I Am No One A mesmerizing novel about memory privacy fear and what happens when our past catches up with us After a decade living in England Jeremy O Keefe returns to New York where he has been hired as a pr

  • Title: I Am No One
  • Author: Patrick Flanery
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A mesmerizing novel about memory, privacy, fear, and what happens when our past catches up with us.After a decade living in England, Jeremy O Keefe returns to New York, where he has been hired as a professor of German history at New York University Though comfortable in his new life, and happy to be near his daughter once again, Jeremy continues to feel the quiet pangs ofA mesmerizing novel about memory, privacy, fear, and what happens when our past catches up with us.After a decade living in England, Jeremy O Keefe returns to New York, where he has been hired as a professor of German history at New York University Though comfortable in his new life, and happy to be near his daughter once again, Jeremy continues to feel the quiet pangs of loneliness Walking through the city at night, it s as though he could disappear and no one would even notice.But soon, Jeremy s life begins taking strange turns boxes containing records of his online activity are delivered to his apartment, a young man seems to be following him, and his elderly mother receives anonymous phone calls slandering her son Why, he wonders, would anyone want to watch him so closely, and, even upsetting, why would they alert him to the fact that he was being watched As Jeremy takes stock of the entanglements that marked his years abroad, he wonders if he has unwittingly committed a crime so serious that he might soon be faced with his own denaturalization Moving towards a shattering reassessment of what it means to be free in a time of ever intrusive surveillance, Jeremy is forced to ask himself whether he is no one , as he believes, or a traitor not just to his country but to everyone around him.

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    1. Patrick Flanery

      Patrick Flanery was born in California in 1975 and raised in Omaha, Nebraska After earning a BFA in Film from New York University s Tisch School of the Arts he worked for three years in the film industry before moving to the UK, where he completed a doctorate in Twentieth Century English Literature at the University of Oxford As well as publishing scholarly articles on British and South African literature and film in a number of academic journals, he has written for Slightly Foxed and The Times Literary Supplement He lives in London.

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    1. We live in a world of surveillance Our online buying habits are tracked generating recommendations for future purchases It is no surprise that Jeremy O Keefe, our narrator, feels that he is no one when,in fact, he is someone being observed and scrutinized.Jeremy is a college history professor who has returned to New York after a decade teaching at Oxford He is middle aged, divorced, and is trying to reconnect with his successful daughter Meredith He has difficulty readjusting to the complexities [...]

    2. An extraordinarily satisfying literary thriller There s a skillful layering on of suspense with every page Themes include the surveillance state, terrorism, divorce, careerism and how the human mind is stressed under such pressures toward the pathological I admire how deftly Flanery sets the story amid our current geopolitical farrago There s no question that this novel could not have come into being in its present form without the models provided by John le Carr and Graham Greene Yet Flanery s [...]

    3. A naive perspective on the surveillance state, written in the voice of a pompous, self righteous, elite white liberal East Coast male I am only giving this 2 stars because Flanery does present some very important questions, and does also make a case for privacy not a compelling one, to be sure, but still he brings it up, which is something, today.First, the writing the voice of our protagonist is so stereotypical liberal privileged professor no offense meant I love academia, and I m as liberal a [...]

    4. Find all my reviews on my blog thesuspenseisthrillingmeDate Read 07 24 16Pub Day 07 05 20163 STARSAfter a decade living in England, Jeremy O Keefe returns to New York, where he has been hired as a professor of German history at New York University Though comfortable in his new life, and happy to be near his daughter once again, Jeremy continues to feel the quiet pangs of loneliness Walking through the city at night, it s as though he could disappear and no one would even notice.But soon, Jeremy [...]

    5. Paranoia doesn t mean they re not out to get youJeremy O Keefe has returned to New York after spending a decade teaching at Oxford University He s glad to be back, especially since it means he s able to spend time with his daughter, now grown and married But a series of odd events begin to make him feel he s under some kind of surveillance, though he doesn t know by whom or why Unless he s imagining it allFlanery has chosen a very different voice for the first person narrator of this book, and h [...]

    6. The blurb of this book, coupled with the popular shelving of Mystery and Thriller on , suggested that this was going to be something of a high drama thriller, with a certain hint of personal madness Perhaps I went into this book with the wrong mindset, but I don t think that s the underlying problem with this book I knew from the first chapter, nay the first page, that this was not going to be an easy read, and though I tried to revisit this title on several occasions, and tried to push through [...]

