Tate William Tate Morrison The man who came into my life and turned my entire world and me on its ass Logan Mitchell has always been a man with a plan One for work One for his relationship And one for his

  • Title: Tate
  • Author: Ella Frank
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • William Tate Morrison The man who came into my life and turned my entire world and me on its ass Logan Mitchell has always been a man with a plan One for work One for his relationship And one for his life Which is exactly the way he liked it until recently Now with words like marriage and weddings floating around his head, Logan s plans have suddenly changed courseWilliam Tate Morrison The man who came into my life and turned my entire world and me on its ass Logan Mitchell has always been a man with a plan One for work One for his relationship And one for his life Which is exactly the way he liked it until recently Now with words like marriage and weddings floating around his head, Logan s plans have suddenly changed course, and where they want him to go has him feeling somewhat distracted Tate Morrison knows Logan better than anybody else or so he thinks So when his lawyer is finding it hard to sleep at night, he chalks it up to the craziness that has recently descended on their lives Never in a million years would he guess what s really on Logan s mind Tate is the fifth book in the Temptation Series, and the next chapter in the lives of the two men we have all come to know and love

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    1. 5 STARS It has been quite the ride with these two men They were my introduction into the MM world and I fell head over heels in lurv with both of the men and the genre Since then I have been drowning myself in this genre and enjoying every minute of it So when I read there were going to be books with my first MM couple I kind of flipped my lid I was extremely excited Who doesn t want books with one of their favorite couples And so far what I ve read in the last two books I have not been disapp [...]

    2. Well holy shit This bookI think I need some anxiety medicine now Or maybe a stiff drinkor two Why do this to me Ms Frank I was a nervous wreck going into this book I will admit, I read some spoilers and saw all the status updates so I knew the dreaded 53% was going to be tough And while it was, and I cried some tears hereI mean it was sad and my heart was breaking, anybody who has read these books knows Logan and Tate are solid They work their shit out one way or another It may take a while but [...]

    3. Review Vanilla Spice Books 5 STARS I think I can t hide how much I love Ella Frank s boys Tate and Logan They are so very special, each in his own way I was really excited to find out how Logan would explore these new thoughts about his relationship with Tate.The first sentences of the story say it all and it s pretty much the central theme of the whole book IT WAS STRANGE how a life could change in the blink of an eye How someone s perception of things could alter in a nanosecond due to one loo [...]

    4. Forget five stars This book even though I put out a Contract on Ms Frank and had to call the Paramedics when I stopped breathing at 52% is a five million, trillion, billion, zillion, sextillion, Loganillion, Tateillion stars.Do I need to add any to get you to understand how much I love this whole Series I don t think so especially with nearly 6,000 reviews on GR alone for this book Yes Nearly 6,000 How many authors harvest that amount of reviews Not many.So I m going to leave it there as I m off [...]

    5. As I get ready to write this review, I feel like I might want to bring out my battle gear and get into my box of shameI just don t think these books are necessary and they are killing me because they are taking a power couple, Logan Tate, and re hashing old wounds, dragging their relationship through the mud and creating angst for us all, when we had previously tucked these beloved men away in a Safe Secure HEA box Now, we are reading books that really are not adding to the romance of LT or chan [...]

    6. Five Million stars OMG I love these two guys SO MUCH they stole a piece of my heart years ago and it just gets bigger with each chapter I spend with them.WOW this was an emotional read for me with all the emotions that both Logan and Tate feel throughout this instalment, I must admit I was scared there for a while I wanted to give them both a hug and help them get sorted.Logan and Tate make me blissfully happy I have a smile on my face while I read them with all the banter, flirting and of cours [...]

    7. 5 starsI can t begin to express my love for this series and these two men Sure, this series isn t for everybody, and that s than okay, but I m so damn happy that I discovered Ella Frank all those years ago, and subsequently, because of her, the wonderful world of M M romance Seriously, just thinking about an alternate universe version of me out there, walking around completely unaware of this book genre, makes me so god damn sad Thank fuck for my reality, right But I digress again Tate was anot [...]

