Crossing the Mangrove In this beautifully crafted Rashomon like novel Maryse Conde has written a gripping story imbued with all the nuances and traditions of Caribbean culture Francis Sancher a handsome outsider loved b

  • Title: Crossing the Mangrove
  • Author: Maryse Condé Richard Philcox
  • ISBN: 9780385476331
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this beautifully crafted, Rashomon like novel, Maryse Conde has written a gripping story imbued with all the nuances and traditions of Caribbean culture Francis Sancher a handsome outsider, loved by some and reviled by others is found dead, face down in the mud on a path outside Riviere au Sel, a small village in Guadeloupe None of the villagers are particularly suIn this beautifully crafted, Rashomon like novel, Maryse Conde has written a gripping story imbued with all the nuances and traditions of Caribbean culture Francis Sancher a handsome outsider, loved by some and reviled by others is found dead, face down in the mud on a path outside Riviere au Sel, a small village in Guadeloupe None of the villagers are particularly surprised, since Sancher, a secretive and melancholy man, had often predicted an unnatural death for himself As the villagers come to pay their respects they each either in a speech to the mourners, or in an internal monologue reveal another piece of the mystery behind Sancher s life and death Like pieces of an elaborate puzzle, their memories interlock to create a rich and intriguing portrait of a man and a community In the lush and vivid prose for which she has become famous, Conde has constructed a Guadeloupean wake for Francis Sancher Retaining the full color and vibrance of Conde s homeland, Crossing the Mangrove pays homage to Guadeloupe in both subject and structure.

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    About "Maryse Condé Richard Philcox"

    1. Maryse Condé Richard Philcox

      Maryse Cond is a Guadeloupean, French language author of historical fiction, best known for her novel Segu Maryse Cond was born as Maryse Boucolon at Pointe Pitre, Guadeloupe, the youngest of eight children In 1953, her parents sent her to study at Lyc e F nelon and Sorbonne in Paris, where she majored in English In 1959, she married Mamadou Cond , an Guinean actor After graduating, she taught in Guinea, Ghana, and Senegal In 1981, she divorced, but the following year married Richard Philcox, English language translator of most of her novels.Cond s novels explore racial, gender, and cultural issues in a variety of historical eras and locales, including the Salem witch trials in I, Tituba Black Witch of Salem and the 19th century Bambara Empire of Mali in Segu.In addition to her writings, Cond had a distinguished academic career In 2004 she retired from Columbia University as Professor Emeritus of French She had previously taught at the University of California, Berkeley, UCLA, the Sorbonne, The University of Virginia, and the University of Nanterre.In March 2007, Cond was the keynote speaker at Franklin College Switzerland s Caribbean Unbound III conference, in Lugano, Switzerland.

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    1. Francis Sancher was dead to begin with Not dissimilar to Jacob Marley in the classic Charles Dickens tale, A Christmas Carol , the mysterious central character of Maryse Conde s novel Crossing the Mangrove is introduced to the reader in the form of a corpse It is only through the internal dialogs and reminiscences of questionable veracity by the citizens of Riviere au Sel at Sancher s wake that we learn who he might have been, and what might have led him to end up face down in the mud of this sm [...]

    2. Reading this book wasnt easy mentally,emotionally, Conde has written a powerful story and captured alot nuances and traditions of her Caribbean culture, the book is set in Guadeloupe I was impressed by how she used the village the book was set in to say many things about her country,culture Very critical it was about social class,gender roles Teenage girls taken out of school without their choice to get married and serve the family She also captured the complex,bitter racial views that havent ch [...]

    3. The genre of crossing the Mangrove can be slightly confusing, because it is often categorized as a mystery novel It is true that there is a mystery at the heart of the novel, but the novel is actually a portrait of life in Guadeloupe When Francis Sancher is found dead in a small village, the people of Riviere au Sel come out of the woodwork to attend his wake Yes, it does seem that Sancher was murdered, but finding the culprit is difficult because of the intricate web woven between Sancher and t [...]

    4. The manner in which Conde wrote her novel really forces the reader to think about life and death By starting her novel with the death of her main character, Francis Sancher, and then having each supporting character tell about their experiences with Sancher, it creates a type of mystery novel However as the story progresses and the culprit of Sancher s death is still not apparent, what does become clear is how Conde wants the reader to focus on the themes of the book rather than the actual myst [...]

    5. 2 Crossing the Mangrove by Maryse Conde is a very well written novel that exposed a feel of Caribbean culture and the life of Francisco Alvares Sanchez From the start I was drawn into a mystery tale when the star of this book was found dead on a trail, in the jungles of Guadeloupe, village of Riviere au Sel, among the mangrove It was at the dusk of day that Mademoiselle Timothee while out for an evening walk, at the last moment, took a different path from her normal She stumbled over Francis San [...]

