Seaworthy A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea The bestselling author s sequel to The Hungry Ocean a fast paced account of her return to swordfishing Linda Greenlaw hadn t been bluewater fishing for ten years not since the events chronicled in the

  • Title: Seaworthy: A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea
  • Author: Linda Greenlaw
  • ISBN: 9780670021925
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The bestselling author s sequel to The Hungry Ocean a fast paced account of her return to swordfishing Linda Greenlaw hadn t been bluewater fishing for ten years not since the events chronicled in the books The Perfect Storm and The Hungry Ocean but when her lobster traps aren t paying off, her truck is on its last gasp, and the bills are piling up, she decides to takeThe bestselling author s sequel to The Hungry Ocean a fast paced account of her return to swordfishing Linda Greenlaw hadn t been bluewater fishing for ten years not since the events chronicled in the books The Perfect Storm and The Hungry Ocean but when her lobster traps aren t paying off, her truck is on its last gasp, and the bills are piling up, she decides to take a friend up on his offer and captain a boat for a season of swordfishing A decade older, and with family responsibilities, she s a different person heading out to sea, but any reluctance is quickly tempered by the magnetic lure of adventure And the adventures begin almost immediately The ship turns out to be rusty and ancient, and even with a crew of four Greenlaw is faced with technical challenges There are the expected complexities of longline fishing and the nuances of reading the weather Her greatest challenge, however, comes when the boat s lines inadvertently drift into Canadian waters and Greenlaw is thrown in jail Capturing the moment by moment details of her journey, Greenlaw tells a story about human nature and the nature around us, about learning what can be controlled and when to let fate step in Seaworthy is a compelling narrative about a person setting her own terms and finding her true self between land and water.

    Seaworthy A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea Seaworthy A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea Hardcover June , by Linda Greenlaw Author Visit s Linda Greenlaw Page Find all the books, read about the author, and . Seaworthy A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea by Linda Seaworthy book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers The bestselling author s sequel to The Hungry Ocean a fast paced accoun Seaworthy A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea When an old friend offered her a captaincy on his swordboat, Greenlaw ditched her mounting bills and headed for the sea Full of adventure and thought provoking reflection, Seaworthy recounts her return Seaworthy A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea, Library Jun , Seaworthy A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea, Library Edition Playaway Adult Nonfiction Greenlaw, Linda, Greenlaw, Linda on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Seaworthy A Swordboat Seaworthy A Swordboat Captain Returns to the When an old friend offered her a captaincy on his swordboat, Greenlaw ditched her mounting bills and headed for the sea Full of adventure and thought provoking reflection, Seaworthy recounts her return

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      Linda Greenlaw s three bestselling books about life as a commercial fisherman THE HUNGRY OCEAN 1999 , THE LOBSTER CHRONICLES 2002 and ALL FISHERMEN ARE LIARS 2004 have climbed as high as 2 on the New York Times bestseller list She is the winner of the U.S Maritime Literature Award in 2003, and the New England Book Award for nonfiction in 2004 Time Magazine called her 2005 RECIPES FROM A VERY SMALL ISLAND, co authored with her mother Martha Greenlaw, a must have cookbook.Before becoming a writer, Linda Greenlaw was the captain of a sword boat, the career that earned her a prominent role in Sebastian Junger s THE PERFECT STORM and a portrayal in the subsequent film She has been featured on Good Morning America, Today, CBS Sunday Morning, The Martha Stewart Show, and National Public Radio She now lives on Isle au Haut, Maine, where she captains a lobster boat.When Linda Greenlaw confessed a desire to write fiction, readers responded with an enthusiastic Please do At last, she satisfies their hunger with SLIPKNOT, a sharp witted, compulsively readable mystery, the first in a series featuring marine investigator Jane Bunker As she proved in THE HUNGRY OCEAN, no one knows the sea like Linda Greenlaw And as she proved in THE LOBSTER CHRONICLES, no one has a better way with the telling details of Maine village life SLIPKNOT delivers everything readers want a great setting, wonderful characters, an authentic and original detective and a story that will keep them on the edge of their seats from the author s website Series Jane Bunker Mystery

