Thunder Cake A loud clap of thunder booms and rattles the windows of Grandma s old farmhouse This is Thunder Cake baking weather calls Grandma as she and her granddaughter hurry to gather the ingredients around

  • Title: Thunder Cake
  • Author: Patricia Polacco
  • ISBN: 9780698115811
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • A loud clap of thunder booms, and rattles the windows of Grandma s old farmhouse This is Thunder Cake baking weather, calls Grandma, as she and her granddaughter hurry to gather the ingredients around the farm A real Thunder Cake must reach the oven before the storm arrives But the list of ingredients is long and not easy to find and the storm is coming closer aA loud clap of thunder booms, and rattles the windows of Grandma s old farmhouse This is Thunder Cake baking weather, calls Grandma, as she and her granddaughter hurry to gather the ingredients around the farm A real Thunder Cake must reach the oven before the storm arrives But the list of ingredients is long and not easy to find and the storm is coming closer all the time Reaching once again into her rich childhood experience, Patricia Polacco tells the memorable story of how her grandma her Babushka helped her overcome her fear of thunder when she was a little girl Ms Polacco s vivid memories of her grandmother s endearing answer to a child s fear, accompanied by her bright folk art illustrations, turn a frightening thunderstorm into an adventure and ultimately a celebration Whether the first clap of thunder finds you buried under the bedcovers or happily anticipating the coming storm, Thunder Cake is a story that will bring new meaning and possibility to the excitement of a thunderstorm.

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      Patricia Polacco Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Thunder Cake book, this is one of the most wanted Patricia Polacco author readers around the world.

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    1. Oh, I m glad that I was alone when I read this I made peculiar sounds as I laughed at the illustrations of a cat that appears on many of the pages Polacco draws cats so well I also came close to crying, no surprise to me now with Polacco s books.This book is beautifully illustrated The animals and people and settings are all painted so lovingly.This is an apparently true story of how Patricia Polacco s beloved grandmother helped her get over her fear of thunderstorms What a creative and loving w [...]

    2. We really enjoy Patricia Polacco s stories and so we look for them often at our local library Lucky for us, she is a very prolific writer, so we still have a lot of her books to discover We borrowed this book as part of a kit from our local library, with an audiocassette and a paperback book with ISBN 0698115813 ISBN13 9780698115811 It is narrated by the author and we enjoyed listening to the story as we followed along with the book We enjoyed the message of keeping busy to take your mind off of [...]

    3. Loved it As opposed to the usual perpetual heat and sunshine of our Septembers, we actually had some overcast weather this week and a few mild thunderstorms last weekend, so I felt perfectly in the mood for this book and that might have bumped this up to the five star rating This is a fun, sweet true story about young Patricia who is afraid of thunderstorms when she visits her Babushka s grandmother s farm during the summer Her grandma comes up with the idea to make a Thunder Cake, and distracts [...]

    4. This book is excellent for displaying courage in a time of fear and uncertainty It s a great book to read to children that are afraid of thunderstorms I like how the grandmother distracted the young girl from her fear by encouraging her to do something creative and constructive This could even give parents some ideas on how to get their child to overcome a fear of thunderstorms Extension Activity I would read this book to the class on a rainy day Then I would have a classroom discussion about ha [...]

    5. Thunder Cake is a great read aloud and gave me a clever idea for the next thunderstorm here in the Pacific Northwest I will be making my first Thunder Cake or Thunder Cupcakes, maybe even just call it Thunder Baking I am excited to fend off the fear of thunder in my daughter s early years She is really into getting into the kitchen to help mommy and daddy I certainly think this book could aid with any child s fear of thunder.This wonderful story is based on the authors own life experience with h [...]

    6. Personal response This is one of my favorite Polacco books I particularly like the character of the grandmother and the fact that Polacco based this story on own her childhood experience with her grandmother helped Patricia to overcome her fear of thunderstorms I grew up with the same system of counting the time between a flash of lightning and thunder to judge how close the heart of the thunderstorm was so that makes it a special book to me, too.PurposesRead aloud for enrichment the story is so [...]

    7. Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco is a story of a grandmother helping her granddaughter get over her fear of thunder This is done by making a cake during a storm, the cake being called thunder cake One interesting aspect Patricia Polacco puts in the book is the information of how to tell the distance a storm is away from you The suspense begins to build as the young girl continues to count and notice the storm is getting closer The illustrations show the hectic activity of the characters as they [...]

    8. This sweet story of a little girl who is frightened of thunder suggests a gentle way of dealing with childhood fears.Someday I ll have to try the recipe chocolate cake with tomato in it

    9. Thunder Cake is a Danish contemporary realistic fiction book that tells the story of a young girl and her grandmother trying to forget the powerful thunderstorm coming in on them by making a cake This book would be appealing to children as for some of them are quite scared of thunderstorms The young girl in the story is also very much afraid of the storm, so children can definitely relate to her Her grandmother is also a very warm character in the book and children can look at her just as they l [...]

    10. This book is an amazing read for children and adults It ties culture, food and fear together in a unique way Patricia Polacco tells the story of her Russian grandmother and how her Babushka helps her overcome her fear of thunderstorms Any child can relate to this book just based on the idea that at some point we are all afraid of thunderstorms It ties in the Russian grandmother on her farm in Michigan and how she creatively came up with a recipe which she called Thunder Cake The best part about [...]

    11. Polacco, Patricia Thunder Cake New York Philomel Books, 1990 This is a book about a little girl who is scared of thunder, and her grandma who helps her get over this fear by having her help her make thunder cake The thunder cake calls for different ingredients that require a certain bravery to acquire After the cake is in the oven, the grandma recalls all that the little girl did in order to get the cake ingredients, she tells her that anyone who can do all those things should not be afraid of s [...]

