Doctor Who The Eight Doctors Newly regenerated and travelling through the universe in his TARDIS the eighth Doctor is suddenly hit by a mind shattering blast of malignant psychic energy a final booby trap left by the Master

  • Title: Doctor Who: The Eight Doctors
  • Author: Terrance Dicks
  • ISBN: 9780563405634
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Newly regenerated and travelling through the universe in his TARDIS, the eighth Doctor is suddenly hit by a mind shattering blast of malignant psychic energy a final booby trap left by the Master.

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    1. Terrance Dicks

      Terrance Dicks is an English writer, best known for his work in television and for writing a large number of popular children s books during the 1970s and 80s.His break in television came when his friend Malcolm Hulke asked for his help with the writing of an episode of the popular ABC ITV action adventure series The Avengers, on which Dicks received a co writer s credit on the broadcast He also wrote for the popular ATV soap opera Crossroads In 1968 he was employed as the assistant script editor on the BBC s popular science fiction series Doctor Who Dicks went on to become the main script editor on the programme the following year, and earned his first writing credit on the show when he and Hulke co wrote the epic ten part story The War Games which closed the sixth season and the era of Second Doctor Patrick Troughton Dicks went on to form a highly productive working relationship with incoming Doctor Who producer Barry Letts, working as the script editor on each of Letts five seasons in charge of the programme from 1970 to 1974 After his departure, Dicks continued to be associated with the programme, writing four scripts Robot 1975, the opening story of Tom Baker s era as the Fourth Doctor , The Brain of Morbius 1976 , Horror of Fang Rock 1977 , State of Decay 1981 and the 20th anniversary special The Five Doctors 1983.Dicks also contributed heavily to Target Books range of novelisations of Doctor Who television stories, writing than sixty of the titles published by the company In this role, he would attempt to enlist the original teleplay author to write the books whenever possible, but if they could not or would not, then Dicks would often end up writing the books himself although he also enlisted other writers including one time Doctor Who actor Ian Marter and former series producer Philip Hinchcliffe During the 1990s, Dicks contributed to Virgin Publishing s line of full length, officially licensed original Doctor Who novels, the New Adventures, which carried on the story of the series following its cancellation as an ongoing television programme in 1989 He wrote the first of the Eighth Doctor Adventures, The Eight Doctors, which was for a time the best selling original Doctor Who novel His most recent contributions to the range are the Quick Reads books Made of Steel and Revenge of the Judoon, both featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones.It was through his work on Doctor Who books that he became a writer of children s fiction, penning many successful titles during the 1970s and 80s In 1976, Dicks wrote a trilogy of books published by Target Books called The Mounties about a recruit in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police These were followed in 1979 1983 by another Target trilogy Star Quest , which were later reprinted by Big Finish Productions.Starting in 1978, Dicks began a series called The Baker Street Irregulars which eventually ran to ten books, the last being published in 1987 In 1981, Dicks also began a series of six children s horror novels with Cry Vampire.1987 saw Dicks start a new series of books for very young children called T R Bear , amounting to a further seven books These were followed by the Sally Ann series about a determined ragdoll, Magnificent Max about a cat and The Adventures of Goliath about a golden retriever The Goliath series is Dicks largest amounting to eighteen books Another five books about a St Bernard dog made up the Harvey series Jonathan s Ghost and three sequels were published in 1988, and the three book MacMagic series followed in 1990 The Littlest Dinosaur was published in 1993 and The Littlest on Guard in 1994 Other works published in 1994 include Woof the Never Ending Tale , the Cold Blood series four books , the Chronicles of a Computer Game Addict four books Between 1998 and 2000 Dicks produced the three novel Changing Universe series Since then, Dicks has been engaged

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    1. Poor Uncle Terrance He did a great job on the show during the 70s His Target novelisations had two generations of boys and girls reading Exodus is a top notch New Adventure so much clean Doctor Who fun.But the Eight Doctors is a turd It s not the worst, but it s near there It starts off with a teenage afternoon special The new companion in a hip new funky, rad, tubular, cowabunga, don t do drugs kinda situation It reads like a 70 year old man trying to be hip with the kids Maybe because it s a 7 [...]

    2. So, I m a big fan of the Eighth Doctor A big fan Like, I was so ridiculously happy when Night of the Doctor happened Seriously, the joy I felt in those six minutes is perhaps appropriate to situations like finding out from a doctor that that funny shaped mole is just a funny shaped mole.My experiences with Eight have so far been the tv movie extremely meh except the Doctor himself and the Big Finish audioplays which kick ass all the way to Sunday and back again in a stable temporal loop So I de [...]

