The Beach Cafe The Beach Cafe is Lucy Diamond s classic bestseller a story of new beginnings love and adventure Evie Flynn has always been the black sheep of her family a dreamer and a drifter unlike her over ach

  • Title: The Beach Cafe
  • Author: Lucy Diamond
  • ISBN: 9781509811106
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Beach Cafe is Lucy Diamond s classic bestseller, a story of new beginnings, love and adventure Evie Flynn has always been the black sheep of her family a dreamer and a drifter, unlike her over achieving elder sisters She s tried making a name for herself as an actress, a photographer and a singer, but nothing has ever worked out Now she s stuck in temp hell, withThe Beach Cafe is Lucy Diamond s classic bestseller, a story of new beginnings, love and adventure Evie Flynn has always been the black sheep of her family a dreamer and a drifter, unlike her over achieving elder sisters She s tried making a name for herself as an actress, a photographer and a singer, but nothing has ever worked out Now she s stuck in temp hell, with a sensible, pension planning boyfriend Somehow life seems to be passing her by Then her beloved aunt Jo dies suddenly in a car crash, leaving Evie an unusual legacy her precious beach cafe in Cornwall Determined to make a success of something for the first time in her life, Evie heads off to Cornwall to get the cafe and her life back on track and gets than she bargained for, both in work and in love

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      First of all, a confession My name isn t really Lucy Diamond at all, it s Sue Mongredien I ve used a pen name because Diamond is a lot easier to spell and pronounce than Mongredien and also because I ve written lots of children s books too and wanted to keep the genres separate There is actually another Lucy Diamond on who writes religious children s books That isn t me, though I was born in 1970 and grew up in Nottingham I read English at Leeds University then moved to London and worked for various publishers before I packed it all in to go travelling around the world for a year and a half When I came back to the UK, I worked in publishing again, then moved to the BBC I now live in Bath with my husband and three young children and divide my time between writing and looking after them You can have a look at my children s books here.Favourite things beaches, holidays, chocolate, wine, reading, Green Wing, bubble baths, sunshine, hearing my children laugh, babysittersFavourite books The Magus John Fowles , The Edible Woman Margaret Atwood , The Secret History Donna Tartt , The Colour of Memory Geoff Dyer

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    1. Set in Cornwall, the heroine of the story is Evie a thirty something woman whose life is in a bit of a rut She s the black sheep of the family, her sisters are both successful, gorgeous, well groomed, married with children and have great careers Evie goes from one temp job to another, not really knowing what she wants to do, her long term relationship with geeky Matthew has gone a bit stale the only great thing in her life is Saul, Matthew s young son who Evie adores.Evie is devastated when her [...]

    2. I wasn t sure if I d like this I m a big fan of Jenny Colgan and I wondered if it would be a bit of a rip off of her Cupcake Cafe, Beach Street Bakery, or Sweetshop novels But it wasn t at all I ended up unable to put this book down The main character, Evie, was identifiable and likeable, and she had a great relationship with her best friend which was nice to read The lead guy in the book was great, and all the personalities of the characters involved in the Beacch Cafe were great too I m keen t [...]

    3. After the last few books I read, I was really craving some lighthearted material to pass the time I looked through my chick lit books that I had lying around waiting to be read, and found this little gem I had it for many years now, and I remember I bought it because of the rave reviews, so it seemed the perfect choice to get me going Given the title, and the beach weather we ve had here, it was exactly what I needed.The Beach Cafe was a very well written book, with interesting characters, the r [...]

    4. The title is pretty self explanatory, this book is a cute summery read about a cafe by the beach I loved that, despite the setting being Cornwall, I imagined my favourite sea side town in the UK, Broadhaven The setting in this book was so good that it was so easy to imagine the cafe actually existing I loved the protagonist, except her attitude towards men drove me a bit insane and I preferred her when she was in her independent woman phase.This book wasn t perfect, though I thought I could see [...]

    5. Ik geloof dat ik stiekem durf te zeggen dat ik mijn favoriete schrijfster heb ontdekt Wat kan ze schrijven zeg Als je op zoek bent naar diepgaande en super spannende literatuur moet je niet bij de boeken van Lucy Diamond kijken Hier en daar zijn ze misschien ook wel een beetje voorspelbaar Toch weet Lucy Diamond mij keer op keer te verrassen Ze weet een heerlijke sfeer te cre ren volgende vakantie gaat naar zuid Engeland en door de vlotte en makkelijke schrijfstijl leest het boek super snel weg [...]

    6. I have no idea why I decided to buy this book, but buy it I did.Evie Flynn is a bit of a drifter She has artistic tendencies and wanted to be an actress but has settled for temporary office work She lives with her boyfriend in Oxford and has two older, prettier, successful sisters who love to condescend to poor Evie.When Evie s aunt dies in a car accident she leaves her beach cafe in Cornwall to Evie, her favourite niece Evie soon discovers that she can t leave the cafe to muddle along by itsel [...]

    7. Easy is the best way to describe this book Evie Flynn feels like a failure Her work life is as lacklustre as her love life Her aunt dies and leaves her a beach caf Does she change her life Do I even have to answer that Easily read and easily forgotten, this is a fluffy bit of nothing A beach read if you like reading on beaches.

    8. This definitely was the perfect choice for my summer holiday read.The characters are lovely, the setting is great and it has a really good balance of positive events and disasters happening So, while lying on the beach at the Dutch North Sea coast, I could perfectly immerse into the story about Evie Flynn and her charming beach caf.

