The Whitsun Weddings Philip Larkin remains England s best loved poet a writer matchlessly capable of evoking his native land and of touching all readers from the most sophisticated intellectual to the proverbial

  • Title: The Whitsun Weddings
  • Author: Philip Larkin
  • ISBN: 9780571097104
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Philip Larkin 1922 1985 remains England s best loved poet a writer matchlessly capable of evoking his native land and of touching all readers from the most sophisticated intellectual to the proverbial common reader The late John Betjeman observed that this tenderly observant poet writes clearly, rhythmically, and thoughtfully about what all of us can understand BehPhilip Larkin 1922 1985 remains England s best loved poet a writer matchlessly capable of evoking his native land and of touching all readers from the most sophisticated intellectual to the proverbial common reader The late John Betjeman observed that this tenderly observant poet writes clearly, rhythmically, and thoughtfully about what all of us can understand Behind this modest description lies a poet who made greatness look, in Milton s prescription, simple, sensuous and passionate.This collection, first published in 1967, contains many of his best loved poems, including The Whitsun Weddings, An Arundel Tomb, Days, Mr Bleaney and MCMXIV.

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    1. Philip Larkin

      Philip Arthur Larkin, CH, CBE, FRSL, was an English poet, novelist and jazz critic He spent his working life as a university librarian and was offered the Poet Laureateship following the death of John Betjeman, but declined the post Larkin is commonly regarded as one of the greatest English poets of the latter half of the twentieth century He first came to prominence with the release of his third collection The Less Deceived in 1955 The Whitsun Weddings and High Windows followed in 1964 and 1974 In 2003 Larkin was chosen as the nation s best loved poet in a survey by the Poetry Book Society, and in 2008 The Times named Larkin as the greatest post war writer.Larkin was born in city of Coventry, West Midlands, England, the only son and younger child of Sydney Larkin 1884 1948 , city treasurer of Coventry, who came from Lichfield, and his wife, Eva Emily Day 1886 1977 , of Epping From 1930 to 1940 he was educated at King Henry VIII School in Coventry, and in October 1940, in the midst of the Second World War, went up to St John s College, Oxford, to read English language and literature Having been rejected for military service because of his poor eyesight, he was able, unlike many of his contemporaries, to follow the traditional full length degree course, taking a first class degree in 1943 Whilst at Oxford he met Kingsley Amis, who would become a lifelong friend and frequent correspondent Shortly after graduating he was appointed municipal librarian at Wellington, Shropshire In 1946, he became assistant librarian at University College, Leicester and in 1955 sub librarian at Queen s University, Belfast In March 1955, Larkin was appointed librarian at the University of Hull, a position he retained until his death.

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    1. When I read poetry, I avoid the doorstoppers , those formidable weighty volumes of collected poems, preferring instead slim volumes of verse which distill the quintessence of a poet s development over a few years time Perhaps it was inevitable, then, that I should love Whitsun Weddings 1964 46 pages, the product of nine years of inspiration and revision The result Almost three dozen poems, each perfect in its own way, a dozen of which will probably be remembered as long as English verse is read [...]

    2. My first impression upon beginning to delve into Larkin s oeuvre was, This seems like the kind of poetry Charles Bukowski would have written if Bukowski had been a British and b talented Strange as the comparison might seem, I believe the 20th century American poet whose public persona most closely resembles Larkin s is Bukowski both Larkin and Bukowski self deprecatingly portrayed themselves as rather boorish, caddish, peevish, cynical, frequently bored, unattractive, graying white men who lik [...]

    3. This cost me a mere 50 cents And I know it will contain an absolute wealthof plain speaking insight on the daily grind,done with irony, wit and empathy.Larkin with Larkin POST READ Like ALL poetry books one knows one has never done with it, as the text and thought is usually so tightly packed with allusions, resonances and plain info as well as skills of style that it is a Continual Feast on so many levels.And so many returns one just hopes one will have life and time will hopefully be in store. [...]