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    1. As many of you know especially those who know my wife, Carol , I m an easy mark for a strong, intelligent woman who is comfortable in her own skin and very adept at leading in areas not usually seen as a woman s domain Linda Greenlaw fits this profile.I first learned about swordfishing captain, Linda Greenlaw in Sebastian Junger s book The Perfect Storm She was played by a pretty impressive woman in her own right Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in the George Clooney movie version I ve read several o [...]

    2. This time around Linda is recounting what she thought of as her last big chance to captain a swoardfishing boat from assembling the crew to defending her actions I found Seaworthy to be just as absorbing as Lobster Chronicles, just as fascinating and perhaps even a touch depricating Greenlaw is a true renegade even though I cringe at using that word after the 2008 campaigns as well as an enthralling educator No doubt I know waaaaayyyyy about swordfish and how to fish for them commercially now [...]

    3. Darkness waded in cautiously and headed west Hesitating waist deep, then plunging into the murky chill, the diving night splashed light onto the opposite horizon, which swam like spawning salmon up the riverlike sky The sun hated as if it were a baby chick, pecking from within the shell until fully risen, yellow and warm, and as unsure as I waster all, the sun starts anew every day This could well be my last chanced I would make the most of it Linda Greenlaw s latest book, Seaworthy, is the stor [...]

    4. Dear Ms Greenlaw, get over yourself After 10 years away from sword fishing 10 years spent lobstering on Isle au Haut Linda has decided to jump back into the fray and captain the Seahawk with a hand picked crew of four men who vary in their high seas experience Understandably, she is nervous that she won t live up to the high standards and expectations she set when she captained for 19 years before retiring to land, but excited to see if she still has what it takes to bring aboard one of the most [...]

    5. Linda Greenlaw has been on my reading list for quite some time now I had wanted to read Lobster Chronicles but I found Seaworthy when I was browsing in a bookstore Her writing is so matter of fact which makes the reading easy and engaging, you follow as if she were recounting the story at your dining room table.I also really enjoyed that although this is a story of a female captain in a male dominated world, she never once made it about that Her only struggle that she emphasized was that of her [...]

    6. This is the 3rd non fiction book of Linda Greenlaw s that I have read I found this one to be unevenly written I much enjoyed the second half 4 stars but the tedious repetition especially in the first half of the mantra, Can I do it It s been ten years I am not as strong now, but have wisdom and patience, got old very,very quickly We get it, self doubt it distracted from the story and was not, in my as the reader s opinion, worthy of being the overarching theme.I did learn a lot about swordfish [...]

    7. Female swordfish boat captain, author Linda Greenlaw shares her first hand experience of sailing the Seahawk into the Grand Banks notorious for awful sea weather Greenlaw was also a character represented in the movie The Perfect Storm in 2000 She was portrayed by actress Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio The writing is presented in a conversational tone which works most of the time Problems with the old boat persist as her crew admirably solves them Greenlaw is reflective, ballsy and capable even when [...]

    8. The story of Linda Greenlaw s return to sword boat captaining is a relatable story for anyone trying to come back to something that they once loved and succeeded at a high level It is a tale of human psychology as much as about commercial fishing The adventure chronicled in this story can also be seen in the Discovery Channel special titled Swords Life on the Line.

    9. Well written and interesting story of long line sword fishing Definitely makes you feel like you were there and glad that is not my profession

    10. Linda Greenlaw was the first and best, according to Sebastian Junger, author of The Perfect Storm female swordfish boat captain in the United States Throughout her 20s and 30s, she worked her way up through the ranks from crew member to captain, but always fishing for swordfish This book chronicles her return to captaining a swordfish boat the Seahawk at age 47 after a 10 year hiatus She assembles her crew Archie, nearly 60 but with a steady positivity and mechanical and fishing skills his frien [...]

