostly during the summer, but throughout the year is drawn back into his writing adventures as time allows.Bruce enjoys reading and reviewing other authors works through a variety of channels including Readers Favorite, and his web site pipedreamreviews Visit online at pipedreambooks andFacebook at facebook PipeDreamBooks

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    1. Free wheeling teen fantasyVery much an unfettered middle grades fantasy framed in a soft SF context, in Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door young teen imagination runs wild Bruce Arrington does an impressive job of writing from and for the perspective of a fourteen year old Josh Anvil.The story is set in Louisiana and revolves around the central character, his family, friends and enemies I don t think it s too much of a spoiler to say that through strange circumstances Josh acquires a set of unusual [...]

    2. Imagination in search of a storyTitle Josh Anvil and the Cypress DoorAuthor Bruce E ArringtonGenre Children s FantasyLength 100,000 words estimated Reviewer Pearson MooreRating 2 starsJosh Anvil and the Cypress Door contains humor, a likeable protagonist, and imaginative scenarios Roughly 60 percent of the pages of this book portray various celebrations of Josh Anvil s creations, allowed by his early encounter with a small band of aliens Smiling faces abound, with parties and fun for all on virt [...]

    3. Josh Anvil, the 14 year old Louisianan who is the hero of this middle school fantasy, is a boy with a serious case of dyslexia and some very special skills Initially, his skill is in storytelling in a group of his peers boys only who meet to compete After a near fatal accident and mysterious encounter in the swamp near his home, he acquires skills that allow him to create living creatures, even humans Meanwhile, his father and his best friend Troy s father are firemen dealing with a number of de [...]

    4. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest, nonreciprocal review of a colleague s novel.This fantasy novel follows the adventures of 14 year old Josh who, along with the usual trial and tribulations of being a teenager, develops mysterious powers after an encounter with alien beings The story is set in Louisiana and the author s vivid depictions of various areas clearly reveal his fondness for this part of the country We are introduced to a host of characters from Josh s famil [...]

    5. Excellent fantasy for middle schoolers I really enjoyed this book and it kept me entertained for nearly a week Of course, the fact that the main character gets fantastic, nearly limitless powers is a fun element and the way Josh chooses to use his powers makes me wonder what I would do differently if I had powers like that.The StoryTellers Club, an amusingly formal organization similar to the Toastmasters where members dress up in suits to camp out in one of the kid s back yard for their story t [...]

    6. This was a fun book to read The first thing I loved was the fantastic imagery Mr Arrington is a very visual writer, and that totally clicked with me Josh is a completely relatable character He s real, has real faults, real issues, realuh, personality quirks, but he deals with all of that in stride And when he does something stupid which happens , he handles it with a sense of under dramatic maturity for a young teen that I found refreshing The secondary characters have lives off the page, and yo [...]

    7. While this is not the genre I usually read, I got swept up completely in Josh Anvil s adventures.As this story of a not so ordinary any teen unfolds, Arrington s wonderful description really transports you to all the places that Josh goes the swamp, East Eagles High, the island that he creates Because the description is so strong, the story is something that you could easily see playing out on some sort of screen.I thought the main set of characters in the book Josh, his parents, sister and frie [...]

    8. Three CHEERS for Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door Bruce Arrington has written a splendid debut young adult novel As I m sure you all know, I am a huge fan of science fiction whether it is YA, adult or even MG This book did not disappoint and I am so glad I got the opportunity to review Josh Anvil Full of magic, adventure and even a little mystery, this is a fun and charming book, with an outstanding main character Quite a few things set this story apart from others in it s genre First and foremos [...]

    9. Josh Anvil is a great kid He loves his family, loves animals, loves fishing He struggles with dyslexia and hates school Then he becomes a superhero.There are numerous delightful moments in this book I especially enjoyed the folk stories and tall tales woven into the text, and they re part of the book s theme, too you ll see why I loved the Louisiana setting, especially the cypress marshlands Overall, the characters are quirky and charming.Although aimed at an older age bracket, Josh Anvil remind [...]

    10. The youth will love reading about Josh Anvil s adventures.Although I don t belong to Josh s age bracket, his adventures never fail to remind me of my youth From ordinary day to day activities with his family, friends, and school, anyone can relate to Josh Of course, not everyone can conjure dragons and spiders, and heal people who are on the verge of death, but we all yearn for some magic in our lives And those who have brilliant imaginations will be able to live a magical life This is the type [...]

    11. Josh just wanted to go fishing with his dad and quit school One day, he ventures across the swamp intending to go to town, but something about his familiar resting place was different For a moment he had feared himself lost, but all the markers indicated this was the place, and yet at the same time, it wasn t That day marked the beginning of change Josh had always loved telling stories, it was not only a much loved family tradition, but a hobby for him as well Something strange has happened to h [...]