    4. Essential Beauty and Sunny Prestatyn are my favourites They are of similar subject, advertising posters billboards.Sunny Prestatyn is a marvel Twenty four lines that describe what happens to a holiday poster over a period of time, probably over a few weeks or a month The poem paints a brilliant description of the real world The line She was too good for this life is droll, and tragic, but the dry humour gets me every time That poem is a novel and a movie Genius.

    5. This week I read Philip Larkin s fifth collection of poems, The Whitsun Weddings 1964.Usually when I say read I mean read once, from cover to cover apart from the books I abandon And when I say read a book of poems, usually I mean read each poem once well let s be honest, in an anthology, I might skim some the long ones from the 1800s maybe twice, maybe lingered over a few lines a few times.Since reading The Whitsun Weddings on Monday night, I ve re read it every day this week Each poem I must h [...]

    6. I hadn t read poetry for a very long time, so at first it felt strange to be reading this Then slowly it started to penetrate my brain and awaken an old dusty unused segment in there, which slowly came back to life It cast a spell over me clich but true I would read this on the bus and be transported to a certain time and place, or a certain atmosphere would engulf me After I had finished, I read a few reviews about this book and about Larkin in general I never do so beforehand I was puzzled by [...]

    7. It s really quite funny how cynical he is I can relate Also, I really don t think tenderly observant are the appropriate words to describe Larkin Studying for AS English Lit

    8. Philip Larkin, The Whitsun Weddings Faber, 1964 Philip Larkin s fifth collection of poetry, The Whitsun Weddings, was the one that firmly established him as one of Britain s major poets He remains today one of the best known and most popular British neoformalists A devotee of Yeats, Hardy, and Dylan Thomas, Larkin never wears his influences too far away from his sleeve, but don t begrudge him that marvel, instead, that in the turbulent anything goes sixties lived a poet, misanthrope, and mild ma [...]

    9. This was one of the books I studied for A level Initally I found it slightly depressing and a little too pessimisticuntil we began reading Slyvia Plath.It took an essay entitled Making the mundane magnificent for me to truly appreciate Larkin s wonderfully refreshing honesty Great writers can change the way you see the world in a few hundred pages Great poets can do this in a few hundred words Larkin in a great poet Essential Beauty manages to transport me to the cosy winter warmth of the advert [...]

    10. Toads Revisited Walking around in the parkShould feel better than work The lake, the sunshine,The grass to lie on,Blurred playground noisesBeyond black stockinged nurses Not a bad place to be.Yet it doesn t suit me.Being one of the menYou meet of an afternoon Palsied old step takers,Hare eyed clerks with the jitters,Waxed fleshed out patientsStill vague from accidents,And characters in long coatsDeep in the litter baskets All dodging the toad workBy being stupid or weak.Think of being them Heari [...]

    11. For such a short book, Whitsun Weddings runs the gamut from soft pastoral with an earthy sense of humor in the beginning to something with a harder edge by the end, complete with a ripped poster decorated with cock and balls Some of the poems were very good, some seemed to end too soon Nothing really seemed to have been chosen to go together, they are a hodge podge, thrown together at will By the end of the book I wasn t sure what I was supposed to feel, if anything That being said, it wasn t ba [...]

    12. This is Larkin s first for me Can t say I didn t enjoy it, but not terribly too much There were some thought provoking lines, and some lines that were moving The last line of last poem stayed with me, so that means the poet did his duty I may read his verse again soon as I ve marked a couple other of his poetry books to read and hope I may find poems there that has left me with the lovely sentiment as this one has.

    13. A masterpiece of postmodern poetry Larkin cleanly bridges the Moderns world and his own, expertly carrying their and previous eras tropes forward while adding his mark And his wit it is like no other.

    14. I was wandering through The State Library of Victoria about a year ago and found one of their upper levels is given over to the history of books It s free and what a great Library Plug I saw the Whitsun Weddings and just loved the cover art I made a note to investigate further but never did Last week I found myself in my local Croydon library and was looking for a stage play, in the same section was this book of poetry so I grabbed it There is a problem with poetry, in that it often fails to del [...]

