Down a Dark Hall Kit Gordy sees Blackwood Hall towering over black iron gates and she can t help thinking This place is evil The imposing mansion sends a shiver of fear through her But Kit settles into a routine tr

  • Title: Down a Dark Hall
  • Author: Lois Duncan
  • ISBN: 9780316098984
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kit Gordy sees Blackwood Hall towering over black iron gates, and she can t help thinking, This place is evil The imposing mansion sends a shiver of fear through her But Kit settles into a routine, trying to ignore the rumors that the highly exclusive boarding school is haunted Then her classmates begin to show extraordinary and unknown talents The strange dreams, theKit Gordy sees Blackwood Hall towering over black iron gates, and she can t help thinking, This place is evil The imposing mansion sends a shiver of fear through her But Kit settles into a routine, trying to ignore the rumors that the highly exclusive boarding school is haunted Then her classmates begin to show extraordinary and unknown talents The strange dreams, the voices, the lost letters to family and friends, all become overshadowed by the magic around them.When Kit and her friends realize that Blackwood isn t what it claims to be, it might be too late.

    Down a Dark Stairwell Mar , Down a Dark Stairwell Photos Since the s, young men have played A foray into the uncanny with a spin on Luis Buuel s That Storyline User Reviews A police Down a Dark Hall Aug , Directed by Rodrigo Corts With AnnaSophia Robb, Uma Thurman, Isabelle Fuhrman, Victoria Moroles A troubled teen named Kit Gordy is forced to join the exclusive Blackwood Boarding School, just to find herself trapped by dark forces around its mysterious headmistress, Madame Duret. Down a Dark Hall film Donald Trump has taken the U.S down a dark path, and days agoDonald Trump has taken the U.S down a dark path, and these Canadians are scared of where it leads By Edward Keenan Washington Bureau Chief Mon Sept , timer min read Down A Dark Hall Movie Official Trailer Uma May , Kit AnnaSophia Robb , a difficult young girl, is sent to the mysterious Blackwood Boarding School when her heated temper becomes too much for her mother to Down a Dark Stairwell Human Rights Watch Film Down a Dark Stairwell Down a Dark Stairwell When a Chinese American police officer kills an innocent, unarmed black man in an unlit stairwell of a New York City housing project on November , , communities across the city erupt with demands for legal accountability When he becomes the first New York Police Department officer convicted of an on duty shooting in over a Down a Dark Hall Rotten Tomatoes Aug , Ultimately, Down a Dark Hall falls victim to familiar teen horror tropes a brooding lead with a heart of gold, predictable jump scares, wincingly bad romantic tension, and obvious villains August Down A Dark Hall at an AMC Theatre near you. Down A Dark Hall Kit AnnaSophia Robb , a difficult young girl, is sent to the mysterious Blackwood Boarding School when her heated temper becomes too much for her mother to handle Once she arrives at Blackwood, Kit encounters eccentric headmistress Madame Duret Uma Thurman and meets the schoolas only other students, four young women also Down a Dark Hall Down a Dark Hall Official Trailer Uma Thurman Down a Dark Hall Trailer Uma Thurman, AnnaSophia Robb Fantasy Horror Movie HD Official Trailer

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    1. Lois Duncan

      Lois Duncan born Lois Duncan Steinmetz was an American writer and novelist, known primarily for her books for children and young adults, in particular and some times controversially considering her young readership crime thrillers Duncan s parents were the noted magazine photographers Lois Steinmetz and Joseph Janney Steinmetz She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Sarasota, Florida Duncan started writing and submitting manuscripts to magazines at the age of ten, and when she was thirteen succeeded in selling her first story.Duncan attended Duke University from 1952 to 1953 but dropped out, married, and started a family During this time, she continued to write and publish magazine articles over the course of her career, she has published than 300 articles, in magazines such as Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, McCall s, Good Housekeeping, and Reader s Digest After her first marriage, which produced three children, ended in divorce, Duncan moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to teach journalism at the University of New Mexico, where she also earned a BA in English in 1977 In 1965 she married Don Arquette, and had two children with him.Duncan was best known for her novels of suspense for teenagers Some of her works have been adapted for the screen, the most famous example being the 1997 film I Know What You Did Last Summer, adapted from her novel of the same title Other made for TV movies include Stranger with My Face, Killing Mr Griffin, Don t Look Behind You, Summer of Fear and Gallows Hill.In 1989 the youngest of Duncan s children, Kaitlyn Arquette, was murdered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, under suspicious circumstances Who Killed My Daughter relates the facts and conjecture about the still unsolved case Duncan s second book about her daughter s murder, ONE TO THE WOLVES ON THE TRAIL OF A KILLER, picks up where the first book leaves off and contains all the new information Kait s family has uncovered from private investigation The 1971 children s book Hotel for Dogs was released as a theatrical movie in 2009, starring Emma Roberts That book has now been republished by along with two sequels, News for Dogs 2009 and Movie for Dogs 2010.Duncan s Gothic suspense novel, DOWN A DARK HALL, is being filmed for the Big Screen and will probably be released in 2016.Follow Lois on Twitter twitter duncanauthorfacebook profilep ikaitarquettequettes

