Well Wished One wish for a lifetime In the village of Bishop Mayne there is a magical Wishing Well where a person may make one wish in a lifetime But the Well can create problems for those who use its power for

  • Title: Well Wished
  • Author: Franny Billingsley Leonid Gore
  • ISBN: 9780689832550
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • One wish for a lifetime In the village of Bishop Mayne there is a magical Wishing Well where a person may make one wish in a lifetime But the Well can create problems for those who use its power, for wishes often go wrong It was just such a wish that took all the children in the town away Only eleven year old Nuria, who lives with her grandfather up on the mountain,One wish for a lifetime In the village of Bishop Mayne there is a magical Wishing Well where a person may make one wish in a lifetime But the Well can create problems for those who use its power, for wishes often go wrong It was just such a wish that took all the children in the town away Only eleven year old Nuria, who lives with her grandfather up on the mountain, remains Then one child returns Catty Winter Catty s legs are mysteriously crippled, and Catty desperately wants Nuria to make a wish so she can walk again Nuria swears she will make the wish for her friend But the Well has a mind of its own What if Nuria s wish goes wrong

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      135 Franny Billingsley Leonid Gore
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    1. Franny Billingsley Leonid Gore

      While Billingsley s first novel, Well Wished 1997 , was warmly received by critics, a year ago she was a virtual unknown within a publishing climate that regarded fantasy as a specialty genre Today, her name is on the lips of booksellers and reviewers throughout the country.Franny Billingsley was not always a writer She graduated from Boston University law school in 1979, and worked for 5 years as a lawyer a profession which she despised In 1983, Billingsley visited her sister in Barcelona, Spain where she was entranced by a lifestyle in which people did not make a lot of money yet lived richly and artfully Realizing that she needed to change her life, Billingsley quit her job and moved to Spain with all of her favorite children s books Books like A Wrinkle in Time, Harriet the Spy, and The Narnia Chronicles seemed like the perfect antidote to hideously wearisome legal documents, remembers Billingsley, who began writing children s books while living in Spain.When Billingsley returned to the United States, she took a job as the children s book buyer at 57th Street Books, a major independent bookseller on the South Side of Chicago I worked at the bookstore for twelve years and I loved it because it helped me get back to the things that matter to me people, ideas, and imagination I wrote throughout this period My early books were simply awful, but I did not let rejections and criticism stop me from writing I worked hard at learning how to write and finding my strengths It was not until I began writing fantasy that I found my voice I believe that, ultimately, talent is less important to writing a good book than is determination Franny Billingsley lives in Chicago with her family and currently writes children s books full time.

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    1. A coin for passage to your heart s desire That is the first rule One wish each lifetime one cycle of the moon to repent and call it back That is the second rule And for the cycle of the moon, your lips are locked in this To no one may you speak of your wish To no one but to me, for your wish is my wish too That is the third rule I almost overlooked this gem of a book, but as it happened, I was looking through books on my bookshelves in the classroom searching out fairy tales when I stumbled upon [...]

    2. I didn t really like this I didn t like Catty very much, but the biggest problem is I thought the wish was stupid view spoiler Wishing someone had a body exactly like someone s else s COME ON That s OBVIOUSLY going to go wrong To be fair, I did think it would result in them just looking identical, but maybe that just proves my point There were multiple ways for it to come wrong And I forgot they couldn t tell and ugh It was just uncomfortable reading hide spoiler

    3. Lovely brief fable in which two traditional village girl BFFs behave both nobly and very badly indeed The story gets gradually absorbing as it emerges that the village s infamous wishing well really does cruelly subvert and twist every single stinkin wish made on it How things do and don t come right at the end is mildly surprising, majorly satisfying.

    4. Well Wished is lovely, like a fairytale It s definitely pitched to a younger audience than Chime, though maybe not much younger than the audience for The Folk Keeper, but it s lovely anyway I love the way it invokes other fairytales, other stories a bit of Heidi, I think, and The Snow Queen, and maybe even a touch of Diana Wynne Jones in the figure of the governess But it all comes together into its own story There are some gorgeous lines, and I love the background characters and basically the w [...]

