Snow White s Revenge She s a prisoner He wants an adventure Together they ll change a kingdom forever Read the prequel novella to a new series of standalone fairy tale novels from Casey Lane

  • Title: Snow White's Revenge
  • Author: Casey Lane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 496
  • Format: ebook
  • She s a prisoner He wants an adventure Together, they ll change a kingdom forever Read the prequel novella to a new series of standalone fairy tale novels from Casey Lane

    Snow White s Revenge by Casey Lane Snow White s Revenge is a story where Snow White doesn t wait for Prince Charming to come rescue her She takes matters into her own hands and doesn t let the evil queen ruin her life If you like Snow White s Revenge YouTube Feb , As in movie, snow white escapes to the forest from evil queen who tried to kill her But There she finds dead army and she puts them to revenge Mirror Mirror Mar , Storyline After a beloved king vanishes, his ruthless wife seizes control of the kingdom and keeps her beautiful year old stepdaughter, Snow White, hidden away in the palace But when Snow White s Revenge My Modern Met Snow White s Revenge By Eugene Kim on September , Snow White is back and is looking for revenge Created by vinylville, this laptop decal blows me away. Chapter Snow White Revenge Steam Bun Light Novel Jul , The swordswoman s theory was that even if the queen had magic, Snow White could choose to practice sword Even if she needed to flee to the forest, she should seize and enslave the Masamune kun s Revenge Episode , Snow White of the Mar , Watch Masamune kun s Revenge Episode , Snow White of the Yasaka Festival, on Crunchyroll Whoever gets votes for their production of Snow White for the cultural fair, get to

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    1. Casey Lane

      Casey Lane loves fairy tales, superheroes, and magic of all kinds As the author of the Fairy Tales Forever series, Casey is grateful for the opportunity to spice up classic tales with some kickass heroines Casey Lane is the pen name of a fiction and nonfiction author whose books have been downloaded nearly half a million times.

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    1. Snow White s Revenge is an entertaining retelling of the fairy tale One of the advantages of this type of project is that a good story line is already present and the author can concentrate on developing character, expanding incident, and creating atmosphere In these areas Casey Lane does an excellent job Snow White in particular has a mix of humour and irony that is quite engaging The evil queen exudes a kind of controlling charismatic sexuality that the Huntsman finds attractive despite his di [...]

    2. Definitely a different take on the Snow White story The evil queen is truly evil, but Snow White is hardly a dewy eyed innocent Trained to fight back, she has ninja skills that leave the prince stunned than heroic The short story ends abruptly with clearly to come It reads like the first installment of serial or the first chapters of longer work.

    3. Got from Casey Lane s newsletter for a honest review.I have read lots of Snow White books out there Love it when it has a different feel to it and don t follow original tale Snow in this book is a tough girl that could handle her self with out help Even though Shadow Walker tells her see needs a Prince Strife help I loved the different feel to it It had a nice steady pace to it and was able to read the short story with no problem Thank you, for letting me read your story.

    4. Story 1World 1 2 it wasn t developed well enough, and again i know it s a novella but come on Characters 1Writing 1 2 i know it s a novella but it felt rushed, like she was just trying to get to all these great scenes Originality 1 2 i needed something else that s original to this retelling and i felt like most of it had been done in some way Actual 3.5

    5. Not bad I give this short, entertaining retelling of a classic fairytale three and a half stars Don t expect to meet the sweet, whistling Disney version of Snow White here Lane s Snow is fiercely independent and strong willed and doesn t need a prince to save her Not entirely The handsome prince in this story is a bit clumsy and may require Snow to save him a time or two However, the evil queen is just as wicked, if not so, and uses violence and magic to manipulate the kingdom that once belonge [...]

    6. Got as freebie via instafreebieSnow White Prince Strife 3333I just wish the novella was just a little bit longer, so I would have given this small ebook a solid 5 instead of my well deserving 4.

    7. I loved the new take on this book, and how it was the story of the fairy tale, but with the Casey s feeling and how she felt about the characters.

    8. I loved the new dimension Casey Lane employed in retelling the fairytale story of Snow White The added twist made Snow every bit the modern heroine we all love to meet in our stories Instead of needing to be rescued by a charming prince as a damsel in distress, although he did open up her prison gate often than not, she took charge of situations as the leader of the team My only issue is that some character relationships were left half developed, like how she got to meet and come under the tute [...]

    9. This was a fast paced, entertaining twist on Snow White, condensed into a novella that I started and finished in two 30 minute bus rides to work I would have liked to see the story expanded a bit there was definitely some backstory and some relationships between characters that could have used some fleshing out , but overall, the references to the original tale were well done and the deviations from the story were refreshing.

    10. This is not on kindle unlimited and doesn t show on kindle at all, it was gotten from one of my freebie days, probably available for signing up with Casey Lane.She s a prisoner He wants an adventure Together, they ll change a kingdom forever.Prequel novella to a new series of standalone fairy tale novels from Casey Lane Snow White s Revenge Fairy Tales Forever 0.5 Cinderella Dreams of Fire Fairy Tales Forever, 1

    11. Very short but interesting re telling of Snow White Good to see that she wasn t a damsel in distress and she actually training and was slowly physically and mentally preparing herself to face the Evil Queen My question of course is see if this story connects to the series and of course how the author does it Over all it was a good, fast read, short to the point.

