Writing with Power Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process A classic handbook for anyone who needs to write Writing With Power speaks to everyone who has wrestled with words while seeking to gain power with them Here Peter Elbow emphasizes that the essentia

  • Title: Writing with Power: Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process
  • Author: Peter Elbow
  • ISBN: 9780195120189
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • A classic handbook for anyone who needs to write, Writing With Power speaks to everyone who has wrestled with words while seeking to gain power with them Here, Peter Elbow emphasizes that the essential activities underlying good writing and the essential exercises promoting it are really not difficult at all Employing a cookbook approach, Elbow provides the reader and wA classic handbook for anyone who needs to write, Writing With Power speaks to everyone who has wrestled with words while seeking to gain power with them Here, Peter Elbow emphasizes that the essential activities underlying good writing and the essential exercises promoting it are really not difficult at all Employing a cookbook approach, Elbow provides the reader and writer with various recipes for getting words down on paper, for revising, for dealing with an audience, for getting feedback on a piece of writing, and still other recipes for approaching the mystery of power in writing In a new introduction, he offers his reflections on the original edition, discusses the responses from people who have followed his techniques, how his methods may differ from other processes, and how his original topics are still pertinent to todays writer By taking risks and embracing mistakes, Elbow hopes the writer may somehow find a hold on the creative process and be able to heighten two mentalities the production of writing and the revision of it From students and teachers to novelists and poets, Writing with Power reminds us that we can celebrate the uses of mystery, chaos, nonplanning, and magic, while achieving analysis, conscious control, explicitness, and care in whatever it is we set down on paper.

    Writing With Power Techniques for Mastering Writing With Power is Elbow s practical sequel to the sometimes spiritual, sometimes theoretical Writing Without Teachers WWP provides teachers, students, and writers with effective non gimmicky exercises and personal reflections on the writing process. Writing with Power Perfection Learning Writing with Power equips students with the writing, language, and st century skills they need to be successful on high stakes tests and in college and career provides a complete resource for grammar, writing, and thinking skills integrates grammar instruction to power students writing Writing with Power Techniques for Mastering the Writing Writing with Power is a book about how to improve writing, interwoven with the author s thoughts about writing, examples, and personal history around the different subjects It s a solid three stars, which to me means it does the job. Writing With Power Peter Elbow Oxford University Press A classic handbook for anyone who needs to write, Writing With Power speaks to everyone who has wrestled with words while seeking to gain power with them Here, Peter Elbow emphasizes that the essential activities underlying good writing and the essential exercises promoting it PDF Writing With Power Techniques for Mastering the Writing With Power Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process Peter Elbow Write My Essay For Me College Writing Help Writing Write My Essay For Me College Writing Help Perhaps each student sooner or later faces the problem of the writing service chooses The matter is that while looking for essay writing help people experience uncertainty If things at school are not good especially with the paper work which is quite common, students prefer service of the keen The Story Teller Max M Power Max was born in a library, surrounded by books from all over the galaxy His gypsy soul never stayed in one place for very long as he traveled the universe, having many great adventures, all while lying on the carpet floor in the living room.

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    1. Peter Elbow

      Peter Elbow is Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst He is best known for his work in writing theory, practice, and pedagogy.Elbow is the author of several books, including Embracing Contraries Explorations in Learning and Teaching Oxford UP, 1986 , Writing with Power Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process Oxford UP, 1981 , Writing Without Teachers Oxford UP, 1973 , and his most recent, Being A Writer McGraw Hill, 2002 He pioneered the practice of freewriting in these books, a practice now widely taught in English classes.

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    1. I finally did it I made it through the book Only took me about five months.The length of time that it took me to finish the book doesn t really say anything about the book itself, in my opinion Elbow himself mentions that the book can be quite useful if you are just looking for a certain passage within it I especially appreciated the sections that dealt with getting words on paper, revising, and feedback And Elbow also tends to take care to separate techniques and ideas for creative writing and [...]

    2. As the title indicates, it is, indeed, a process when we write and we should get started with freewriting, first draft, and keep going I enjoyed especially what he had to say on freewriting as I see it as a psychological form of help He also offers useful tips on what to do if you are procrastinating and you really need to turn in your work and how the process of writing will go from there I wish the author was concise, brief, less chatty, and not write a book like that stream of consciousness [...]