    5. It was on a winter afternoon, just before Christmas, that Nuria finally gave up the idea of making a wish.Because of the reference to Christmas, I picked this as one of my December titles to read The focus of the story, however, is on an unusual well that grants wishes, one wish per person This well also delights in distorting a person s wish, which of course can wreck havoc.The story centers around two 11 year old girls, each of whom is dissatisfied with some aspect of her life Both girls are r [...]

    6. Grades 4 to 6 Genre FantasyThere is a magical wishing well in Nuria s village While it will grant the wishes of those who ask, it often seeks to twist the wish into something that the wisher doesn t want Because of a misspent wish, all the children in the village are gone except Nuria Then one day a child returns to the village Nuria is trilled to have a new friend, but Catty is bound to a wheel chair and wants Nuria to make a wish to fix the situation Nuria then makes the wish and it is twisted [...]

    7. The old adage be careful what you wish for comes true in this original body swap fantasy that reads like a fairy tale A magical wishing well twists the wisher s words to bring misfortune can Nuria, used to getting her way, trick the well into giving her what she wants after her own wish goes awry Billingsley creates vivid complex and dramatic characters Her lyrical storytelling is slightly old fashioned and reminiscent of Hans Christian Andersen, though wordier.The plot is a neat way for Billing [...]

    8. Be careful what you wish for, or as Stephen Sondheim says, Wishes come true, not free There s a wishing well in Nuria s village, where any person may make just one wish, but there s a catch the wishes often go awry, and one has caused all of the children in the village to disappear, except Nuria, who lives outside the village with her grandfather When one child, Catty, does come up, things start to happen, and Nuria has to figure out how to use her one wish This is another imaginative, well char [...]

    9. The paranormal events in this book make it deliciously spooky, and I loved the antagonistic nature of the wishing well There was the lurking sense as you read that at any moment things could go terribly wrong When the wishing well turns its animosity on our hero, the plucky Nuria, she plots and schemes against it, showing how clever and resourceful she can really be But for me, the best part of the book is the treatment of the sometimes vain and conniving, but ultimately human Catty, Nuria s fir [...]

    10. I struggled to get through this book I found the characters were poorly written and unlikeable The concept of the wishes was compelling, but the execution was not there.

    11. Clever and beautifully written, but also very slight Some potentially distracting elements with disability rep Read her other books first.

    12. This one is mostly for girls and young ones at that 8 to 12 or so However, the prose is pretty sophisticated and could be confusing for a young reader I somewhat enjoyed the author s whimsical writing style, but found the plot confusing In my pragmatic mind, the reversal of the wish should completely reverse it is all the ways, which did not happened in the book There were other confusing parts that all relate how the well interpreted the wishes I found this unbelievable at times Overall, I woul [...]

    13. This is the second book I finished today that was somewhat of a head scratcher for me Maybe I need a break from reading for a while Nah that ll never happen Well Wished was cute but I found myself CONFUSED a good bit of the time And if I was CONFUSED, how did the 8 12 year olds that this was meant for understand it Or maybe it s just me Nuria lives in the village of Bishop Mayne with her beloved grandfather, the Avy The only thing missing in her life is a friend Well, actually, except for Nuria, [...]

    14. A coin for passage to your heart s desire That is the first rule One wish each lifetime One cycle of the moon to repent and call it back That is the second rule And for that cycle of the moon your lips are locked in this To no one may you speak of your wish To no one but to me, for your wish is my wish, too That is the third rule These are the words the Guardian of the Well speaks to each who comes to make a wish.And like all good fairy tales , there is always that one small caution Be careful w [...]

    15. When three friends help themselves to coins from an old wishing well, they have no idea how stringent the terms of repayment will be, nor how creepy the spirit of the well will turn out to be Fanny Billingsley writes very nicely as usual and her flair for horror is well displayed here It was a nice touch to have each child receive frightening power that enhanced his or her basic personality the chatty girl babbles out the wisher s thoughts, the observant boy develops hideous warty little eyes al [...]