    3. Sadly, the first book in the new Eighth Doctor Adventures series is a failure It s not painful to read, but it nonetheless fails in almost every aspect.It s a bad book Really, it s not a book It s a series of seven short stories about Eight meeting other Doctors, combined with a little bit of framing.It s a horrible introduction Dicks gives so much attention to One through Seven, that we learn very little about Eight Meanwhile, he focuses so much of tiny little continuity quirks that he is likel [...]

    4. I was warned not to read this, and now I warn you Don t be tempted, this is a soppy trip down memory lane and it doesn t do the Eighth Doctor any justice Skip it and start withVampire Science

    5. So Terrance Dicks One of the most famous names in Doctor Who history, responsible for numerous major storyarcs from the original television series, and over sixty novelizations thereof And he can t write his way out of a paper bag.I m still a bit in shock about this The story was okay, although it suffers from exceptional pacing issues and the Companion is literally an afterthought no doubt mandated by the BBC s editor in chief, because she was tossed in with absolutely no reason It would have m [...]

    6. Hi I m back After a vicious migraine attack that pretty much left me with the inability to read for two weeks this was refreshing.

    7. Following on the release of the 1996 TV movie with Paul McGann as the eight Doctor, BBC Books decided to launch a new book series featuring the adventures of the Eighth Doctor To start if off they brought Long time Who script editor and writer Terrance Dicks What Dicks produced is an enjoyable trip through the best moments of the original series Dicks was script editor of the series during the Jon Pertwee years and was the writer of most of the novelizations published by Target books during the [...]

    8. nhwvejournal 790383ml return return This was the first of the BBC s series of Eighth Doctor books the book of the TV film apparently being in a different category I had read one of these before and was not madly impressed Here, however, we are on comfortable ground Terrance Dicks record of writing Doctor Who novels and novelisations than anyone else is unlikely to be surpassed any time soon return return Though it really ought to be called Doctor Who and the Heroic RetCons Dicks uses the opport [...]

    9. I last read this book shortly after the Doctor Who TV movie was first released A big fan and an impressionable tween, I read it with delight simply happy that there was a new Who book out, featuring the rather attractive new doctor, that I hadn t read yet, having devoured all the Target novelisations owned by my local library several years earlier.Reading it now, sixteen year on, while I am still a fan, I can look at it objectively It s still a fun romp through all of the Doctor s seven previou [...]

    10. As an opening novel to the new 8th Doctor era of books, this is unsatisfying the Doctor is far too generic, the introduction of companion Sam Jones is sudden in a way not seen since Dodo s arrival in 1966, and it s far too obsessed with the past For a proper stylistic thematic introduction, it is best to start with the next novel, the sublime Vampire Science.However, this atomic explosion of fanwank IS a great effort at closure It draws a line under the classic series, especially the continuity [...]

    11. This was very good It follows the movie and it explains away some plot holes The 8th Doctor gets amnesia and visits all is previous incarnations I liked that idea and my favorite two segments of visits were the 3rd Doctor He is my favorite in the old series My cat name is Pertwee and the 4th Doctor What is really interesting is that Terrance Dicks doesn t stop at filling plot holes of the movies, he also completes some adventures The Sea Devils, Trial of a Time Lord, State of Decay Plus this is [...]

    12. Eh Nice from a nostalgia point of view, but overall simply a bit rubbish Sam s introduction to the TARDIS is probably one of the most rushed ever, most of the scenes felt choppy and badly constructed, and to be honest Dicks seemed determined to make Eight as much of a Mary Sue type figure as he could making all of his past selves bumbling or stupid or both, when we all know that actually they weren t I liked the little scene between Seven and Eight near the end, but apart from thatt highly memor [...]

    13. I loved reading this book I started it months ago and put it aside for awhile, meaning to get back to it after reading a couple of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary book releases I finally came back to it, then breezed through the book in less than a week This is by no means a great example of a Doctor Who novel However, It s a fun, airy read for any dyed in the wool Who fan But it s especially a nice introduction to the Classic Doctors pre 2005 return for anyone intrigued by the Eighth Doctor s s [...]

    14. I remember reading this year s ago and not thinking it was very good However, revisiting it it isn t too bad Sure, there s a maddening overuse of suddenly and he began but it s nowhere near as bad as I thought

    15. As the official start of the Eighth Doctor Adventures novel range, I expected an introductory sort of novel, not necessarily one laying out the mythology of Doctor Who to a would be entirely fresh new reader, but one offering up some captivating new characters, spinning an engaging yarn of its own, and perhaps setting up some beats for future stories I expected the new Eighth Doctor to be set up and characterised, and perhaps a companion or two to be as well The type of novel you expect to start [...]