    8. Lo s , lo s , que nadie me diga nada xD Pero, son Tate y Logan, y salen y yo ya disfruto aunque debemos admitir que Shakespeare no es xD, tampoco lo trata.Es un libro con lo mismo que nos han ofrecido los protagonistas en libros anteriores, no hay m s y no hay menos, no es aburrido, pero tampoco tiene nada nuevo Para gente amante de la pareja, como es mi caso lo s , lo s xD creo que se disfruta.

    9. We re back with our darlings Logan Tate If you haven t read TRY TAKE TRUST TEASE you should definitely do it now, before reading TATE We start basically right where we left them in the last book.Logan is hiding his scary marriage thoughts from Tate.The meeting with Tate s sister is getting closer.The boys are thinking about getting a new place together.Robbie and his troubles.The office renovations.Priest the new partner at the firm and why he and Robbie can t stand each other Lots of stuff on o [...]

    10. Oh how I love my boys Logan and Tate They are polar opposites, but fit together perfectly Their dynamics always keep me coming back for , even though I felt their love story became rather stagnant in the previous book, Tease Now five books into the series, and things are back on track I m really happy with the way their relationship is progressing.Tate s interactions with his family have been all kinds of messed up throughout the course of the series It is necessary and satisfying to confront th [...]

    11. 5 Brutal but Glorious Stars My gawd This sucker punched me Hard I m not saying that s necessarily a bad thing Just be forewarned that this is kinda a 180 from Tease Tease was just that a peek into these two that was fun, sexy dirty, and just fabulous Here, though, it s all emotions Some were good, others were not Be reassured that despite the tears, I was one happy reader at the end.Overall, I just want to say that Tate and Logan have always held a special place in my heart, mostly because they [...]

    12. Sigh I just love these men And although this book is called Tate, I m such a sucker for Logan As arrogant and inappropriate he still is, he has become so much .The last book was sweet all over but this installment was so not Ms Frank sure threw out a punch Well actually Tate did.There, in a bathroom that was built for sin, the passion eased and the fever simmered until the deeper, scarier feelings began to consume the two of them he was falling all over again.Falling for the charm of the silvert [...]

    13. Tate, bad boy bartender and Logan, the sophisticated, sexy attorney, are one of the celebrity book couples of MM erotic romance, in my opinion The GFY OFY BiFY trope was taken to new heights in the first trilogy and it s fun returning after 4 years to have Ella Frank tease us about an ultimate HEA for these two This novel includes a lot of changes in Tate and Logan s lives with new people and new locations, plus issues appearing from the past, that Tate has to face It can be difficult for anyone [...]

    14. Oh, how I love Logan and Tate Their relationship is never boring and this installment had everything the previous book Tease lacked Five books in and I found new sides to Logan and Tate They keep evolving as people and in their relationship Their love and chemistry is so palpable and is just one of the things I love about this series Also their trust and how comfortable and supportive they are of one another is heartwarming and so beautiful.Tate s family and he and Logan s friends play a central [...]

    15. One of the things for me which makes a good romance is how much of the time reading it I have a big smile on my face.Well, with the exception of one moment where the smile dropped and I actually gasped out loud, this book just made me smile.I wasn t sure if Ella would be able to match the intensity of the first three books in this series but with this new trilogy the lives of Logan and Tate are simply gaining flesh.There s no great storyline being revealed, no huge adventure or gripping tension [...]

    16. 4.5 fan girling stars Ella Frank did it again and brought back one of the hottest couples I ve read with off the charts chemistry, dirty talk and great banter The intensity and pleasure I had reading the first 2 books of this series was there is spade again And while I liked the previous book Tease as it was nice to reacquaint with Tate and Logan 4 years after their HEA, I found it a bit bland No worry here and no absurd drama either.Tate is as arrogant as ever, although he s brought on his knee [...]

    17. because of Logan Tate you re still my favorite tough I have to admit that for me Tate and Logan story was finished in the third book So I wasn t really ok with three books But THIS book So good Really It s really about Tate the title but Logan is just the center of it And they are cute as hell I was crying in the end Logan is adorable as ever Tate is struggling with his family, his friends and his new life BUT even in a total chaos one thing never change these two They can t breath without th [...]