    16. I find it interesting that we mortals seem to long for the magic wishes idea, but can never actually execute a wish properly, always realizing that we would have been better off if we had never made the wish at all.Okay, so we don t really get magical wishes granted, but every story written or told about wishes has some way that the wisher messes up the wish and ends up wanting wishing their lives were back to the pre wish problems Well Wished is no exception The perverse wishing well does grant [...]

    17. This had the potential to be something better, I think I realize it s a kids book but some of the concepts in it were of adult level confusion reversing the effects of a wish, not the wish, itself I guess I just got bored with the sudden and forced fake friendship between Nuria and Catty.My favorite character, by far, was the dastardly well I suspect some lawyer was cursed to be this one, doling out horrible consequences for bad phrasing, taking everything to its literal conclusion oh, I loved t [...]

    18. It is kind of an old concept switched through some kind of mishap It was okay and held my interest enough but could have been so much better The mysteriousness of the whole book was interesting I liked the remote oddness of the setting and it just had a hint of spooky and other worldly I wouldn t NOT recommend it but just can t get too enthusiastic about it Loved the names of the characters Nuria and Catty and the oddness of calling the grandfather The Avy Seems there was just unknown than know [...]

    19. Well, if Chime is anywhere nearly as good as this, I can understand why it was important to get it on the list I liked the Heidi like setting, the wishing well, the disappearance of the children of the town by wish, and the complicated interaction between Nuria and Catty It s a good story, with lovely echos of other stories Plus, a few surprise touches of its own.Library copy.

    20. It s hard to rate this because it was a children s story I picked it up because I absolutely loved Chime and had to find anything else by that author It did have a few great lines though, example The parlour clock chimed the hour Hush said Nuria Can t you even let a minute pass without counting it And the characters were pretty charming I also like the fact that I could tell it as a bed time story from memory if I wanted to.

    21. Billingsley takes the cautionary Be careful what you wish for, and turns it into a story about friendship and betrayal.There are elements of The Pied Piper of Hamlin, with the plot line along with repeated references to Hans Christian Andersen s Snow Queen While reading the story, I also thought of the classic Heidi, which also has a peasant mountain girl befriending a privileged city girl.

    22. I cannot count the number of times I have heard people say that we need strong female protagonists and children s stories that challenge the reader Well, here s our book The main character is a little girl who s made a mistake To put it right, she has to do some soul searching and also outsmart some powerful magic This is a lovely fairy tale with complex lessons about love, friendship, loneliness, and insecurity.

    23. I have read and enjoyed Billingsly s other two books but I just couldn t get into this one My preference for sympathetic characters is the strongest factor in my enjoyment of a story, and the characters in this book were not likable I tried several times to read the story and have now given up However, I ll still look forward to Billingsly s next book.

    24. Don t mind s desc they must have mixed up their books This story is pretty cliche, but the world and characters are unique However, something about the writing didn t move me up until the very end of the book, which is why I only gave it 4 stars Now I love the book, but I had to really force myself to get to a point that redeemed the rest of the story Otherwise, all good

    25. I enjoyed this book on some level but I felt the characters were a bit strange Nuria and Catty acted eleven going on seven most of the time I liked the idea of the Well and how it rewarded greed or even misapplied wishes I also liked the colorful language and the suspense But overall it did not captivate me.

    26. This book stared at me for a long time after I got it out from the library.I finally got myself to read it, and it was better than I thought.The wishing well was a brilliant idea and the whole story is based off the idea of be careful what you wish for.The story had strong views of promises and friendship, and that s what made it worthwhile to me.

    27. I m a huge fan of Frannie Billingsley s, so I enjoyed reading this early work even though it doesn t have the depth or stunning language of her later novels, particularly CHIME The seeds of her talent with words are evident, though, especially in her descriptions of her frozen, magical setting The main character, Nuria, is an irrepressible delight.

    28. It wasn t a bad read, but I think it is better suited to a young girl than a 27 year old man P I found the main character a bit irritating again, I have never been a young girl and the plot twists were somewhat simpler and predictable than I like But it was still a fairly fun little read.

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