    3. I actually haven t finished it, but I don t want it in my currently read shelf for the rest of the school year or however long it takes me to read it so The first chapter is amazing P

    4. Elbow has a down to earth attitude on writing, and an understanding attitude towards writers I love how he explains the freewriting method better than anyone I ve read so far And I find this book very helpful for contemplating my own processes It s good for writing both fact and fiction.

    5. I love Peter Elbow Chances are, if you teach writing, you know who Peter Elbow is If you haven t read this book yet, do so as soon as possible I m hoping to read David Bartholomae s Inventing the University soon so I can compare the two.

    6. Well I had to bow out of this one, it just wasn t what I was expecting I was hoping for a fiction writing book, but this seems to be aimed towards a business essay letter writer There was some decent advice, but nothing that really worked for me It might be good for someone that has to write a lot of business reviews or long emails You can check it out if you want, but just know in the end some advice works and some doesn t.

    7. Hands down one of the most useful writing manuals I ve come across It s not specific to fiction writers, and teaches really useful tips and tricks for overcoming common stumbling blocks I found the section on how to solicit feedback especially useful.

    8. I ve read scores of books on writing This may be the best one.Elbow has clearly thought about words for a long time and his book is the distilled gold from that thinking a treasury of insight into the intricacies of the writing process and a conceptual toolbox full of techniques to get you writing fluently and effectively His advice applies equally well to creative and expository writing.The book falters a bit in presentation To integrate the many good ideas into my daily practice, I ll have to [...]

    9. I read some of the other reviews just now, and I realized that one of the reasons why I liked this book, is also the very reason others complained about it People claimed to have not enjoyed Elbow s tendency to ramble, but I did further, I m not entirely sure that ramble is the right verb for what does in his delivery maybe explore is appropriate Books by writers about writing especially when the writer is a critical writer discussing critical writing can be so dry, yet this book is anything bu [...]

    10. I don t want to admit how long it took me to finally make it to the end of this book I found a lot of his ideas very useful, and I intend on keeping this book on hand as a reference I particularly liked the ending chapters on juice, and the beginning chapters on writing even when you re not in the mood What I didn t like about this book, and the reason it took me so long to get through, was how unnecessarily wordy the author was Each chapter, though short, took me such a long time to get through [...]

    11. I found Writing with Power quite interesting, even though I skipped some sections since they didn t quite pertain to me in my current state of writing I will definitely come back in due time There is a lot here in regards to what most people hear as outliners and discovery writers just said in a different way and with a different approach to beginning a piece of work I also appreciate how the techniques mentioned in this book can apply to any type or writing, not just fiction or non fiction work [...]

    12. My impression of this work are conflicted Much of what Elbow advises in the book has formed the foundation of my compositional approach His emphasis on exploration, the cognitive connection, the embracing of messy drafting all of these have impacted my thinking for the better What I dislike about Writing with Power is the rambling and repetitive nature of the text If Elbow and his editor had been cold hearted about Peter s writing, this could have been a much readable text As it is, I recommen [...]

    13. I was pretty disappointed in the book The opening parts of it were pretty good and I was going along with his analysis and his explanation of freewriting, although I don t put as much stock in it as he does Later, though, when he got to esoteric matters, particularly in his discussion of voice, I thought he was just flat wrong His examples of good and bad voice seemed exactly the opposite to me, and the whole book became vague and often contradictory.At the end, there was a nice discussion of [...]

    14. This is not a lesson on one single writing process, but several lessons Instead of preaching one practice, here are options to choose from to fit different audiences, goals, and writer temperaments to fit all modes of writing Drafting, revision, feedback, and are presented, all with a focus on developing power over the words and audience, but also power over the process and yourself have control and be confident.Found here barkmars eg opac record

    15. Not a very fluid read, each chapter could be its own handout or pamphlet about writing technique The book is not a fluid discussion of writing, composition theory, or approaches to crafting meaning out of words it s a bunch of exercises and tips on how to write in different modalities and make it enjoyable as well as a good product at the end I didn t like this book as much as Writing without Teachers I would read that one if you are theory minded, and use this one for ideas for things to do w [...]

