Something Like Rain Nice guys finish last but that doesn t mean they give up the fight Sometimes it s necessary to keep trudging through the rain in the hopes of finding a break in the clouds William Townson is a good p

  • Title: Something Like Rain
  • Author: Jay Bell
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  • Page: 200
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  • Nice guys finish last, but that doesn t mean they give up the fight Sometimes it s necessary to keep trudging through the rain in the hopes of finding a break in the clouds.William Townson is a good person He s kind, considerate, and the last thing he ever wanted was to hurt anyone Accidents happen though, and when they do, all that can be done is to pick up the pieces.Nice guys finish last, but that doesn t mean they give up the fight Sometimes it s necessary to keep trudging through the rain in the hopes of finding a break in the clouds.William Townson is a good person He s kind, considerate, and the last thing he ever wanted was to hurt anyone Accidents happen though, and when they do, all that can be done is to pick up the pieces For William, this means trying to hold together a stagnant relationship while resisting the temptation of Jason Grant, a young man with eyes just as intense as his love Only the future can promise redemption for mistakes of the past, forcing William to choose between the Coast Guard and the needs of his heart Can he find his way through the downpour to somewhere warm and dry Something like Rain is the latest installment of the Something Like series, bringing shape to another character s life while checking in with those from previous books.The Something Like series Book 1 Something Like SummerBook 2 Something Like WinterBook 3 Something Like AutumnBook 4 Something Like SpringBook 5 Something Like LightningBook 6 Something Like ThunderBook 7 Something Like Stories Volume OneBook 8 Something Like Rain

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      Jay Bell never gave much thought to Germany until he met a handsome foreign exchange student At that moment, beer and pretzels became the most important thing in the world After moving to Germany and getting married, Jay found himself desperate to communicate the feelings of alienation, adventure, and love that surrounded this decision, and has been putting pen to paper ever since.

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    1. DNF 48% I am a huge fan of the Something Like Series Everyone here on GR knew that If you look at my reviews, I am very passionate about discussing it.But I am at a loss for words for this book I just can t I don t even know where to start I really tried to finish this I am never a fan of skipping chapters or books For me, it s either go through with it or stop.It s breaking my heart that I have to stop right here since this is my favorite series, but I just can t accept the idea being presented [...]

    2. The simple fact that I m reviewing the pre release Patreon edition of Rain no doubt dilutes my objectivity I m an unabashed fan of Jay Bell s work in general and the Something Like series in particular If you happen to share my passion, know that Rain makes a satisfying addition It touches and expands upon the ongoing plots, reacquaints us with beloved characters, and introduces several outright surprises Really, why are you wasting time with reviews Just go buy the book and start enjoying Howev [...]

    3. Well written, as usual, but I cannot fathom why Jay Bell is so fascinated with the character of William and his story So much so, that we ve now seen his story in Spring, Lightning, and Rain, and apparently, a fourth book is on the way The central characters in the series, Ben and Tim, will end up having received less focus, and they not only have interesting stories, they are compelling characters than William I m honestly tired of exploring his life, I don t even remotely find his love story [...]

    4. Note This book was provided to me through Hearts on Fire Reviewsin exchange for an impartial review I have to admit that partway through section one of this book, I had to put it down and I let it sit for months before picking it back up I nearly put it away as a DNF, but decided to give it another try when Something Like Hail was released I m so glad I did because this is what happened when I picked it back up I began to be interested in William s life, and I began to like the story, and then I [...]

    5. Here we are, the 7th book in the Something Like series the 8th if you count Something Like Stories Vol 1 , and this time, we get to revisit some of our favorite characters through William s eyes While I felt the book was nearly as engaging as Jay Bell s previous outings in this series, and while I did get choked up at several points, there were two things that caused me to knock off a star after giving all the other Something Like books five of them.1 Jay spent way too much time rehashing Willia [...]