    15. Philip Larkin, a 20th Century poet, was primarily a Librarian at Hull University, but also wrote Jazz reviews and novels He died of throat cancer and refused the Poet Laureate position as he was a very drawn in and private man and not a fan of any kind of fame The Whitsun Weddings is a collection of 32 poems that focus of the mundanity of everyday life and the small things that people barely notice A lot of his best known poems are in this collection I prefer to read poetry out loud, but Larkin [...]

    16. I came to Larkin quite late and read this about 10 years ago after reading Andrew Motion s biography of Larkin I came across a reference to An Arundel Tomb recently and I remembered how much I enjoyed the poems, so I dug out the collection I love his sly, deliberate, straighforward prose steeped in deep seated fears and longings, petty prejudices Some of the best of the poems are so pared down but poignant, like Home is so Sad or deft and witty like Days I loved that on re reading An Arundel Tom [...]

    17. I studies this collection at A Level alongside Dannie Abse s Welsh Retrospective and at first found myself hating Larkin and just wanting him to cheer up a bit But when you look into the poems, I actually came to really like Larkin I thought some poems were hilarious and some really moved me Home Is So Sad is one of my favourites in the collection, it s so real and everyone can relate to it I also loved Talking In Bed and A Study of Reading Habits Every time I re read a poem, I feel something di [...]

    18. Though occasionally so reflective that it shrinks up its very subject dries up all emotion to the point where it disappears altogether, this was the best poetry I ve read in the past year Larkin has an incredible control of absolutely everything in his writing, though what stood out most for me was the superb syntax Lucid, penetrating, with something of the intricate beauty but staleness of old lace Perfect, if its perfection didn t get troubling at times.

    19. This is my core poetry book for my AS English Literature course, and is an okay anthology Although a critically acclaimed poet I feel his poems are just too deep to enjoy the anthology His use of rhetorical techniques are excellent but this isn t an anthology to pick up for some light reading, the final stanza of every poem is a pain as his underlying message must be worked out from his ambiguous prose.

    20. In each of the three collections I ve read by Philip Larkin, there have been at least a few poems that have caught me up short, and made me fret about my own life and mortality I mean that as a compliment Dockery and Sons , from this collection, is one such poem This is from the final stanza Life is first boredom, them fear.Whether or not we use it, it goes,And leaves what something hidden from us chose,And age, and then the only end of age.

    21. After reading a review of Larkin in The Tablet I picked up my copy of The Whitsun Weddings to re read some of the poems As in the past, I am struck by Larkin s craft, his respect for rhyme and rhythm The words flow naturally and I look back and see the tight rhyme scheme and wonder how he managed the free flow within those constraints Landscapes and portraits brilliantly rendered I will keep it out for a while to read some .

    22. Re read this book 17 years after studying it for A Level I loved it then and wanted to go back and see what I loved about it Larkin is abrupt, frank, depressing and straight to the point but there is almost always a small element of hope in each poem My favourite is The Arundel Toome which carries the theme of the passage of time.

    23. I don t actually read poetry I do read Larkin Because he finds the words to express things that it is vital to express, even when it is very difficult for the rest of us, using normal language, to express.

    24. I read Philip Larkin for higher English years ago didn t get it then and it put me off poetry Now I m studying poetry for a Degree module I thought I d give it another go but sadly still don t get it obviously still not intelligent enough for it

    25. These poems take a look at Larkin s personal life, and if you re into somewhat dark poetry then this is definitely for you I didn t think I d enjoy a class assignment so much

    26. in these politically trying times, it is good to take solace in the miserable words of a racist, sexist, death obsessed conservative

    27. Had to read this for my A Level English coursework, Larkin will always come second to Plath in my eyes, but oh how Sunny Prestatyn encompasses my passion for feminism It holds such a strong message.

    28. A great mix of poems in this collection.Larkin when he wrote this collection is observant of society in Middle Class England, and this comes through in his writing.

    29. I liked this collection very much the poems are too intense and rather bleak to read all at once My favorites are the shortest ones, for some reason perhaps because they are so densely packed.

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