Duchess by Night Tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else have fun widowed year old Duchess Harriet decides to do a little pleasure seeking of her own Where better to begin than at the house of

  • Title: Duchess by Night
  • Author: Eloisa James
  • ISBN: 9780340961087
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else have fun, widowed 27 year old Duchess Harriet decides to do a little pleasure seeking of her own Where better to begin than at the house of one of the most disreputable men in the country, Lord Strange

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    1. Eloisa James

      New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James writes historical romances for HarperCollins Publishers Her novels have been published to great acclaim A reviewer from USA Today wrote of Eloisa s very first book that she found herself devouring the book like a dieter with a Hershey bar later People Magazine raved that romance writing does not get much better than this Her novels have repeatedly received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal and regularly appear on the best seller lists.After graduating from Harvard University, Eloisa got an M.Phil from Oxford University, a Ph.D from Yale and eventually became a Shakespeare professor, publishing an academic book with Oxford University Press Currently she is an associate professor and head of the Creative Writing program at Fordham University in New York City Her double life is a source of fascination to the media and her readers In her professorial guise, she s written a New York Times op ed defending romance, as well as articles published everywhere from women s magazines such as More to writers journals such as the Romance Writers Report.Eloisaon her double life When I m not writing novels, I m a Shakespeare professor It s rather like having two lives The other day I bought a delicious pink suit to tape a television segment on romance I ll never wear that suit to teach in, nor even to give a paper at the Shakespeare Association of America conference It s like being Superman, with power suits for both lives Yet the literature professor in me certainly plays into my romances The Taming of the Duke April 2006 has obvious Shakespearean resonances, as do many of my novels I often weave early modern poetry into my work the same novel might contain bits of Catullus, Shakespeare and anonymous bawdy ballads from the 16th century.When I rip off my power suit, whether it s academic or romantic, underneath is the rather tired, chocolate stained sweatshirt of a mom Just as I use Shakespeare in my romances, I almost always employ my experiences as a mother When I wrote about a miscarriage in Midnight Pleasures, I used my own fears of premature birth when the little girl in Fool For Love threw up and threw up, I described my own daughter, who had that unsavory habit for well over her first year of life.So I m a writer, a professor, a mother and a wife My husband Alessandro is Italian, born in Florence We spend the lazy summer months with his mother and sister in Italy It always strikes me as a huge irony that as a romance writer I find myself married to a knight, a cavaliere, as you say in Italian.One thingI m a friend I have girlfriends who are writers and girlfriends who are Shakespeare professors And I have girlfriends who are romance readers In fact, we have something of a community going on my website Please stop by and join the conversation on my readers pages.

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    1. This book had many high points and some annoying points but overall it was a descent book Really sweet characters but at times it was just too lengthy when it didnt need to be Overall though the storyline was really good 3.4 stars

    2. I thought this one would be a snoozer, Harriet was always pretty yawn y in the other books, so imagine my surprise when the author took a bunch of cliches girl dressed as guy anyone and made it sooo good I really really enjoyed these characters MUCH than I thought of Other than a somewhat MEH ending which actually I think is the only weakness in these books, the endings are always so HEA anti climactic since they re stand alone and you know they re gonna end up together I think this might be on [...]

    3. After reading too much paranormal romance I decided to take a break and try something else, you know, change the air and all that, and I thought that a historical romance will do just fine Having already started this series I was a bit reluctant at first because I got a bit meh towards the previous book, An Affair Before Christmas, and I was afraid that this one won t be so good also A friend of mine insisted on it and told me a bit about what happens in the story and I became excited Now, afte [...]

    4. Harriet, Duchess of Berrow, is lonely so she dresses as a man to go to a wicked party with her friends Lord Justinian Strange hosts these wicked parties and mostly ignores everyone Except the new party goer who is just distracting Once he figures out that Harry is a lady suddenly his boners are A OK So then there s sex and also feelings because what kind of romance novel would this be without those 1 This was better than I was expecting, which sets the bar low where it belongs and doesn t mean i [...]

    5. This one took me a while to get into Despite my love for Alanna, I m not the biggest fan of romances where the woman disguises herself as a man There s too much deceit inherent in the premise and too much, Oh noooo, I m attracted to a man But it did eventually grow on me I like the relationship and I liked the kid.I did not really understand the final conflict.

