Potatoes Not Prozac Solutions for Sugar Sensitivity The national bestseller that started the sugar free revolution fully revised and updated with the latest scientific information and success stories from readers You re not lazy self indulgent or un

  • Title: Potatoes Not Prozac: Solutions for Sugar Sensitivity
  • Author: Kathleen DesMaisons
  • ISBN: 9781416556152
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • The national bestseller that started the sugar free revolution, fully revised and updated with the latest scientific information and success stories from readers.You re not lazy, self indulgent, or undisciplined Many people who suffer from sugar sensitivity don t even know it and they continue to consume large quantities of sweets, breads, pasta, or alcohol These foods cThe national bestseller that started the sugar free revolution, fully revised and updated with the latest scientific information and success stories from readers.You re not lazy, self indulgent, or undisciplined Many people who suffer from sugar sensitivity don t even know it and they continue to consume large quantities of sweets, breads, pasta, or alcohol These foods can trigger exhaustion or low self esteem, yet their biochemical impact makes those who are sugar sensitive crave them even This vicious cycle can continue for years, leaving sufferers overweight, fatigued, depressed, and sometimes alcoholic.Dr Kathleen DesMaisons came up with the solution and published it in her revolutionary book Potatoes Not Prozac It gave you the tools needed to overcome sugar dependency, including self tests and a step by step, drug free program with a customizable diet designed to change your brain chemistry But now, armed with a decade of further research and patient feedback, Dr DesMaisons has improved her groundbreaking plan to make it even effective and easier to follow Join the thousands who have successfully healed their addiction to sugar, lost weight, and attained maximum health and well being by using this updated, innovative plan.

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      Kathleen DesMaisons Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Potatoes Not Prozac: Solutions for Sugar Sensitivity book, this is one of the most wanted Kathleen DesMaisons author readers around the world.

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    1. This book is about how to improve your mood and life and lose weight if you have a ravenous sweet tooth So what do you do You eat a lot less sugar Problem solved.Admittedly, there s to the book than that In fact, it s a detailed, seven step program for overcoming sugar addiction The first several chapters describe how some people are sugar sensitive than others, how sugar works as a kind of drug for these people, how this is genetic and not your fault, and how all this is presumably evidenced [...]

    2. I haven t actually read the book but discovered the website based on the book many years ago Everything you really need to know is on her website 5 small meals a day that includes a little protein, no caffeine, no sugar, and a small potato 1 hour before bedtime That little potato and staying off sugar restores your serotonin levels I still turn to that little potato when I m wanting a little extra excitement at night Guarantees an active dream life for the night.

    3. I followed the steps in this book and have been sugar free since 2005 This book did for me exactly what it sets out to do taught me how to keep my blood sugar steady, eliminate my cravings, lose weight, and recognize how foods affect how I feel As a bonus, I also dropped my cholesterol by 20 points It was a relief to me to learn how to eat to control my blood sugar I was always terrified of my blood sugar dropping and, as a result, I snacked constantly to keep it from happening It feels very fre [...]

    4. I wanted to find out about the connection between carbs and depression, so I checked this book out from the library It advocates seven steps to balancing the body s chemistry and overcoming sugar addiction These steps are 1 Keep a food journal2 Eat three meals a day at regular intervals3 Take vitamins as recommended4 Eat the recommended amount of protein at each meal5 Adjust carbs to include complex foods6 Reduce or eliminate sugars7 create a plan for maintenance

    5. I really liked this book Aside from the fact that anything that tells me I m not lazy or self indulgent or totally lacking in discipline is, of course, what I want to hear, the science bit seems completely logical DesMaisons theory, and it is just a theory, is that some of us are sugar sensitive our biochemistry is different to those who are not, and our behaviours the craving sweets chocolate, sweet foods and white flour based carbs the mood swings, the low self esteem poor reactions to stress [...]

    6. This book is a life changer Just eating breakfast with a sufficient amount of protein has stabilized my mood swings and energy level throughout the day I don t crave sugar like I used to It s hard to believe because it s so simple, but I swear that IT WORKS.

    7. Interesting ideas in this book It was great learning about brain chemistry and the balance of certain chemicals and how the food you consume effects such I ve never been a candy craving, soda guzzling sugar junkie, but I recognize that I was a sugar junkie in another way i.e french bread, simple carbs, etc Over the past few years of my life I have developed a penchant for chocolate as well So this was a wonderful insight into why a person craves these foods, what they do to the body on a chemica [...]