    9. Whilst I am waiting for some of my favourite authors to release their new books I have found myself reading a few books by authors I have not tried before I have just finished The Beach Caf by Lucy Diamond I have seen books by Lucy Diamond on the shelves before but they have never seemed to stick out for me until I came across this one which once I had read the blurb I decided to give it a try Plot Evie Flynn is in a relationship which doesn t seem to be going anywhere and is also stuck in a job [...]

    10. After some thought I decided to boost my rating from 3.5 to 4 5 It s a really good contemporary romance and one of the better ones I read so far I find it rare to come across a fictional character that you can relate to which is exactly how I felt when reading about Evie Flynn She is a thirty something year old who is a dreamer and a wanderer Most of her life she has been an actress to photographer but nothing has ever worked Now Evie is stuck in a stupid temp job with a half decent boyfriend I [...]

    11. I wasn t sure I d like this book as I ve only just started introducing some chick lit books back into my reading, as after a long stressful day I need some easy fluffy reading that doesn t require much brain power I don t mean that in a sneery look down my nose snobby kind of way, as chick lit can be great It s definitely my guilty little secret again Anyway I ll get to the book It s centred around Evie a woman whose life is stuck in a bit of a rut and feels like she s the black sheep of her fam [...]

    12. Evie Flynn is 32, she has a boyfriend Matthew they live in Oxford she is the black sheep of the family she is a dreaming drifter her sisters are all married she has had unsuccessful careers in the past she works for a Temping Agency, she hates her job.Auntie Jo dies and leaves Evie the Beach Cafe in Cornawall, everyone thinks she should sell it and make a profit however she decides to go to Cornwall and finds things a lot harder than she thought and is it the end for her and Matthew For once in [...]

    13. It was ok The story started off interesting and then it just all became a bit dull, everything for the main character came way too easily It was a chick lit without much drama I did like the main plot, it just felt overly padded out by subplots for me it might have made a better novella than novel.

    14. Loved it just a lovely easy feel good read i love beach stuff hey you know what is going to happen right from the beginning but what does it matter if you enjoy it along the way

    15. Starting of the year with an easy read from the TBR pile Caf and Cornwall seemed like a nice escape read and it was Evie inherits her Aunts beach caf Stuck in a rut with temping jobs that are boring and going nowhere she decides to give it a go Her boyfriend breaks up with her and she eventually moves to Cornwall Lots of things to learn about running a wee business etc A delightful jumble of likeable characters It flows along gently with sometimes predictable outcomes, but nothing bad happens an [...]

    16. A quick, easy read with a sweet storyline and relatable characters A bit predictable and cliche but captivating nevertheless Would be a good read by the beach book

    17. This was an easy fabulous read Enjoyed it very much can t wait to read another book by this author A new favourite author

    18. This book made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, was a perfect holiday book I found there were a lot of similarities between Evie and myself, probably why I loved it so much

    19. Evie Flynn has always felt like the black sheep of her family Whilst her siblings have gotten married and have steady jobs, Evie finds herself moving from temp job to temp job, still searching for the job of her dreams But when her Auntie Jo dies and leaves Evie her beloved beach cafe in Cornwall, Evie finally feels as though her life has purpose.She leaves Oxford and her boyfriend Matthew behind and begins trying to make her Auntie proud Things are tough at first, but soon things begin to pick [...]

    20. Yes, you re seeing this correctly, I read chick lit I read this because the kindle we re borrowing for our rtw trip is from a friend on which we have a limited selection to read from So I m foraying into chick lit who da thought

    21. A lovely easy read, nice characters and quaint storyline I found this book on holiday in our mini villa library I love surprises like that I ll definitely read of Lucy Diamond s work It was a fab holiday read I was poolside and not at the beach

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book As it happens I started to read it in the summer and read little bits here and then til about a week ago when I really wanted to know what would happen next It s a sign of a good book when you can leave it and pick it up remembering exactly where you were and what had happened The characters are so well presented and give you a real sense of strength in the community, United in friendships that stem from Evie s kindness and generosity in a little sleepy sea [...]

    23. Evie Flynn has always felt like the black sheep of her family, with two successful married sisters who both have children, Evie feels like she is a disappointment to her parents Never being able to keep a steady job and moving from one temp job to another, stale relationship that is only held together by Saul, her boyfriend Matthew s son and no path in life, who can blame her.When Evie s favourite Aunty Jo is tragically and suddenly killed in a car crash, Evie and her family are surprised to lea [...]

    24. After looking forward to reading this, it certainly didn t disappoint It was exactly what I was hoping for An easy, summer read, evoking images of warm beach days and crashing waves on the shore It s fair to say the concept was not an original one, I m currently reading 2 other books with a similar storyline idea however, it was enjoyably executed It is comfortingly predictable, and kept me page turning I knew what would happen next, but I was enjoying it so much, I would have been disappointed [...]

    25. Rozmyslam, co presne som vlastne cakala Asi viac sebaironickeho humoru, nenarocne citanie do autobusu, s iskrou a prijemnymi postavami Ibaze toto je regulerne citanie na plaz Do plazovej tasky si s osuskou, opalovacim kremom, Cosmopolitanom a leskom na pery pribalite i toto V ramci zanru je to lahky priemer, pokial by som to mala hodnotit samostatne, tak by to ostalo bez hviezdicky Niezeby to bola vyslovene katastrofa, ale podobne pismenka na papieri nemaju ziadnu skutocnu hodnotu Spolahlivo to [...]

    26. I was initially attracted to this book because of the fact that it is set where I live in Cornwall and I may have wanted to indulge in a little bit of light hearted chicklit This is a fun, happy go lucky book however there was one thing that persistantly annoyed me whilst reading and that wase main character Evie was just a bit too nice for my liking and everything was just a little bit too perfect Now don t get me wrong I know this is whats to be expected with chicklit but the book made me lose [...]

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