    12. Thunder Cake tells the inspirational story of a little girl who is afraid of thunder She hides under her bed until her grandmother instructs her to preoccupy her time worrying about making the Thunder Cake in time for the thunder Her grandmother tells her that while they gather the ingredients on the farm for the cake, she should start counting when the lightning strikes and then stop counting when the thunder rolls She told her this would tell her how many miles away the thunder is This is an e [...]

    13. Thunder Cake is among my favorite children s books Not only is Patricia Polacco a talented storyteller, her illustrations are unique, realistic, yet slightly whimsical.My mom bought this book when I was a kid I had already overcome my fear of thunder if that was ever a fear of mine so the book didn t help me out with that But I DID enjoy the cake we made The Thundercake recipe is in the back and it s splendid.I got the book for a fun re read and so I d have the recipe this summer when the storms [...]

    14. A little girl is afraid of the loud voice of thunder striking Her Babushka grandmother tells her little scared granddaughter that it is perfect Thunder Cake baking weather and off they go to gather all the ingredients, all the while the thunder is getting closer and louder By the time the thunder storm reaches Babushka s house, they are enjoying the yummy Thunder Cake Warm colored folk art emphasizes the warm family feelings of this story.Polacco includes the recipe on the last page of the book. [...]

    15. Thunder Cake is a good book about a little girl and her Grandma who is helping her granddaughter cope with her fear of thunderstorms This is a great book for parents and educators to share with their children and students to help them see that they are not the only kids with fears I did find it a little strange that the Grandma is using overly ripened tomatoes One thing I really like about the book is that the Grandma taught the child to get over her fears by doing a lot of other daunting tasks [...]

    16. I added this to my list 3 yrs ago So glad to finally read it Very sweet story of a young girl and her Russian grandmother Babushka The little girl is scared by the thunder and is comforted by the grandmother.I loved the reassuring voice of the grandmother throughout the book They gather ingredients for a Thunder Cake and I like how the little girl faces her fears The grandmother teaches the girl that after you see lightning you count and when you hear the thunder you stop counting and that numbe [...]

    17. I really enjoyed reading this book because it reminded me of how I was scared of thunderstorms as a child just like the young girl This is a great read for anyone who has a fear of thunderstorms It has an adventure with the text because from the moment the first thunderclap is heard, Grandma and Granddaughter must hurry to find the ingredients to make the thunder cake and put it in the oven before the storm arrives Do they get the thunder cake in the over before the storm arrives This book is gr [...]

    18. I think I read this to my kids when they were little it really does seem familiar Anyway, I m hoping that I did because it s absolutely delightful The story is based on a childhood memory of the author her grandmother teaches her to overcome her fears by gathering the ingredients and preparing a cake before the storm can arrive Sweet, poignant and funny too Highly recommended And best of all, the author has written many other children s books, or so my friend, the mother of the children I read t [...]

    19. Patricia Polacco will always have a place in my heart I loved her books and the illustrations as a child and even now as an adult I can t wait to read this to kids in a classroom, my niece or anyone who wants to listen Thunder Cake helped me get over my fear of storms, just as her Babushka did My favorite illustration is of the little girl and her Babushka, with the ingredient list The illustrations flow through the book and the text isn t too difficult to understand for a small child either.

    20. I ve loved this book for some time, that s why I enjoy rereading it every chance I get The story of a grandma helping her granddaughter overcome her fear of thunderstorms is one which will resonate with many readers I still get a little nervous during severe weather As they gather all the ingredients to make Thunder Cake, the little girl is so busy getting eggs from the mean chicken, walking to the dry shed, and picking tomatoes that s right , that she isn t as frightened by the approaching stor [...]

    21. There is nothing like the love and lessons learned from a grandmother A little girl, afraid of thunder, is unaware that she is overcoming her fears as she races to help her Grandmother make a thunder cake before the storm arrives The grandmother is able to discretely revert the child s attention away from her fears by giving her a time sensitive task to focus on In the end, the grandmother guides the child into realizing her own inner bravery.

    22. Thunder Cake is another great story telling of family tradition from Polacco The young girl and her grandmother prepare a Thunder Cake as a storm is coming in As they prepare to get the ingredients for the meal by going into the different animal sheds, the young girl becomes less afraid of the impending storm.

    23. This book was a win for my little future baker When she saw the recipe she immediately wanted to bake her own Thunder Cake Delicious I remember reading it as a child and enjoyed sharing that nostalgia with my own kids.

    24. This is a fun story to read aloud Every time there s lightning, the kids count until it thunders The tomatoes make this cake truly special And, of course, here s a wise way to address a child s fears.

    25. Sweet story about a grandmother calming her granddaughter s fear of thunder by gathering ingredients while the thunder rages Complete with recipe I loved reading this to my own granddaughter, and when she left my house, she thanked me for reading that book with her.

    26. I like it when grandma asked the girl to count how many miles away is thunder to make her not be afraid of thunder.

    27. This picture book follows a grandma and her granddaughter s race against time to bake a cake before the storm reaches Will they collect all the ingredients and have the cake in the oven before the storm hits I really love this book and the grandma s secret agenda to calm her granddaughter down I think I could use this book on a stormy day, as I am sure I will have many children scared of thunderstorms Maybe I will think of a task, as the grandma did with the thunder cake, to distract my students [...]

    28. Travynn D.10 years oldReview The Grandmother and her Granddaughter are making a thunder cake It s day time but it s dark because of the storm.They are making a thunder cake at the girl s grandmother s house.They want to make the cake before the storm gets there.The little girl and her grandmother got all the ingredients They finally put the cake in the oven and baked the cake before the storm got there It was 4 miles away Then it was 3 miles away so they started moving a lot quicker I like that [...]

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