    8. My copy, which I no longer have This is what I wrote after reading it four and one half years ago WOW This book is going to change my life I am going to get a life now This is me I am not alone It s not my fault I m going to be okay God helping me By God s grace, I will be the best doulos servant I can be now.The book was the beginning of life changing eating habits which have enabled me to be in control of what I put into my body, and stay away from the foods which are harmful to me I do recomm [...]

    9. Despite the impressive bibliography 18 pages long this book is not as scientifically based as I d hoped it would be She presents an interesting hypothesis that sugar sensitive people are prone to true addictions of sugar alcohol drugs because of their inherited biochemistry, but at the time of this printing 1998 she admits there s very little research to prove it Her proof comes from comparing exaggerated, dissimilar cases Normal Mary eats a hearty breakfast of healthy stuff, while sugar sensiti [...]

    10. This book is the work of angels It is a guide for building a healthy, loving and communicative relationship with your body The results being emotional health and weight loss and It teaches one to understand what your body needs hormonally, chemically and nutritionally and it tells you those needs are discovered through the quality of the relationship you create with yourself All my life I have been negatively judged because of my body size and through that judgement and mistreatment believed tha [...]

    11. This book is about sugar sensitivity I bought this book years ago, and it still makes so much sense to me I think it will be on my book shelf forever I read it about every 2 years, and say That s me That s me , but have yet to do anything about it It explains how white sugar is man made, and how we were not meant to consume this chemical that has become such a staple in our livesIt is definitely worth the read What do you think

    12. I have read the first version now I m working on this one Simply put, this book and all of DesMaisons books changed my life I now understand myself If you have an irresistible attraction to sugar and white carbs, then this is the book for you Yes, sugar is addictive, and some of us are born with the biochemistry for sugar sensitivity and addiction This is the way out.

    13. This can be summed up into 7 steps 1 Eat breakfast that includes protein and a complex carbohydrate within an hour of waking up every day 2 Keep a food journal that includes the date and time, what you ate and drank, how you feel both physically and emotionally to aid in determining how food impacts you feel3 Eat three meals a day at regular intervals that provide an adequate amount of protein4 Increase serotonin naturally by taking recommended vitamins and eating a potato before bed5 Shift from [...]

    14. As someone who is a big supporter of Intuitive Eating and the Health at Every Size Movement, my feelings about this book are somewhat torn On the one hand, what the author says sounds intelligent and emotionally resonates with me On the other hand, there have been other intelligent sounding things that emotionally resonate that are boohockey Both this book and the IE HAES movements have sound bases of their efficacy of functioning in science, so I m thinking that objective reality has room for b [...]

    15. I read this back in 1998 in it earliest edition but I must not have paid too much attention to it because the information I got out of this one seemed completely different While I don t think I am a sugar addict, I recognize many of the symptoms in family members Before I started reading this book I made a personal choice to cut out processed sugar from my diet It is amazing how once you get over the withdrawal stages much better you feel, how much clearer you think, and how food tastes so much [...]

    16. The title is a bit misleading, however since working on the concepts of removing sugar from my diet I have felt a bit depressed Which is the Opposite to my usual get up and go, verging on hyperactive now people are concerned by the new calm me I am now The one in control, calmer and saying no to cake chocolate I have also lost a few kilograms in a month which was the main reason for picking this book up Not been on a diet before although I class this as just a new way of eating.Protein at every [...]

    17. 2.5 Perspective of a nutrition student This book made me realize I am not sugar sensitive, and it taught me a lot about addiction and potential solutions to addiction, although I think there is a lot to nutrition that isn t stated or emphasized in this book, like why water is so important and when you should drink it throughout the day, and the importance of vegetables, which is fine because the book is not a panacea, but still an important point to take away from reading it I m also a little w [...]

    18. An excellent book that explains how foods chemically affect our mood, behavior, and overall health I took my time reading this one and am slowly implementing the concepts and plan to improve my health I liked the explanations of blood sugar, beta endorphins, serotonin and tryptophan, how our brain is affected by them and desires when they are unbalanced, thereby creating addictions and dependancies I was enlightened to the many forms of sugar, how they affect us, and how to recognize them in in [...]

