Rightfully Ours Sixteen year old Paul Porter s relocation to Pennsylvania is a temporary move during his dad s deployment Or so he and his brother think until devastating news lands on their doorstep Paul s new home

  • Title: Rightfully Ours
  • Author: Carolyn Astfalk
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sixteen year old Paul Porter s relocation to Pennsylvania is a temporary move during his dad s deployment Or so he and his brother think, until devastating news lands on their doorstep.Paul s new home with the Muellers provides solace, especially in the form of Rachel, his friend and confidante Their abiding friendship deepens as they work side by side to uncover what coSixteen year old Paul Porter s relocation to Pennsylvania is a temporary move during his dad s deployment Or so he and his brother think, until devastating news lands on their doorstep.Paul s new home with the Muellers provides solace, especially in the form of Rachel, his friend and confidante Their abiding friendship deepens as they work side by side to uncover what could be lost treasure.Will they acquire the strength of character and virtue to take only what rightfully belongs to them or are they in way over their heads, with than a few lost artifacts at stake Themes include premarital chastity and overcoming temptation When a young man or woman recognizes that authentic love is a precious treasure, they are also enabled to live their sexuality in accordance with the divine plan, rejecting the false models which are, unfortunately, all too frequently publicized and very widespread Letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to the Young People of Rome, Sept 8, 1997Catholic Christian fiction.Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval, 2017

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    1. Carolyn Astfalk

      Carolyn Astfalk lives in Hershey, Pennsylvania where the scent on the morning breeze carries either chocolate or manure depending on wind direction and atmospheric conditions.A Pittsburgh native, Carolyn carries her Yinzer card with pride, having interned at Pittsburgh s iconic TV and radio stations KDKA and WDVE She is a graduate of Duquesne University, where she majored in Latin and Broadcast Journalism.A cradle Catholic, Carolyn was raised mainly at church basement rummage sales and other parish sponsored events She worked her way up to pup girl at weekly Bingo and even served as a parish organist for several years Having reached the apex of parish ministry, she moved to the state capital to advance her churchy career.Carolyn served as communications director and registered lobbyist for the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference for a decade, advocating for religious liberty prolife, pro family issues, Catholic education, and healthcare, among others.Since then, she has been a stay at home mom to her four children Most days she can be found changing diapers, wiping up spills, folding laundry, and tapping furiously on her laptop.Carolyn is a member of the Catholic Writers Guild, Pennwriters, the Pennsylvania Public Relations Society, and 10 Minute Novelists.

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    1. Rightfully Ours is a novel for older teens about the importance and beauty of chastity This is the first book I ve read by Carolyn Astfalk and thoroughly enjoyed her writing style She is an accomplished Catholic romance writer and has brought her skills to the YA market This book is full of relatable characters, touching family traumas, teenage passions, and an intriguing mystery While an enjoyable story, this book deals with an important subject matter that teens face in our society purity I lo [...]

    2. Well written and enjoyable, this story takes an honest look at the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of teens in a serious relationship As Paul s and Rachel s feelings for each other grow, they confront new emotions and urges that they don t always know how to deal with Like every child raised Christian, they know what they are supposed to do but in some moments, they don t understand why Sometimes they are confused and make poor choices, but through all the temptations, challenges, and [...]

    3. Rightfully Ours, by Carolyn Astfalk, rightfully belongs on your Want to Read list In Astfalk s third Christian fiction novel, she introduces us to two teenagers Rachel Mueller and Paul Porter At the beginning of the book, when Rachel and Paul meet, they are only 14 and 16, respectively Throughout the story, we see a deep friendship blossom between the two characters As they get to know each other, we see that friendship grow into love, young love.Rightfully Ours deals with the virtue of chastity [...]

    4. When Carolyn Astfalk unearths a newspaper clipping about a treasure hunter who struck gold, she turns it into a young adult romance novel That took some doing, but as Edison said, Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration A keen observer, Astfalk soaks her written pages with reality Rightfully Ours, like her other romance novels appeals to the senses, especially those associated with food You can smell the baking cookies and feel the bite of a January freeze Her underst [...]

    5. In this refreshing YA romance, readers have the chance to get into the head of the romantic hero Paul lives in the Muellers guesthouse during his father s deployment He and Rachel, his landlords daughter, find their friendship turning into something deeper while they struggle against temptation and Rachel s dad s opposition to their relationship, they discover historic artifacts buried beneath Rachel s flower garden I found Paul to be a likable character than Rachel, perhaps because she is a fe [...]