    6. Crossing the Mangrove by Maryse Conde follows the many stories about Francis Sancher given by many natives of Riviere au Sel, a small village in Guadeloupe In the first chapter we find out Sancher is dead he was found lying face down in the mud by Mademoiselle Leocadie Timothee Many people from Riviere au Sel come to pay their respects to Sancher, whether or not they love him or hate him Some stories are shared in speeches, and others are internal stories shared only to the reader.Francis Sanche [...]

    7. The mystery of the death of Francis Sancher takes place in the small village of Riviere au Sel While there is no point of view from Sancher himself the reader can expect to learn about him through his interactions with the different characters in the novel Along with telling Sancher s story and their relationship and or encounter with him each character tells their own Maryse Conde uses the literary technique stream of consciousness where the character s stories start from a memory and without m [...]

    8. Maryse Conde s Crossing the Mangrove is a real look into culture and diversity What begins with a mysterious death of a man little knew much about, Francis Sancher, quickly turns into a collection of separate dialogue by the rest of the characters in the town The story begins with Mademoiselle Timothee s account of finding Francis Sancher face down in a path through the jungle on the outskirts of the small village of Riviere au Sel Different accounts begin to piece together a cloudy picture of t [...]

    9. Crossing The Mangrove is a unique book that will draw the reader in and fascinates with the unique way the story is doled out to the reader Instead of a traditional method of storytelling through a main character or a narrator, Maryse Cond starts off the book with the dead body of the main character being stumbled upon Francis Sancher, we find out, became the focus of a small town in Guadeloupe The story is told by using a method that paints a picture of Sancher through the eyes of different peo [...]

    10. Maryse Conde s novel Crossing the Mangrove is a murder mystery, set to the tune of traditions and culture of Guadeloupe The story takes place in Riviere au Sel, a small Caribbean village, after the body of Francis Sancher is discovered Sancher is a mysterious outsider of the community who is not well liked and even hated by some The news of his death does not surprise many in the community Not much is known of or about Francis Sancher, and that is ultimately what makes the community dislike and [...]

    11. Crossing the Mangrove by Maryse Conde was a great and easy read for me I brought the book, started reading it, and didn t stop until I finished Maryse Conde did a good job of incorporating different cultures and languages into the book However, this made the book kind of difficult to follow along at first The plot of the book was engaging and interesting, the characters had interesting backstories, and I liked trying to figure out the mystery behind the death of Francis Sancher, a man who people [...]

    12. Crossing the Mangrove by Marse Conde, is a novel that dives deep into cultural values of Gadeloupe from the eyes of its inhabitants The stories are brought from the death of a Francis Sanchez, who is a mysterious inhabitant of the island The various islanders give insightful stories that present a real insight to the culture of Guadeloupe Various themes are shown throughout the book One in particular is theme of arranged marriage Arranged marriages are described through various stories told by m [...]

    13. It starts with a death the mysterious stranger who came to the little Guadeloupan town years earlier is found dead, the entire town comes to his wake his enemies, his mistresses, his friends and all have their own image of him It s not miles from Mahfouz s Akhenaten Dweller in Truth in that way the truth about a man nobody really knew is different for everyone The question who killed him soon becomes so irrelevant that I find myself realising after I ve put the book down that I forgot about look [...]

    14. The people of Riviere au Sel hate strangers They hate them so much they ll say anything about them pg.175.If your desire is to know about different cultures, how they live, believe, and achieve you will want to read Conde s Crossing the Mangrove Threw her created character Francis Sancher, we learn much about Conde s very own homeland A stranger that travels to River au Sel leaves feelings of love and hate, after he is found dead lying in a mud path At his funeral questions are raised as to who [...]

    15. In the small village of Riviere au Sel the life of Francis Sancher was mysteriously cut short when he was found dead The story of Francis Sancher is told through the eyes of different characters that attended his wake leaving the reader to sift through perceptions to piece together the facts As each character tells their story a little bit of their back ground is intertwined with their encounters and relationships with Francis Sancher.He was disliked, despised, and or possibly feared by most in [...]

    16. This beautifully written novel, with a unique writing style, is sure to captivate the attention of any curious mind The distinctive style used by Maryse Conde depicts Francis Sancher, the foreign character residing in Riviere au Sel, in a multitude of ways Everyone has something to say about him and his cryptic death Conde enables the audience, not only to learn of each character s personal memories with Francis, but also gain a better understanding of the life behind Caribbean culture and all t [...]

    17. Maryse Conde s Crossing the Mangrove is a contemporary story about the lives of the people of the rural Caribbean community of Riviere au Sel, Guadeloupe and how their ancestry, culture, and lives are intertwined after a long history of colonialism Francis Sancher, a handsome stranger, arrives in Riviere au Sel quietly enough but through his friendships, sexual exploits, strange stories, and secretive nature he turns the community upside down He is loved by some but hated by many so it is no rea [...]

    18. This book is a set of stories influenced by the beliefs and culture of the story tellers, and these narratives are the sole source of getting to know the main character The first story starts with Mademoiselle Timothee, a retired school teacher who finds the dead body of Francis Sancher The mysterious death is sought to not have happened naturally, and an insight to the decease s life is gained by the narratives told by the inhabitants of Riviere au Sel In the stories told the reader learns abou [...]