    19. What we eat has a direct effect on the chemistry that happens in our brains and bodies The author, Kathleen DesMaisons, PhD, has done a depth of research on this topic and is able to explain it well I returned this to the library before I was finished and decided to read another book by this author instead, The Sugar Addict s Total Recovery Program, which works on the same principles I tried eating a bedtime potato for awhile, and most often it was a nice kind of treat, but it s also a little st [...]

    20. Some scattered thoughts This book presents some interesting concepts The three factors of mood regulation definitely thought provoking.Sugar addiction is real She does an excellent job of presenting this I ve only heard mention of sugar addiction in passing before this book.The diet plan is miles better than anything that has a person counting calories or highly restricting food choices It s of a framework, but it s where I ll send people for a start to diet remediation.It has a short but insig [...]

    21. I found this in a local charity shop and took a punt without any prior knowledge of the book or author I found it VERY interesting and found that I have the same tendencies towards sugar that she regards in her book as sugar sensitivity Kathleen DesMaisons goes in to depth about the science behind how the body uses carbohydrates simple and complex , converting all to glucose but the simple the carb the quicker the body converts to glucose and the of a sugar hit you get, something I knew very l [...]

    22. If you ve ever gone on a low calorie diet and gained weight, then this book explains a lot If not, lucky you and there s no need to check out this book unless you know you have other sugar issues I had figured out some of my sugar sensitivities, and this book gave me additional tools for figuring out what is happening to my body and some solutions I m not sure that I will become a fan of journaling or eating a potato as a bedtime snack However, I have used the book to consciously experiment with [...]

    23. If you ever thought you are sensitive to sugar the biggest symptom of which is Jekyl Hyde mood swings and the need for sugar filled items to stop them , this is the book to read It goes over the chemistry of sugar, seratonin and beta endorphins in your body and has a detox program to go with it Sugar sensitivity is often tied to alcoholism Potatoes come in where the author suggests eating a potatoe each night no later that 3 hours before bedtime to smooth out seratonin levels vs Prozac Good news [...]

    24. Of all the diet books I have ever read, this one is the best This author has done her research and knows what she is talking about The book is interesting and easy to read, I really learned a lot but best of all the diet worked and I was in the best mood ever while losing weight This book uses ground breaking research to put you in your happy place everyday and helps you to successfully lose weight at the same time

    25. Very interesting stuff here and a lot of it fit me to a T It seems like good, solid research in terms of relating sugar intake to the mood swings and overall health of sugar sensitive people I lost my interest in the last part of the book, where the steps for controlling these swings involve completely eliminating sugar from your diet That part was kind of rehashed from other books I ve read, but up until then, the book really had my attention.

    26. This a topic especially relevant to me I am definitely sugar sensitive and see it playing out in multiple places in my family tree I have never had an addiction to alcohol but I have been guilty of living at the mercy of my blood sugar This book had been sitting on my bookshelf for far too long and I m glad I ve made it through and plan on trying to implement some of the ideas she gave in the book for creating an awareness of my body s reaction to food, in order to make better choices.

    27. I enjoyed this book and thought I resembled the sugar sensitive person I tried her program for about eight months and then was able to go off sugar for about six months The most useful thing for me was forcing myself to food journal, it helped finally convince me that of my problem was gluten than sugar and giving up gluten has helped me feel much better and definitely crave sugar less.

    28. Want to buy some snake oil According to this book, if we would all eat a healthy balanced diet there would be no mental illness, no alcoholism, no drug addiction, and obviously no obesity The author should be charged with practicing medicine without a license and I should be charged with criminal stupidity for giving this book even 5 minutes of my time.

    29. This book basically tells you to eat 3 healthy meals a day, eat protein with each meal, and cut out sugars And eat a potato before bed every night I don t feel as though it changed my way of thinking nor do I think I could have a healthier mindset from eating this way alone Exercise and de stressing is also important The most I took away with me was to eat protein, protein and protein.

    30. The metabolism and nutrition information in here is solid and lines up with what I already know The biochemistry was interesting and all made logical sense and was presented in a way that s very easy for the average reader to understand I think the whole potato aspect is completely gimmicky, but overall it s good solid advice to help improve your eating and identify sugar sensitivity.

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