    6. Duchess by Night is my second Eloisa James book and I again thoroughly enjoyed it It was very funny and witty especially the horseback riding and fencing lessons I read the first in this series, Desperate Duchesses, and then this one so I already knew the heroine, Harriet d b a Harry in this book I really felt bad for her as she s a widow, her husband committed suicide, and her life is in limbo some people blame her for his death, she feels tons of guilt and sadness, and leads a very lonely life [...]

    7. I don t often read romances but decided to play in a challenge this month ona big romance feast during the season of love, Spring, and in particular September A little way in, I kept thinking I have heard of these characters and thought I was reading a book I had previously, only to discover I did previously read a book by the author that appears to follow on from this and enjoyed it greatly I was drawn into this out of a few I had on hand because of the dedication to Georgette Heyer and the fol [...]

    8. I enjoyed Duchess By Night than An Affair Before Christmas Book 2 , but it still wasn t as good as Desperate Duchesses Book 1 Using the cross dressing trope to get Harriet to find herself again really worked for me, her self discovery seemed genuine than Poppy s I did think Strange s attraction to Harriett Harry was a bit, well, strange His mindset seemed to be something along the lines of I think this guy is attractive, I must be turning gay in my old age I m also really starting to like Isid [...]

    9. 4 Stars I really liked this book One reason was that there were less characters than the previous book and focused on the single story, with only one main side story I loved Harriet, her character was delightful to watch evolve through the book Jem took a while to come around, but he finally did The epilogue was wonderful I love a good epilogue Looking forward to in the series The audio was great Susan Duerden did a fabulous job

    10. Halloween 2017 Reading Challenge 6 10 A romance with a costume party There s something about you that s just mine, he said Male, femaleI m not so sure it would really have mattered Hmm I m torn As a novel The writing quality is unquestionable Humorous, engaging, likable for the most part characters.As a romance The romance is slooow to develop Harriet and Jem don t spend all that much time together in the first half of the book We also lose Jem s point of view for much of it I didn t necessarily [...]

    11. Nothing special, but, noteworthy for the genre, at no point made me whack myself in the head with the paperback, or throw it across the room Whack myself in the head Why is this character still alive when clearly she is too dumb to live Throw it across the room Ew, you got misogyny patriarchy in my dumb entertainment reading Well, maybe at one point there was some mild head whackage, but that s practically a pass.

    12. Being proper and reserved has been Harriet s life, until now She goes to a well known, improper house party dressed as a man, and the host, Jem, is greatly disturbed by the fact that he finds himself attracted to another man Until he finds out the man is really a woman and is free to lavish attention on her Scandals, proper behavior, a little girl, and untamed passion Great read

    13. Oh god This book is dumb, but it draws you in and makes you read it and for some reason it makes you like it It s not that it s great, but that all the characters are so endearing.

    14. 3.5 stars.My first read of Eloisa James and I liked it I liked all of the main characters, especially Eugenie She is so adorable and her dialogues are really cute I got really emotional when she was sick and that part of the book is so well written that for one moment I thought Eugenie will die The heroine s character, Harriet is strong, independent and responsible one I liked the bond between Eugenie and Harriet I liked the hero, Jem also, maybe his parenting way is not good but he tried As a s [...]

    15. Eloisa James is one of a handful of authors of historical romance read bodice rippers who can engage my attention for the length of a novel, let alone sustain it through an entire series Not that I have a deep acquaintance with the genre, but the few times I have tried a book that falls into this category, often than not they amount to little than soft core porn, with a two dimensional plot and no character development.Not so Desperate Duchesses Despite the salacious covers, much to my surpris [...]

    16. I enjoyed a lot about this book First off, it was nice seeing old friends again, like Roberta and Gryffyn and the Duchess of Beaumont, and my personal favorite, Villiers I was intrigued by the premise of a woman taking control and dressing like a man in order to experience exciting things in life than embroidery and sitting on a sofa I especially liked how physically she was able to pull it off, because usually in my experience with romances, when the heroine goes dressing like a man, she s so [...]

    17. 4,25Kesinlikle serinin en be endi im kitab bu oldu Di er ilk iki kitab n baz yerlerinde ok s k lm t m ama bu kitapta yle olmad tamam n be endim diyebilirim Beklentim d kt belki o y zden iyi gelmi olabilir Isidore kocas n eve getirebilmek i in ad n skandala kar t rmak istiyor Lord Strange in evi de tam bu i e uygun bir yer olarak g r l yor Harriet ta macera pe inde hemde Isidore e refakat etmek istiyor Villiers var birde araya kaynayan hala iyile ememi durumda ne zaman iyile ecek en ok onu merak [...]