    19. The mysterious death of Francis Sancher on the island of Guadeloupe is the backbone for the novel Crossing the Mangrove by Maryse Conde A novel of characters that is intertwined with artful descriptions of island mosaics, that bring to live this beautiful piece of literature Maryse Conde s knowledge of the world is revealed even within the context of this small island, where such characters as Moise the postman describe the foundation of their backgrounds, that included travels around America In [...]

    20. Maryse Conde is a brilliant author and exhibits one of the widest ranges of writing I have ever seen This novel was absolutely amazing I have to admit its structure and wording were a constant challenge but it was also one of its greatest aspects The main character is Francis Sancher and the novel begins with his death As the funeral is taking place each character is reminiscing on their lives and how Francis fit in to them As each character tells their story the reader slowly gains another piec [...]

    21. Crossing The Mangrove is a beautifully written novel in respect to its unique structure Maryse Cond provides insight into the Guadeloupian community through the discussion of Francis Sancher, an outsider, after his death The Cr ole townspeople gather at a Wake to share stories of Sancher in an attempt to learn about his character and who he truly was The many stories of the townspeople mold and flow together in order to form this novel and attempt to resolve its initial questioning of Francis S [...]

    22. Crossing the Mangrove by Maryse Conde is a novel that tells mostly about Caribbean culture while being wrapped in an intriguing murder mystery The story takes place in a small town in Guadeloupe and begins immediately with the discovery of Francis Sancher s dead body Francis was an outsider to the community and was disliked by most of the townspeople However, each chapter tells a different story about Francis, and the reader starts to put together the different pieces of his life This novel is t [...]

    23. Maryse Conde s Crossing the Mangrove provides readers with interesting glimpses into the Guadeloupian culture Conde s main character, Francis Sancher, is actually dead he was a mysterious man who caused a great deal of speculation during his life and especially after his death The story is a collection of tales of the islanders who were impacted by Sancher Many discuss who the dead man actually was some believed him to be a doctor, some a drug dealer, and some a writer Some even speculate he was [...]

    24. The book Crossing The Mangrove by Maryse Conde was written about Conde s native land and the culture of the people The book focuses on a small village named Riviere au Sel and their experiences with an outsider named Francis Sancher The people of the village did not really have any knowledge of who Francis was or what he was doing in there As a result of an unfortunate event the villagers come together and reveal various vivid and interesting about their encounters with the mysterious man.Each c [...]

    25. Crossing the mangrove is a compelling novel by Maryse Conde In it, Conde explores how the people in a small village in Guadeloupe view the same man After Francis Sancher s confusing and suspicious death, all of the townspeople reflect on their memories of the mysterious man What is so beautiful about this novel was how many different characters we are introduced to In general, I dislike novels in which the story is only told from one characters point of view Naturally, I loved the fact that we w [...]

    26. Crossing the Mangrove is a beautifully written piece by Maryse Conde about a small village in Guadeloupe and all of the gossip that goes along with it Francis Sancher, a rich, mysterious, womanizing, stranger that shows up out of the blue and takes over the well known Alexis house that is said to be haunted He is known of by all of Riviere au Sel s inhabitants and is loved by some and hated by others and is found dead in the mud During the traditional Caribbean wake, the villagers of Riviere au [...]

    27. Crossing the Mangrove is a book centered around a mysterious man named Francis Sancher in Riviere Au Sel, Guadeloupe Riviere Au Sel is a village that inhabits numerous races, ethnicities, beliefs, and customs As the reader, you are introduced to Francis Sancher posthumously at his wake It is during this wake that the reader learns about the man that Francis Sancher was and his relationships with all the people of Riviere Au Sel are shown through the dialogues by each of the characters In the dia [...]

    28. Crossing the Mangrove was a delightful read the second time around At first, I was put off by the Creole style and word choice However, at second pass, I was able to appreciate the rich history and culture Conde was trying to convey There were many wonderful components to the story I almost want to call it a love story Francis Sancher was not a very well liked man in the community, yet he had an impact on every single person he encountered some because of him and most in spite of him His funeral [...]

    29. One day in the quiet and contained city of Riviere au Sel, a mysterious stranger moves into a house in the village long thought to be haunted by the locals The mans name is Francis Sancher and he has come to Riviere au Sel in an effort to find refuge from a curse that has plagued his family for decades Francis makes acquaintance with some of the villagers and is hated by others, and the superstitious people soon begin to polarize on their perception of him One day Sancher is found dead on a path [...]

    30. Someone killed Francis Sancher and do you want to know who Crossing the Mangrove by Maryse Conde is the book you need to read to find out Who did it , but what you will soon come to learn is is there anyone who did not want to do it Based in Guadeloupe this book opens with the body of Francis Sancher being found face down in a pool of blood and the LONG wake that follows Interesting, colorful and fascinating characters fill the chapters with their own accounts of their personal interactions with [...]

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