    16. This was a pretty fun, though slightly weird, start to the Eighth Doctor s novel adventures In a lot of ways, it feels like an anniversary celebration story, as the others in Classic Who had generally been massive crossovers In fact, when Eight encounters Five, it s just after the events of the Five Doctors and some of the monsters and events there become important to the plot The book opens with Eight getting amnesia again, which along with his ridiculous hair is the main hallmark of his advent [...]

    17. The Eight Doctors The beginning of the BBC EDA Range I see quite a lot of negativity with this book People say it s an embarrassment by Terrance Dicks just like Warmonger and Vampire Science is the one to really start off the range Fair enough I say that with Exodus with the Virgin New Adventures I may have an unpopular opinion with this book but I disagree with the hate I think this is a very fun read and a wonderful trip down classic memory lane It seems people just don t like what it was goin [...]

    18. I was wanting an exciting introduction to a new companion, not a boring crawl through re living the 1970s and 1980s.After struggling to get through meeting all the Doctors, I almost forgot that Sam even existed.

    19. Something is rotten in the state of Gallifrey Je suis un peu tar e avec mes livres au del du contenu je peux m clater des heures rien qu avec l objet Et donc j accuse ce bouquin de m avoir compl tement d cridibilis e aupr s de mes coll gues, que je le sortais chaque pause pour lire quelques pages et que je me retrouvais caresser la couverture pendant 3 plombes J tais juste contente de l avoir dans la main lol.Bref.C est dr le, parce que je me rend compte que j ai une liste de raisons de ne pas a [...]

    20. The summary for this book on made it sound awesome But well, it wasn t I described it to people on than one occasion as a sequel to the 1996 movie and of about the same quality I started reading it at the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary event in London while I was queuing to get into one of the theatre shows, and then sort of felt like I had to finish it just to see where it went.The book does pick up where the 1996 movie starring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor leaves off The Master has left one [...]

    21. Novelizations of popular movies and TV series are always a risky business they must please the fandom and this will probably alienate any casual reader i.e non fan This risk is increased with such a peculiar case as the 8th regeneration of the title character of the iconic British TV show Doctor Who The valiant, but ultimately failed attempt at resurrecting the show in the 90s, meant that his adventures would be constricted to non visual media And although this meant that on the long run he has [...]

    22. Less of a book, and of a clipshow, The Eight Doctors single handedly proves that Steven Moffat s Classic Doctor free approach to the 50th Anniversary Special was the right one.The book starts and ends badly, with a pointlessly amnesiac Eighth Doctor wrapped up in a Grange Hill esque plot about suburban crack dealers really that seems somehow less realistic than all the talk of time travel and giant spiders.But it s the stories concerning the previous seven Doctors that really turn this book int [...]

    23. The book picks up directly after the Television movie, with the Eighth Doctor falling into a trap set by The Master which causes him to forget his past through Amnesia The TARDIS then whisks the Doctor off to visit each of his previous incarnations in sequence to help him restore his memories.The book was an enjoyable trip down memory lane, the Eighth Doctor finding himself in the middle of memorable previous Doctor stories, but starts to lose it s way by the time The Doctor meets his Sixth inca [...]

    24. Set immediately after the Dr Who movie that was the only video appearance of the 8th Doctor until very recently , this features the newly regenerated Doctor He s been psychically wounded by a booby trap from the Master, and his memories of his earlier selves cut off The only way to get them back is to meet his earlier selves.Yes, it s not a new story, there have been team ups of the various Doctors before indeed, the visit to the fifth Doctor Davison is just after the Five Doctors special , but [...]

    25. Despite the fact that I gave it only 3 stars, I did genuinely like this book for the most part The main problems I found with The Eight Doctors is that Eight s and most of the Doctor s characterization was rather off and it became hard to differentiate him from the other Doctors throughout the novel Along with this the dialogue between Eight and his predecessors felt rather awkward and unnatural, even for the Doctor Some of the best parts of the novel were when he met up with his past incarnatio [...]

    26. I found The Eight Doctors to be an absolutely excellent read It works perfectly for dedicated fans of Doctor Who, especially since it revisits stories from each past incarnation of the Doctor This also leads me to believe it would make things very difficult for new fans coming into the series, hence my reasoning for giving it four stars rather than five I don t believe many people would be going into this novel without being a Doctor Who fan though, so for the most part, the novel works perfectl [...]

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