    6. Before starting, I d read a very hard critique on the book, something like OMG I HATED IT EVERYTHING WAS SO WRONG 111 So I was worried.I love Willian He s one of my book boyfriends since Spring And Jay has this thing of changing how you feel about a character I hated Tim when I first read Summer Then I understood and respected him after Winter I loved Jace since he first came into picture, but I was a bit meh, he s just too perfect after Autumn I hated Kelly on Spring And on Lighting Also on Thu [...]

    7. Jay once wrote that happy couples are boring couples and he s probably right Still, one of the things I was most looking forward to with Something Like Rain was getting to spend time with Ben and Tim Ben was noticeably absent from Lightning and Thunder He is the heart of the whole series and I was looking forward to seeing him through William s eyes I wasn t disappointed William s fetish for all things Ben and Tim kept me smiling through the last third of the book But wait, this is William and [...]

    8. Eh, this book whilst it was written just as well was boring as hell I could not get into William as a character, he just seemed dull and a total snoozefest I didn t go too much on him back in Spring, but as he was not the main character it wasn t too bad William is set up to be a good guy, in a series with people complete with flaws I believe William was meant to be considered the best of them Sadly this wasn t the case He was just as bad as young and oldish Tim I did not think there would be a [...]

    9. This book was mostly boring so the length of the book was far too long for me, I almost dnfed I didn t really enjoy any specific character so my level of investment in the story wasn t all that high but I read on because I was curious about how the book would end The whole plot reminded me of a soap opera to be honest, so I skimmed a good few times.I like this author so I was surprised that I had a problem getting into this book I was annoyed with the plot and some of the actions characters as I [...]

    10. I had the pleasure of reading an early release copy of this book, since I m a Patreon supporter I just love whenever I get to revisit this beautiful world that Jay Bell has built, with characters that I have a such an emotional connection to I want everyone to find their happy places William s story was one I was definitely looking forward to and it didn t disappoint.

    11. Just finished Something Like Rain and I wanted to give it 4.5 stars.The others books in this series were amazing and this one isn t an exception but I didn t like the whole Lily is getting pregnant thing I believe that the book would be better without it.But still its an amazing book and I can t wait for the next one

    12. I tired I tried really hard But I ve never like William and I don t want to read a book about him And I feel like I m not getting anything new from this one unlike Winter, Autumn, Lighting, and Thunder So bored even though I got half way through.

    13. I don t even know where to start with this book Because we ve already read the books of Jason and Kelly, it feels like I ve known than 80 % of this book Everything up to the point where William went to the coast guard was already shown in one of the previous books Which made this than boring Compared to the fact that I still can t stand the young Kelly , I skipped a lot of those parts.Then William finally went to the Coast Guard, something I ve been looking forward to, but his four years there [...]

    14. I ve never disliked anything written by Jay So, needless to say, I loved this book too.I really enjoyed learning William s story He s always been one of my favorite characters But let me just say he has the MOST dramatic, unpredictable, and startling life of any of the Something Like characters so far Every time there was something good in his life there was a hiccup Every time something COULD have happened to him it did William must have the patience of a Saint because it felt like too much for [...]

    15. I believe this is the lowest stars I ve ever given a Jay Bell book.Normally what i like about this series, is that you can read the same couples story, and get a whole new perception You learn about their past, and the in between portions that you missed from the other pov Not so much in this case Most was rehashed from previous books, with not a lot of new stimuli Surprisingly, the one new thing I got from this was a new glimpse of Cesar The rest of the new information was dull.Don t get me wr [...]

    16. Another five star read by Jay Bell We have met William Townson before in several other books, but Something Like Rain lets us see events through William s eyes It is interesting to experience his take on his family, his relationships, his guilt, and his desire to get into the coast guard and save lives It is an emotional journey that allows fans to get to know William better, while allowing us to visit some favorite characters from previous books As always, the characters are so lifelike and rea [...]