    11. Seaworthy, Linda Greenlaw 2010This is an account of an updated swordfishing expedition with Linda as a captain coming out of retirement from blue water fishing I never saw a reference to the year specified, but this action occurs roughly 10 years after her retirement and her entry into lobster fishing.Linda Greenlaw is an excellent writer, and in one reference she indicated that she had been encouraged to attend law school Offhand, I would not picture a professional commercial boat captain as ha [...]

    12. Enjoyed this very much It s a personal memoir so it s a bit like reading a diary with lots of personal introspection but I appreciated the candid assessments of both herself and her crew It is the first of Greenlaw s book I have read and I am motivated to read her others now.

    13. Greenlaw, a former blue water sword fisherman, has spent the last ten years of her life living on an island in Maine, Isle Au Haut, lobstering and writing books about her fishing experiences An old friend offered her a chance to captain his boat for another season of sword fishing The trip was a disaster Everything that could go wrong did go wrong The boat was poorly equipped and in bad condition They were delayed than once in their trip to the Grand Banks to begin setting their lines Then Gree [...]

    14. After ten years of lobster fishing, writing, and dreaming of going back to the deep sea, Linda Greenlaw gets a chance to come out of retirement and captain a swordboat again She jumps at it, rounding up a crew of friends and taking over a beat up old ship that has all the reliability of the Millennium Falcon As she deals with breakdowns, plagues of sharks, and a diplomatic incident with Canada, she also grapples with the question of whether she s lost her edge as a captain, or whether she has ac [...]

    15. This is the third or fourth book by Linda Greenlaw that I ve read While I d have to say it s not the strongest of her stories, she has such a gift for story telling, even a subject revolving around commercial fishing becomes a page turner in her hands Linda s style is conversational and clean as ship shape and straightforward to read as I imagine the boats must be that she so capably commands In Seaworthy, she returns after a ten year absence to her first love, fishing for swordfish off the wate [...]

    16. It had been a decade since Linda Greenlawn had captained a boat into the deep sea seeking Swordfish Her recent years were occupied with near shore fishing and lobstering, a far cry from braving the Grand Banks Although a female in a traditionally male role, you never get the sense that the Captain is treated in any capacity other than that defining the scope of her duties She braves not only the challenges of the seas but also the pause of knowing she s been out of the game too long and must mak [...]

    17. I am a fan of Linda Greenlaw and it was good to see a book about her returning to the love of her life The seasoned captain s return was an unmitigated nightmare Well, except that I guess it was mitigated a bit by the 4 men who were her crew this time out She left the dock with the greatest 4 guys she ever fished with and they did her proud on this awful trip Linda writes well and you get caught up in her adventures, but she was in her head a lot in this book It was reflective than her others W [...]

    18. I first checked this book out from the library as soon as I heard of it I had read all of Linda s other books including the cookbook she cowrote with her mother and enjoyed them all This one was kind of not grabbing me I got about halfway through it and then wasn t very motivated to pick it up again Feeling bad, I tried it on audiobook as I often will do if it I m not loving it in print and was able to finish it Linda narrates it, so I did enjoy that part It was a slow moving book, and the drama [...]

    19. I enjoyed this as I do all of her books Less about the mechanics of Sword fishing like in The Hungry Ocean and introspection to the fishing, what draws people to it etc Also Introspection into her return after a 10 year hiatus There is mention that she got herself arrested for secondary gain, I would find that hard to believe and do not agree I will go with nature just dishing out unusual circumstances that then put them in the wrong place at the wrong time Who knows Fascinating work in such co [...]

    20. I am a fan of Linda Greenlaw s writing and have attended three of her book readings signings Each time as I sat in the audience, I marveled at the tenacity and strength of this seemingly slight woman standing in front of me She fishes, hauls lobster traps, cooks, manages crews of salty fisherman some loyal and hardworking others, not so And, she writes from the most technical details on commercial fishing and seamanship, to the mysterious escapades of Jane Bunker, and finally to a turn of phrase [...]