    18. 3.5 Sinfully Free Stars Embrace sin as if it were a friend, and run to meet it Take a lonely widow eager for an adventure dressed as a young man, a rich man with a sordid reputation and a house filled with sexually free people and you have one helluva story I absolutely loved this book Henrietta was brave and brilliant Lord Strange lived up to his name in so many ways Villiers, Isidore and the rest of the household kept the story interesting and very amusing If there is one book to read in this [...]

    19. Harriet, the Duchess of Berrow, is bored with her privileged life She needs a challenge Thus begins her elaborate plan to disguise herself as a notorious rake at one of Justinian Strange s unique parties Lord Strange entertains actors and actresses, rakes, scoundrels and ladies of questionable character His parties are lively, scandalous and the talk of the town Harriet is both shocked and intrigued.Jem Strange watches his new arrival with curious interest Although the gentleman seems but a pret [...]

    20. A fun fun read Witty naughty and sensual, a great read from start til end, I love how Harriet fitted in so well in the house, she was a great lead, strong, loving and ready for anything, Lord Strange is such a great complex character, he is the type that makes u think not to great at the start but builds up into a real man with fear and love that surrounds himself with people with all different title and ranks, u understand slowly why he does that and it makes c why Harriet fell in love with him [...]

    21. I wolfed this book down in less than 24 hours unusual, given that last night was a school night and today was a work day and what a tasty morsel it turned out to be.With every Eloisa James book I read, I end up delighted and craving and Duchess by Night continues the trend Harriet was wonderful and the freedom she finds in breeches was great fun to watch Jem was an oddball but all the lovable for it Though the crisis driving the finale was a bit abrupt and jarring, I still found myself gallopi [...]

    22. While I like Eloisa James s writing I tend to find her books very hit and miss for me I either really like them a lot or can t get past the first chapter or two I was lucky with Duchess by Night as even through it sounded like it doesn t have anything original about it, it was a really fun and enjoyable read I tend to be somewhat of a sucker for the woman dresses as a man trope too The only complaint I have is that I didn t like the last few chapters as I feel like it was just tacked on conflict [...]

    23. This was fun on audio Engaging characters and great performance by Susan Duerden But a bit too steamy for audio maybe I obviously was using earbuds, but it still felt really, really, really awkward to be listening at work I just put in a library hold for another Eloisa James book though bc I need to know how things end up for one of the side characters In print this time Sidenote does anyone REALLY care that much about chess I found the I committed suicide because I lost a chess match plot line [...]

    24. Eloisa James tends to be hit and miss with me and I m pretty bummed that Duchess By Night was a miss I thought the premise of a Duchess dressed as a man and privately exposed definite pun there was a winner, especially when the Duchess in question was Harriet whose boring husband offed himself after losing a game of chess But this one seemed very confusing to me I think maybe it was just too much going on and too many characters Maybe it was the over layered plot, but whateverI really had to pus [...]

    25. Actual rating 3.5 stars.I got this book months ago at a library sale for almost nothing and ever since I bought it, it has been sitting on the bookshelf, waiting for the time I felt like reading it Today was the day I felt like reading something kind of silly, something with cross dressing, but with a simple rather straight forward historical romance and I found myself enjoying it a great deal despite the fact that I have not read the previous books in the series.Although I didn t head over heel [...]

    26. I listen to audiobooks every day during my workout, so note taking is impossible, thereby Down Dirty Quickie Reviews are impossible Instead, here are some words Oh boy howdy, I feel sooOOoOOoOOo bad for not loving this book, butI don t love this book The big problem are two big problems that make the one worse for the other First up, we spend most of the book in our heroine s head This means the central conflict, i.e hero boy not knowing that hero heroine is actually a heroine heroine, getswella [...]

    27. 2.5 3 I really pushed through this one at points Too much chess rats, and not enough reasoning for why Harriet stayed dressed up as a man.I happen to love the woman in a man s clothes trope all the Shakespeare but this one really made no sense The Game didn t make sense The chess obsession and Depression the suicide committed by Harriet s husband didn t make any sense, and the whole Strange household didn t make any sense.If this had been a novella with no reasoning trying to be made by Eloisa J [...]

    28. Much better It wasn t a muddled mess like the 2nd book Good character development Villiers still made an appearance but it was minimal The best thing though is hardly any mention of Chess.I like the game but it became so tedious on the 1st 2 books.3 1 2 stars

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