    12. An interesting retelling of a classic fairy tale This book has humour, irony and a totally different take on this story The Queen might be mean but Snow White is no angel either Loved the book and ready for .

    13. Snow White s Revenge is a story where Snow White doesn t wait for Prince Charming to come rescue her She takes matters into her own hands and doesn t let the evil queen ruin her life If you like fairytales reimagined this is a great book for you

    14. I was provided an opportunity to read this in exchange for providing feedback via the author.Only thing I didn t really like about this was that it wasn t full length.

    15. Wow Snow is a woman on a mission Quick, fun read Definitely turns the table on traditional fairy tales I may have to read again to make sure I didnt miss anything

    16. This was a good retelling that definitely leaves you wanting It feels like the beginning of a story, with much to come.

    17. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This was an interesting novella that gave a fresh look at an old favorite Though it seemed a bit rushed at times, it really is a prequel and not a full length novel Based on this I would definitely check out the rest of the series and see how other fairy tales have been redone.

    18. Mirror, mirror on the wall I suppose its entirely fitting that one of the first things the huntsman describes, even before the alluring usurper queen, is the unnatural golden mirror upon the throne room wall And of course the way its magic is reflected in the similarly unnatural new queen Lacey The prior humble and adored king and queen having a date with a public viewing of a pyre set for the following day The princess Snow White became his quarry as he is one the evil queen s most successful a [...]

    19. Everything in Snow White s world is gone to the new evil queen Snow White can t help but wonder if she s next Queen Lacey wants Snow White caught with little damage The Huntsman is tasked with returning Snow White to the Queen What does The Queen want with Snow White Will Snow White be caught Your answers await you in Snow White s Revenge.This new to me author definitely gave me a twist on The Fairy Tale Snow White I really like fairy tale re telling which makes it fresh and unique in nature I l [...]

    20. I had high hopes for this story I happened to like a classic re imagined I will continue to read Casey Lane bc I think her work is entertaining And I like the idea behind this story This story however was a bit confused to me Yes it is snow white, evil queen and Prince charming, there are even dwarves But take these characters from modern day New York and plop them down in a Renaissance England countryside and wilds and that s how it felt to me Their language and some of their behaviors were ver [...]

    21. Essendo una novella, piuttosto corta, quindi non mi dilungher troppo neanche nella recensione.Come trama non originalissima, ricorda Biancaneve e il cacciatore con un pizzico della Biancaneve di OUAT.Quindi Biancaneve, ribelle e agguerrita, viene rinchiusa in una torre dalla Regina Cattiva, salvo poi essere liberata dal principe di un reame vicino.Quello che mi piaciuto di pi , oltre al fatto che scritto molto bene, l interazione tra Snow e il principe, arrivato nel reame per sposare in realt la [...]

    22. Full review on the blog carolineandrus blogAll in all, this is a decent tale of Snow White I look forward to reading from Casey Lane in the future I only hope her full length novels have a little meat to bridge the gap between the h H meeting and falling in love.

    23. Prince Strife came to unite his people with Queen Lacey s The Prince s mother was excited about the merger, but the Prince was bored P Strife had been hearing things from the shadows since he arrived He finally decided to do what it asked him to do.He went down and looked into the cage and found Princess Snow White Don t They feed you down here Snow was ready to leave because she knew who put her in the cage would like her back in.They both looked into the sky and the picture of the prettiest of [...]

    24. I think my main criticism of this book is that it was entirely too short I liked the characters and the new spin on the story love that Snow was constantly having to save the prince and then the kiss at the end made me laugh , but I felt like everything was very rushed and I didn t get a chance to get into the story the way I would have liked But it was a fun read and only took me about an hour I think I ll try the next book in the series since it is a full length novel.

    25. A novella with a different take on the traditional storyA short novel dealing with Snow White s struggle against the Queen who has imprisoned her This is a modern take on the story, especially the language used which is much modern than I expected Some new characters are introduced to appear alongside the Huntsman and the Mirror.Reasonably entertaining and engaging, it is quite a good read it took me an hour or so.

    26. this is a short story not a novel so be prepared for that i liked it if the author wanted love from me they would have kept going so i could see how the war was won or lost instead of just the first battle however it was interesting and a unique snow white you kick her ass girl kind of thing like the princesses that can save themselves and their prince.

    27. I received a copy of this short story when I signed up as a newsletter reader Snow White s Revenge is a very different twist on the Snow White story I quite enjoyed it, though I would have liked to see a longer story as some parts felt a bit rushed to me Also, some of the language behaviour felt a bit out of place too modern , but when you ignore that it was a very enjoyable read.

    28. An interesting take on the classic story Snow White is one strong and fierce lady I really would have liked a longer story with info about the war or having a follow up book Several spots at the end feel rushed and could have been incorporated better Definitely a unique way to portray a Princess

    29. A somewhat new take on the story of Snow White Quite entertaining, but the characters were a bit too much of it all I get it s a fairy tale and magic, but please make it at least somewhat believable with the strength and athletic abilities of a young woman, who has spent 8 of her 20 years malnourished in a prison.

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