    21. I ve been intrigued with Lynda Greenlaw since reading the Perfect Storm and seeing the subsequent movie She knows fishing and writing about fishing and although she lives on an island in Maine, I ve given her the local girl done good stamp I ve actually read all of the books about her different life adventures and even one of her mysteries not great , but her personal tales are a hoot She even wrote a Down East cookbook with her mom www Check out one of her books, any one, and you ll get an inte [...]

    22. Likes Interesting female role model, great characters on board, well written, compelling tale plot, interesting to learn about the swordfishing industryDislikes I was a bit distracted by the ruminating have things changed in 10 years have I changed what does it all mean and a few of the meditations on swordfishing vs corporate life were a bit heavy handedI felt most betrayed, however, when I found out in a related Google search that the Discovery channel folks had been on board filming for a goo [...]

    23. Parts of this book were interesting, and the opening was good I found the tone of the book though, to be somewhat self serving I ended up not really caring what happened There are good details about life aboard a small fishing boat, and I did experience some moments, of what a very different life this is I preferred her first book to this one I m sorry though, that I didn t make it to my local independent bookstore a couple of weeks ago, when Linda Greenlaw did a reading She has certainly led an [...]

    24. A autobiographical venture from Linda Greenlaw, who made her reputation with The Hungry Ocean A Swordboat Captain s Journey 1999 a trip that paralleled that of the Andrea Gail the doomed fishing boat that was lost in The Perfect Storm.B Linda Greenlaw gets an offer to captain a two month swordfishing trip off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland and surprises even herself by saying yes Her memoir chronicles that fall 2008 voyage on the Seahawk, an aging boat that is every bit as much a character in t [...]

    25. Comments based on publisher s Advanced Reading Copy Greenlaw s, The Hungry Ocean was the book that The Perfect Storm should have been, at least in the sense of the intricacies and dynamics of long line swordboat fishing This introspective and personal work does not disappoint and will make great quick summer reading I hope that the author has a tour and or interviews scheduled in support of the book Her NPR interview about The Hungry Ocean was very compelling, and I look forward to hearing her [...]

    26. Linda Greenlaw makes me want to set out to sea in a boat and experience the life of a commercial fisherman or woman as it would be Yet the armchair travel is probably a lot safer I have always enjoyed her writing and I can t wait for If you really want to experience the highs and the lows of this type of life I would say that Linda is one of the best to read Her honesty is refreshing and she is an inspiration to live life as you see fit Keep on striving and you will have really lived

    27. Seaworthy A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea by Linda Greenlaw Viking 2010 639.2 Swordboat captain Linda Greenlaw acted selflessly and heroically and was made famous by the book A Perfect Storm She took some time off to write her newest book is about her return to offshore fishing after ten years away They don t get much fishing done, but the author does get arrested for failing to honor international boundaries My rating 3.5 10, finished 1 12 2011.

    28. Nowhere near the entertainment her previous books have offered Basically if you watched swords, you re wasting a bit of time I m starting to note a theme of vanity that has built between hungry ocean and seaworthy Bit of a turn off for me personally The only aspect that wasn t covered in swords was her Canadian incident However, the insight offered from the book really isn t enough to justify the effort Google it and be done.

    29. Really enjoyed this account of Linda Greenlaw s re entry into the world of swordfishing after a 10 year absence I ve read most of her books and they are all entertaining Always amazed by the strength of this petite but tougher than nails lady who is just about my own age Linda s amazing captaining skills are also featured in A Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger, an amazing read about a terrible storm in the Atlantic.

    30. The third of Linda Greenlaw s fishing memoirs, this book decribes how she returned to captaining a swordboat after a decade of lobstering on a tiny Maine Island As in previous books, this account discusses family issues as well as the sea and fishing, as she and her parents are not getting any younger Unlike the Hungry Ocean, this book describes a single voyage in a beaten up bucket of a boat which goes astray, so there is less description of longline fishing.

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