    7. I enjoyed the elegant voice in this novel The voice is erudite, assured, educated, and possesses perfect diction and cadence short it sounds exactly like an American man whose career has been in academia, and who has returned to the US after a long time living in the U.K which is exactly who the narrator is I have to say how refreshing it was to read a book in this voice, after reading so many novels where the narrator is breathlessly speaking in present tense, or is a five year old child, or is [...]

    8. I received a copy from Library Thing in exchange for an honest review.I rarely write reviews for books I do not finish, probably because I rarely leave books unfinished, but I just cannot get through this novel, which is disappointing to say the least I was highly intrigued by the description that was given for this book I thought perhaps it was a psychological thriller and it was going to contain numerous fun twists and turns, leaving you guessing til the end Neel Mukherjee promised it would, g [...]

    9. When No One Becomes SomeoneThat weekend in Rhinebeck I was thinking in the mode of the campus melodrama, a middle aged professor targeted for vengeance by a student scorned That, I now see, was the wrong genre entirely.What, though, is the right one I was lucky, I think, to order this book from the Vine program on the author s name alone, and to start reading it without looking at the back cover blurb For one of the most intriguing things about it was simply not knowing what genre it would turn [...]

    10. American professor of Twentieth Century History and German Film, Doctor Jeremy O Keefe, is newly returned to New York City from England after a decade teaching at Oxford Although he now has dual citizenship, he becomes inwardly livid when he is mistaken for British It becomes clear early on that Jeremy struggles with his dual citizenship status, whether here or abroad On top of this ongoing identity crisis, Jeremy is now receiving packages that confirm digital surveillance of every website or li [...]

    11. Book received in exchange for review.This book is exhausting If you re into extremely long monologues, then maybe you ll enjoy it The main character s thoughts account for roughly 90% of the book, with actual dialogue and movement in the remaining 10% Do we really need a book that takes 1.5 pages to describe a character s need to lock a bathroom door He values privacy, we get it Some sentences seem to go on for an eternity, divided only by occasional commas chapters are pages long Once again, it [...]

    12. Video review youtube watch v pQvurFeatured in my Top 20 Books I Read in 2016 youtube watch v 4X6OQA truly impressive tale of paranoia in the computer age that will make you think back to the darkest ages of your browsing history Filled with interesting reflections on the British American cultural divide and with insight from the world of the academia, it shines most notably for its first person narrator, and for his Lovecraftian search for understanding.

    13. If I could give I AM NO ONE stars, I would A marvel of a literary thriller about our modern surveillance era I do not use the word literary lightly If one is expecting car chases and rock em sock em action, one will be highly disappointed No, this is a psychological book full of quiet terrors, surrounded by incidents so mundane that the average person can t help but identify This is of course the point Your life Mine Opened up and spread across the cold metal dissection table What would one fin [...]

    14. I believe we are gradually becoming a surveillance state I believe our privacy is increasingly compromised and it s becoming and difficult to be free in these unsettled times.In short, I buy into the premise behind I Am No One, which is this To be human is to be watched, to be part of society, because we are social animals, but we do not expect that observation by community or government will extend into our private adult lives However, when I read or review a book, what is uppermost in my min [...]

    15. I received an ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.Wow, this book was incredibly disappointing It had an intriguing premise Professor Jeremy O Keefe returns to New York City after a decade at Oxford University in England One day he starts receiving mysterious packages containing records of his phone calls, online activities, etc He is being watched, but why Does it have something to do with his time at Oxford, and what does it all mean What promised to be an engrossing mystery was, instead, bo [...]

    16. Jeremy O Keefe is either losing his mind, or somebody is manipulating even the smallest details of his life His mind is a sharp one, having taught at Columbia, Oxford and now NYU, but certain events have him concerned about his own sanity and even his daughter recommends seeing a neurologist just to be sure.Patrick Flanery s new novel, I Am No One, is Dr O Keefe s own account of events, past, present and future, inspired after he misses a meeting with a student and finds in his own sent mail an [...]

    17. Jeremy O Keefe is a German history professor who is an expert on the Stasi and surveillance on the population He s lived in England for the last decade and has come home to take up a position at New York University He renews his relationship with his daughter but suffers from loneliness As he ponders his life and the decisions he s made in the past, he begins to suspect that he is being spied upon He begins to receive mysterious boxes containing voluminous records of everything he s done online [...]