    16. I found this to be a wonderful book that had lots of great stuff to say about the writing process It s or less a sourcebook of ideas and techniques for writing It breaks the writing process down into 1 getting words on paper and 2 revising Eade adopts the view that anyone can learn to write well with the proper discipline and practice And he presents lots of great ideas both for starting to write and for revising what you ve written.The book also includes sections on writing for an audience, on [...]

    17. Writing With Power is a moderately interesting grab bag of suggestions and tips to approach the process of writing Elbow makes an effort to engage with all modes of writing, so everyone is going to find something interesting in the book at the same time, there s going to be material in the book that is completely irrelevant The book, for the most part, is directed to non academic writing of a variety of forms, so I d recommend looking elsewhere for that help, but if you re looking for some infor [...]

    18. Well, I skipped one chapter, but can say this much Mr Elbow, a rogue and sometimes a bit wishy washy with a touch of mysticism lite, has a good bit of good advice His central theme could be summarized as keeping your creating process separate from your revising process This is revolutionary and his freewriting method in particular is one that numerous students would benefit from.So, I recommend it if you re willing to get advice from a wacky guru.

    19. The only reason this isn t a five star rating is that he rambles a bit, but this very much matches his message, so perhaps this should be a five Unfortunately, I don t have the option of splitting the difference It s a four that feels like a five.This book is compelling because it makes one think very deeply about writing, how it works, what s happening in the writer, what s happening in the reader, and even the bit of magic that can t exactly be explained scientifically.

    20. A very long but worthwhile read I was first introduced to freewriting when I read Accidental Genius which I loved and was based on Writing With Power and have been meaning to read this one ever since There was so much information in this book, and so many techniques to practice, that I m sure I ll be referencing it for months to come.

    21. I only got two thirds of the way through the book because I had read the same information elsewhere in a manner that was readable to me.Beginning writers or people struggling with writer s block would probably get something from it, though, even if all they did was skim the section introductions and the chapter summaries.

    22. I loved the first third of this book, especially the parts about getting words on paper and writing fast loose drafts in order to mine the deeper thoughts that might be a little resistant to the light of day I skimmed the second half of this book, though the information about revision and critique certainly would be useful to others.

    23. Not sure I can write with enough power to express how much I loved this book and admire Elbow and all that he stands for as a teacher and writer This book manages to provide all sorts of pragmatic tips and advice with exquisitely thought out rationales behind them Elbow, himself, has a definitive and lovely voice I feel I could never tire of reading him expound on writing and teaching.

    24. A whole range of different ways to get words out on paper or onscreen and then revise them, for whatever task is at hand, and however long you have to do it, and whatever quality, regardless of whether you ve procrastinated to the last minute or are taking years to get it right A very encouraging and permission granting angle on how to get past writing blocks and just get it done.

    25. Unfortunately I read this book after finishing William Zinsser s On Writing Well It was a tough transition from Zinsser s elegant economy of words to Elbow s verbal glut Elbow did make some helpful practical suggestions, however, along with some important but ill defined observations about voice.

    26. I recommend this book to anyone who is learning to write and or wanting to write better Peter Elbow does a fantastic job of teaching the craft of writing, as well as relating to his readers with his own personal stories of writing This isn t a book that makes you feel stupid when reading about different ways to write This is a book that discusses what every writer deals with.

    27. A very interesting book for reference or for reading from beginning to end Brilliant in that it is a book about a writer who began life as one who deplored writing Great advice from all different approaches to fixing a lot of common problems I recommend it for any writer s desk drawer.

    28. Peter Elbow is by far my favortie writer He doesn t write creatively, but he can write engaging instruction, and insightful teachings on writing If you ever get into academic writing academic journals and such , look him up.

    29. For someone who loathes writing, this book is a absolute gem The tips provided provides just the right amount of edge to push someone over, and get them to love writing Never knew writing could be so enjoyable, so powerful Never knew writing can make one feel so good.

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