    6. I received this book as a part of a giveaway I liked the idea of a lost treasure, teenagers finding artifacts on a property, the general concept behind the book, or rather what the blurb made it appear was the general concept of the book Unfortunately, the blurb concept seemed to be just about the only thing I liked The initial premise, how the two main characters met, was highly implausible, taking me from, I could maybe suspend disbelief for a little while, to There is no way that this would e [...]

    7. I won a copy Rightfully Ours, by Carolyn Astfalk from a Facebook giveaway I began reading it on Saturday morning and finished it on Monday afternoon I found myself picking it up in spite of a flurry of activities, anxious to discover what came next As I read I thought, This would be a great book for teens to read Even though it s been almost fifty years since I fell into this age group, the feelings and thoughts of my youth came back in vivid memories as I read Carolyn wrote how my brain tells m [...]

    8. Rightfully Ours is a tender tale of teen romance filled with suspense, adventure, and humor It is a Christian romance in which two teens initially become close friends and confidantes As they spend time together, they discover they are attracted to one another and soon realize their morals are challenged as they struggle with temptations against the virtue of chastity.Amazingly, while digging, the couple finds a buried treasure gold Even incredibly, over time, they discover the rare treasure of [...]

    9. For me, this romance seemed true to life for teens who are taught by their parents to respect themselves and the opposite sex I was a teen during a time when your first love very often was the one you married or planned to marry , and you got to know the other person and his or her family well while dating Having sex was not an accepted practice in teen dating, so I connected with both Rachel and Paul in their struggles I wish the mysterious lost treasure had entered the plot earlier and held a [...]

    10. If Only Every Teen Would Read ThisWow This enjoyable and entertaining story was not only a pleasure to read, it perfectly unveiled, in a totally non preachy way, the most convincing arguments in favor of chastity While I wouldn t give this to my 12 year old to read there is some pretty obvious hinting about how close to the brink this young couple s romance gets I think it is a very important novel for 15 17 year old use your own parental discretion, of course girls AND BOYS to read.

    11. This romance for older teens gives imperfect but honest role models for kids who are struggling to stay the course on the path to keeping their minds and souls whole as they navigate the morass that is modern teen relationships There are a number of plot threads woven in to the love between Rachel Paul to keep the pages turning I do suggest parents read ahead of time to determine whether or not this level of romance is right for your YA reader.

    12. Can we just somehow make it mandatory for every teen in the world to read this book I seriously beg every parent of a kid who s about age 15 or so and up, to give this book to him her to read Let them know that we as parents GET IT and we remember very well sometimes it s hard to keep your pants on We ve all been there, and we can all tell you, it s worth the wait, and this is why hand book to kid here Adults will love it, too.

    13. Love story about two young peopleThis was an unusual story about two young people who were very much in love, and deal with the desires of the heart in a Christian manner It covered the sexual desires of young people and the manner in which they were committed to wait until after marriage to fulfill their desire This would be a good story for young people who are in the process of becoming adults The author covered this story in a very interesting ending.

    14. Engaging Quick ReadLove her books Just wish there were Good, honest love is a central theme here Very hard to find in most books these days.

    15. Rightfully Ours by Carolyn Astfalk 4 1 2 stars I received an digital ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.Wow I didn t think I would find a couple who I liked together as much as Landen and Torina from The Seer and the Sword, but I really like Paul and Rachel My favorite parts of this book were where the characters were going through external troubles and supported each other The depiction of their relationship when they weren t having the external troubles was realistic at least [...]

    16. Do you have teenagers at home This is the perfect book for them.A coming of age story of first love, buried treasure, and discovering some things are worth the wait.The teenage years can be difficult to navigate There are so many changes taking place in their bodies, so many temptations from the world.This would be an excellent book for a parent to read first, then have your teen read it Great for the two of you to discuss afterward.I taught junior high students at a Christian School here in Tex [...]

    17. Reviewed by M S OcampoWhen Paul and his older brother, Sean, start working as hired hands for the Mueller family, Paul forms a friendship with Rachel Mueller that slowly becomes something as time goes on When Paul and Rachel realize their feelings for each other, it happens slowly It s grounded on their friendship and never turns into an obsessive, stalker type of love that other young adult romances have However, getting together is only half of the story.Subscribe to Catholic Reads Find Out W [...]

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