    18. Seriously did it have to end like that These two just hit me in the heart every time Logan finally puts himself out there, the ultimate in vulnerability and Tate does the unexpected what follows is eggshells and angst which I HATED No spoilers here but this was sexy, hot but emotionally tough at times so please, please, please can the next book be pain free I don t care if Priest Robbie have angst but Logan Tate need rainbows and all things glorious Yes, I really enjoyed this book

    19. 5 stars Loved, Loved Logan and TateFalling into a relationship he d always wanted but never dreamed he would have.But most of all, he was falling in love with Logan all over again, just as he d done every day since he d known him.This book was perfection, ok maybe that s just me, some readers might like this series some might not but when it comes to Logan and Tate, i will always be in their favor.Not much to add that has not already been said.This was an emotional roller coaster, it was fantast [...]

    20. Thanks to Christelle I actually tried I wasn t going to after the disappointment of book 4 But I am glad I did I took the book and trusted Sorry, I just had to go for this XD This was Logan and Tate at their best The naughty banter and the essence of their relationship lots of heat and intensity, nicely mixed with playfulness and genuine feeling , just as we remember it from the first tree books, is back Thank you, Ella Frank Big sigh of relief Tate is at a very exciting stage of his life Moving [...]

    21. This book was everything I loved it The 53% mark broke my heart, but I am just so happy they sorted everything out I love that they communicate with each other and trust so deeply in their love.Also I need a book about Priest and Robbie Those two are so fun to watch.

    22. 4.5 starsI think by now you all have seen quite a few reviews of this talking about the 53% mark, and it is fairly brutal, I have to say We ve been with these two for four and a half books, we ve seem them fall absolutely head of over heels in love, we ve seen them endure a lot of shit, and we ve seen how ridiculously happy they are together So what Tate says at that point is completely a surprise, and it feels like it makes no sense, to me at least, until we get Tate s explanation of why he sai [...]

    23. 4.75 stars rounded up to 5 This is one of the most vague reviews you will ever read in your life I believe thatTatewas the best book in this series I absolutely loved it despite the fact that it kind of broke my heart.From page one to the last, there was so much growth in this story And I couldn t be happier for Tate and Logan Their relationship is so strong and when you read the story you ll know why I cannot wait to see what happens in the last book I need it asap Because this story It was hea [...]

    24. THIS COUPLE It is not about the story or the plot any for me IS ABOUT LOGAN AND TATE.It is about the chance to read about them again It is about getting a small glimpse in their life through these few pages that the author writes.I wish I could get an everyday snippet on what they are doing, but well Beggars can t be choosers I ABSOLUTELY LOVED LOVED LOVED LOGAN MITCHELL IN THIS BOOK There has never been a sexy, confident, dirty and vulnerable character I have read before I Loved to see him gr [...]

    25. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewWhat can I say but after four books about Logan and Tate, I still can t get enough of them and when I found out that Ella Frank was gonna continue their story, the inner fan girl in me was super ecstatic Tate is the on going love story and journey of my favorite couple And this time, Logan and Tate have a few hurdles to overcome And so in this book, Frank continues to take her readers on an epic journey of this couples relationship We see th [...]

    26. I belive that after I read the word NO from Tate s mouth my heart almost stoped.Logan and Tate are the real deal in MM world and after knowing them so long I wish them all the best,but is it realy necessary to drag this series for so long Somehow, it destroys all the charm that was until now.

    27. Tate Temptation Series 5 by Ella Frank5 stars Because I can t fail again at this Not with him I wouldn t survive it Damn Ella Frank, damn these characters and damn my heart Honestly, Ella Frank has delivered the perfect couple with Logan and Tate and of all the M M s that I have read these two have stayed with me the longest and the most, they are by far my favourite M M couple While their story was told in the original trilogy I am loving these extra books, nothing is superfluous and all adds t [...]

    28. A few days in the life of Tate and Logan but what days they were I need the next book like yesterday And I want Priest and Robbie s book too Those two are going to be explosive together.I m so hooked with this series and the new covers are soooooooo hot

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