    12. Review to come in two three days.Edit I LIED Yeah, but that s only because as I was writing my review, my computer crashed and took all my work with it I really should learn how to save.Right, on with the review Before we all start, I d like to take the time to thank the author, Bruce Arrington for providing me a free copy of his book in exchange for a review Also, I d like to thank our crappy electric company for causing, without fail, hours of electricity failures every day to ensure that I ca [...]

    13. Originally posted on 80booksblogDid you ever play the What If game as a kid You and a friend sitting around letting your imagination run wild, creating worlds and creatures Inevitably it turns into a storytelling session where you feel like you are in the world you created It s an exhilarating feeling.In Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door you get that same feeling.Set in a suburb of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Josh has to understand his powers very quickly During a showdown for champion in the StoryTel [...]

    14. Josh Anvil, a 14 year old boy from Louisiana, goes canoeing one day in the swamps and comes upon aliens who accidentally bestow upon him super powers Within days Josh is able to materialize dragons, people, islands in the sky, as well as heal the injured and sickly However it takes his parents to show him how best to use these powers When the story opens, his home town of Baton Rouge is being ravaged by fires An arsonist is causing havoc throughout the city and his father and best friend, both w [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is a fantastic science fiction fantasy story I loved it Josh Anvil is a fantastic character Unfortunately, he doesn t see himself the same way He has low self esteem, which is caused by his dyslexia and being bullied at school He is also an excellent story teller I liked him very much.This is wonderful and exciting read for young teens I was completely swept away by the tale It has two of my favourite things, alie [...]

    16. Josh Anvil is a typical teenager until a not so typical encounter with aliens gifts him with superpowers Cue a roller coaster ride of a story as Josh is yanked out of his typical school life into unwanted limelight.What worked in this story is that for me, the author succeeds in getting inside the mind of a 14 year old protagonist and making him totally believable His actions are authentic, and sometimes frustrating and illogical to the adult reader but hey, that s not quite the target audience [...]

    17. Poor Josh Not only does he possess special powers, but no one seems to understand him He is classified as having a learning disorder Already I like him I like characters who have problems and are less than perfect Also he likes to fish Nice to see a kid who is stuck on something other than a computer.Josh s powers provide him with an opportunity to mess with our three dimensional reality Who doesn t want to do that It gives readers an opportunity to imagine what that what would be like The super [...]

    18. A fun read for young adults and grown ups alike The first in a series aimed at middle schoolers, Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door is reminiscent of the Percy Jackson stories and tells the tale of dyslexic fourteen year old Josh who receives super powers from aliens he meeting while canoeing in a swamp in Louisiana I won t describe the powers for fear of spoilers, but I will say that it s a very imaginative super power that the author pulls off deftly The story is exciting, the bad guys are very b [...]

    19. Josh Anvil is a great read for teenagers around 14 I m 14 but it can keep the attention of readers even 11 to 18.It keeps your interest throughout the whole book and his little twists that add to the subplots Josh Anvil is an average kid in high school but it s never been easy for him, he has dyslexia When hes out in his cypress tree swamp finds what looks like aliens He takes a closer look and falls out of his boat He hits head drowns and his dying One willing alien saves him but there are side [...]

    20. To be perfectly honest, I had a lot of trouble getting into this book, and stuck with it because I d received a free copy of the book in exchange for a non reciprocal review.The story centers around Josh Anvil and what happens after he gains a great amount of power after nearly drowning in the swamp behind his house It s YA fantasy a genre I read often and usually enjoy greatly.The book has a very clunky beginning which picks up around the end of chapter three, and from then on is easier to get [...]

    21. Meh This wasn t the worst book in the world, but it was far from good Besides the large number of grammatical errors and typos not a good thing to have in a book that advertises the proof reading company in the acknowledgements section one of my huge pet peeves is in the story in two separate sections It s called PADDLING and canoe, not rowing And you use PADDLES, not oars Aside from those issues, the story itself was just OK Too predictable and the areas that weren t predictable seemed like the [...]

    22. similar to Rick Riordan After an alien s touches Josh in order to save his life, pouring some of his own alien life force into him, Josh gains supernatural powers that he then uses to get himself into all kinds of mischief A member of the Story Teller s Club, Josh s stories now come to life Amazingly, whatever crazy things he can dream up actually appear nearly immediately So what does every fourteen year old want to make Dragons of course Well, dinosaurs too but start off with dragons There are [...]

    23. Flying dragons, mysterious super powers and character names like Spanish teacher Pepe Roni, physician Dr Hertz and music teacher Ms Screech fill this tall tale adventure for pre teen or early teen boys Lots of imaginative stuff for young readers, including a floating island that responds to your every desire and the magical ability to heal the sick There are mysteries too, like who is starting all the arson fires around Baton Rouge and how 14 year old Josh Anvil suddenly has amazing powers to cr [...]

    24. Cheesyry cheesy writing It didn t start that way, but by the middle to end I could hardly stand how corny it sounded It had some neat ideas in it, but certain parts of the story didn t feel well flushed out or well connected.

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