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    1. The first Young Adult novel I ve read as an adult is Down a Dark Hall, the supernatural mystery by Lois Duncan first published in 1974 This revised edition released in 2011 modernized the novel by introducing cell phones, texting and the Internet Why don t those girls call 911 or better yet, Isn t there an app for that being considerations for the suspense author of today Antiquated usages like Mother were also updated, but what I was thrilled to find preserved was a sense of Gothic dread that r [...]

    2. Before I begin it s retro lulz time A description of the leading male hottie, the music teacher who is slim and fine boned, with glossy black hair which framed a face so perfect in feature that it might have belonged to a television star Jules Duret was waiting for her in the music room He was wearing a pale blue shirt, open at the throat, and a pair of white flared pants Did anyone say Saturday Night Fever You can tell this novel was written in the 70s can t you I wonder if they will update any [...]

    3. I read this one for the Chilling Children square It would also work for Ghost, Haunted Houses, Genre Horror, Supernatural, Gothic, Terror in a Small Town and Classic Horror.I am giving this book 3 1 2 stars rounded up to 4 for GR based upon my enjoyment of the book this time around If I had been rating this book circa 1976, two years after it was published and I was 10, I would ve given it one million stars, once I emerged from my hiding place under my comforter Because this book scared the beje [...]

    4. Lovely vintage gothic written for young adults but can be enjoyed by all This story immediately brought Haunting of Hill House to mind and it continued to be reminiscent of it throughout in my opinion That s a good thing because I liked it a lot, as well It has the trademark Lois Duncan creepy ambience and great descriptions of the house, environment and characters Loved Kit and her fellow schoolmates They were painted so vividly and the paranormal experiences made me feel like I was there with [...]

    5. This is one of the first full length novels I read I remember it serving as one of the seminal moments in my literary formation I remember it being suspenful and full of immagery This book was republished in 1990, but was originally published in the late 70 s I read it in 5th or 6th grade.While studying children s literature as part of my Masters program, we had to choose a book that we had read in elementary school The assignment instrcted us to look at our influential book with adult eyes We h [...]

    6. Kit Gordy was accepted into Blackwood boarding school and she was really looking forward to it when she thought her best friend Tracy would be accepted as well But Tracy wasn t accepted and as much as Kit tried to get out of going, she couldn t.Kit s mom and stepfather are going away on their honeymoon, but before they leave, they take Kit to Blackwood themselves Kit isn t thrilled about going and when they actually arrive, Kit does not want to be there She thinks the place feels strange There i [...]

    7. YA gothic supernatural novel set in a creepy, secluded boarding school A real page turner that s lots of fun to read.

    8. This was a teenage favorite of mine, and I was reminded of it a few days ago by another book So, when it came up as a suggested book on the library s website, I considered it fate and grabbed it to reread I remember I used to think of Kit s dad, and hoped that mine was watching over me just like hers watched over her.I really wish Ms Duncan hadn t updated these books In doing so, I really think she added some plot inconsistencies that weren t there in the original edition.If I were a teen, used [...]

    9. I really liked this book The boys in my book club wanted to read it and I m like, fine whatever I didn t think I d like it But I did A lot Once I started I could NOT put it down I literally read it in one night I was pulled right into it It was like I was there with them as they went through this I liked how the other didn t explain it all, but let you figure it out for yourself I had a great time trying to think, what could they all have in common It was an amazing book I think my favorite part [...]

    10. Dear Miss Kalwanaski, This week I m writing about the chilling characteristics in Down A Dark Hall , written by Lois Duncan I m writing about this book again because I ve not had enough time to start another one Last week I told you what I enjoyed about the book This week I will be telling you why I enjoy these chilling characteristics I enjoy these chilling characteristics for multiple reasons I find chilling characteristics to be the heart and soul of a book Chilling parts of a book is what ma [...]

    11. The story was interesting and it kept me reading until the very end and I finished it at 1am and it was a school day I liked the author s style of writing and will continue reading the other books The only part I did not like in the story was the ending I think it was supposed to look like an ending that has no ending can t really put it in words I still don t know whether Lynda was harmed from the fire or not Kit, her friends except Lynda , the professor, Madame Duret and Jules all got to safet [...]