    17. I love the Something Like series, but this one was a bit frustrating for me When I found out William was getting his own book, I was really excited to learn about his four years in the Coast Guard Instead, over 50% of the book rehashed the William Kelly Jason love triangle that we d already read about in Spring and Lightning and only a couple dozen pages discussed William s time in the Coast Guard Once we got to the Coast Guard portion of the story, it picked up and I enjoyed his story from tha [...]

    18. I was surprised to see a few apprehensive negative reviews from regular Something Like fans who weren t at all excited for William to get his own book given that we ve already experienced so much of his story in Something Like Spring, Something Like Lightning, and Something Like Thunder.After reading these, I was a bit apprehensive too Then I remembered that I really liked William he was a great contrast to Kelly easily the most unlikable character in the entire series and Nathaniel the exact op [...]

    19. I didn t really care for William, especially after reading Kelly s story It never sit well with me that he lingered in a relationship he did not want no matter his reasons and that he cheated with Jason He could ve waited until he broke up with Kelly pero no, he didn t The only redeeming quality he has is that he s such a Ben Tim fanboy Lol who wouldn t Honestly I skimmed this book, I forced myself because I wanted Ben and Tim and see how further the story went Thanks Jay Bell for writing all t [...]

    20. I have a love hate relationship with Jay Bell or to be precise, with his words I love and adore his writing style, his characterisation is faultless and once I start I am so fully emotionally invested in his writing I have to tear myself away to do mundane things like go to work, or sleep, and so on and so forth And this is where the hate part comes in, because I know I m not in for an easy read, whatever the outcome of the story the road there is going to pummel my poor little heart and I real [...]

    21. I had to take one star off this review, while I loved reading about what events shaped William s life, and reading about his side of some of the other characters, I was disappointed in the ending It seems we won t really know what happens with William and Jason I was hoping that their dreams would finally come to, but now I m hoping there is a short story about them that takes place 4 years later

    22. William is one of my favorite characters in the whole series kind of my own dream guy I love the book and would highly recommend reading it for your self Start at the beginning and read Summer first though.

    23. Love hurts Love scars Love wounds and mars any heart not tough or strong enough to take a lot of pain Love is like a cloud, it holds a lot of rainI know a thing or two, I learned from youLove is like a flame, it burns you when it s hotSome fools think of happiness, blissfulness, togetherness Some fools fool themselves, I guess They re not foolin meLove hurts Roy Orbison Love Hurts Something Like Rain by Jay Bell is the eighth book in the epic puzzle that is his Something Like series This book fo [...]

    24. I loved this book like no other I loved William and Jason in Something like spring and I loved William in the next books even though through Kelly s eyes William was depicted as the bad guy I m really not into cheating but I can understand a slip up as long as you realise you were wrong and do the right thing in the end which William did And Kelly and William s situation was particular obviously Their relationship should have ended in the car.For me goodness is sexy and really attractive I m not [...]

    25. Something Like Rain is a fun read that has amazing characters, great passion, and had so many awesome moments William and his passion for being a rescue swimmer is courageous and makes a good character His inner goodness permeates the book, even after he makes an awful mistake with Kelly Jason is so emotional and powerfully written that he makes me think of Ben and Tim in all his scenes It made me so happy to read about his story again The downside is that, for the first time in one of a Jay Bel [...]

    26. I have a soft spot for Jay Bell s Something Like series, it was amongst the first M M I read and I just loved Ben and Tim I do prefer the seasons books over the weather, but I enjoy getting a new instalment in the series This was no different despite having read the events in this book three, sometimes four times before from various character viewpoints I knew the history William shared with Kelly, and with Jason, but only from their perspectives.In the previous books featuring William I found h [...]

    27. I love the something like series and Mr Bells writing but unfortunately this on fell a little flat.The character of William didn t really gain it s stride until the last third if the book While an interesting story alone, in context of the rest of the series this entry is definately the weaker of the series but it s by no means a bad book the following section contains spoilers the lead up to and depiction of the accident from Williams perspective was interesting to see but the retelling of the [...]

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