    18. I read this because the reviews were so impressive but still with low expectations because I have found that the few recent novels I ve read on the subject of the internet and the invasion of privacy have all been disappointing And I m afraid I was right to be sceptical For me, this novel starts slowly and very low key and then remains that way to the end There are two problems Firstly, the character of the narrator, Jeremy O Keefe, a history professor specialising in surveillance e.g The Stasi [...]

    19. Disappointingly dull, this is the story of a man who thinks he is being watched and followed He says he does not know by whom, but can t resist sharing his thoughts endlessly with the reader as to who might be stalking him, and is surprised that a self styled nobody could interest the security services of any country in anyway However, if the author thinks that a professor from Princeton, who spends a decade teaching at Oxford University before returning to New York is no one he obviously hasn t [...]

    20. Paranoia and privilege in an age of surveillance and terrorism Nothing much really happens in this literary tale of a college professor who believes his privacy to have been nullified by undetermined watchers The story plays out with narcoleptic pacing, most of it as first person monologue, yet is somewhere strangely compelling and suspenseful in a creepy, malevolent sort of way Very much from the school of things are not as they seem school of story telling This might be an interesting book clu [...]

    21. This book thematically and stylistically made me think of Kafka s The Trial It was a little slow to start for me, but the last quarter of it was really captivating Definitely makes you think about the meaning and importance of privacy, and how easily it can be compromised I think this is a really important and applicable topic especially in the age of the internet where we re all so eager to divulge our private lives This book was a great introduction to reflection on this topic.

    22. I abandoned this book after listening for three hours I had to save myself from these monologues by one of the most pompous, boring men on earth By the time I fled from this book I had not learned who or why anyone would be observing the life of this tedious man, but I pity anyone who had that job I received a free copy of this book from the publisher however I wound up borrowing and listening to the audiobook from the library.

    23. On October 26, 2001 the Patriot Act was signed into law It was a watershed moment igniting doubts about our right to personal privacy Fifteen years later, after the Snowden revelations, Section 702 of the U.S Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and parallel advances in data mining and face recognition technologies, even the idea of personal privacy is receding into the realm of illusion Author Patrick Flanery s novel probes with subtle stealth one vision of this world through the eyes of his m [...]

    24. Hmm, that was somewhat disappointing from Flanery Tackling issues of super surveillance and privacy in our current troubled times, this is far straightforward than I expected The no one of the title is a History professor at NYU who finds himself being watched There s much kerfuffle over whether he s imagining it or losing his mind but, it turns out, he really knows quite well why he s attracted the attentions of the security services during his ten years at Oxford and most of the book is displ [...]

    25. This is a cleverly crafted novel of suspense about Jeremy O Keefe, a professor with dual citizenship who spent ten years teaching at Oxford before returning to the United States to teach at NYU Told in the first person, it is the story of his suspicions that he is under surveillance, a theory enforced by his receipt of several boxes containing the history of his on line and phone transactions, in addition to photographs, from a mysterious source Jeremy descends into an absorbing paranoia that ha [...]

    26. I am No One, aka Paranoid Middle Aged Professor, Who Also Happens to Be White and Privileged, in an era of Surveillance and Terrorism Sounds riveting, right Ah, not so fast An American college professor spends a decade working in England and finally returns to NYC, but the city has changed, in the 9 11 aftermath There is suspicion and paranoia, fueled by the professor s own mental uncertainty Are there people stalking him Is he on the government s watch list Or is his mind just slipping Good pr [...]

    27. An ivy league professor is starting to lose it or is he starting to lose it This seemingly intelligent man is excessively paranoid and he ll even have you a little sketched out yourself checking out windows, rethinking the whole social media bit, and even second guessing the word privacy altogether You basically watch a man struggle after his education and occasions, between two countries, catch up with him This book will make you think in unsettling ways Per giveaway guidelines I m disclosing t [...]

    28. This will go on my list of most boring books I ve ever read So many pages of inner dialogue boring , introspection who cares , and scenarios that went nowhere, and the ending well if you have trouble sleeping go ahead and start this, guaranteed to make you snooze.

    29. I struggled with this a bit too self obsessed with a central character that I never really connected with.

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