    12. This has always been my favorite Duncan, and the only one I ve reread several times since I was a teenager When Kit Gordy enters a private school, she s shocked to discover that there are only three other students, and she s disturbed by the school itself, whose atmosphere she immediately feels is evil Eventually, Kit makes a chilling discovery about why she and the other three girls were the only ones selected I don t want to reveal this, as it would be a massive spoiler, but this aspect of the [...]

    13. I used to sneak Lois Duncan books home from the library when I was in middle school I d check them out, of course I m not a monster , but would sneak them into the house as I was pretty sure my parents would not have approved I hold nostalgia responsible for me choosing to read this book I actually didn t read this one as a kid but can imagine it would have been slightly thrilling if I was still a thirteen year old smuggling scary books into the house buried deep in my backpack This story was k [...]

    14. Je suis tr s confuse par cette fin que nous offre l auteur c est beaucoup trop soudain un chapitre ou deux de plus auraient t les biens venu L histoire tait pas mal, parfois un peu rapide Les personnages taient assez attachant C tait bien trouv

    15. 3 or 4 stars.a very interesting concept, and hard to put down I felt there were a few unanswered questions at the end, but mostly I found it intriguing.

    16. I read a ton of Lois Duncan in junior high but this is one I missed I originally assumed it was one that was published after I moved out of my Duncan phase but the original publication date is 1974 so there goes that theory Somehow this one never made it on to my radar I needed a YA Thriller for a reading challenge and did some searching here on and came up with this one and Gallows Hill also by Duncan.Back in middle school I was obsessed with Stranger With My Face and Summer of Fear by Duncan I [...]

    17. Effectively chilling little shocker for Young Adults by Lois Duncan The sense of isolation, entrapment, and betrayal experienced by the young protagonists at the hands of the adults around them is palpable and disturbing But the pacing is waaaay off I don t mind the gradual build up But just when we and the protagonists realize what their situation really is.just when the conflict becomes really interesting and involving is all of a sudden resolved And then to make matters even worse, the story [...]

    18. I was anticipating this to be meh But it was gripping to the last page And to think it came out before I was born I have heard of the author but have never read any of her books until this one and I can actually say I resent not reading any of her books before

    19. Down a Dark Hall by Lois Duncan is about a teenage girl named Katherine, also known as Kit Kit s parents are going off to their honeymoon and leaving her at an all girls school named Blackwood, ran by a lady named Madame Duret Blackwood is a school for special girls with an ability to summon the dead through their dreams The dead are past poets, authors, artists, and pianists working through the girls to finish the works that they could not complete in their past life Strangely, only four girls [...]

    20. So, this is one of those books that I have a hard time forgetting even though the first time I read it was than 2 years ago I felt that it was time I gave this a thorough rave review Duncan s Down a Dark Hall had all the right ingredients to a goose bumps arousing mystery book It was as gloomy and dark as it was hard to put down Kit is a new student at a highly respected boarding school with a past Though at first, she tries hard to ignore the rumors behind this mansion, she starts to witness p [...]

    21. Originally posted on Paranormal Sisters paranormalsistersChillsat s the word that comes to mind when I look back on this book Simple plot written in bone chilling words, page after page What can I say.Kit is a strong willed young adult who isn t going to do anything she doesn t want to do But the one thing she can t fight against is ending up at the all girls boarding school, Blackwood.Being accepted and without her best friend, she gets another surprise to finding out only three other girls ar [...]

    22. Kit is attending boarding school while her mom and stepfather are on their honeymoon From the beginning, she s against the idea, but once she sees the school it s even worse She has a sense of wrongness almost immediately, and the longer she stays, the worse it gets.And it s even weirder because there are exactly four students in the school and that s counting Kit Soon, they re all doing things they weren t able to do before Lynda is painting these amazing landscapes and Sandy is writing poetry [...]

    23. I m not really sure why I keep reading horror books I don t actually like spending time with evil things but yet a couple times a year I find myself reading some morbid depressing book about evil incarnate.This is the one I picked this time I have always enjoyed Lois Duncan s writing and consider her to be very talented This book was really good hence the 4 star rating but I m glad it s over as I don t like to spend my free time with books like this.The setup Take a 16 year old girl who s mother [...]

    24. kit gordy got accepted into blackwood a school for young kids the school building is a creepy old house and when kit once gets there, she gets the chills she feels something evil here but cannot explain it her parents leave for europe on their honeymoon once she gets settled in strange things start happening at the school and she wants to escape the principal tries her best to stop them but fails.i think that kit s a brave girl if i was her than i would have done the same thing except at the end [...]

    25. Originally posted on NOT ENOUGH BOOKS, NOT ENOUGH TIMEEverything I have ever read by Lois Duncan has been golden Granted I haven t read that many, Down a Dark Hall makes five but they re always a pleasure Quick and to the point, but well written so that it sucks you right into the pages and immerses you in the plot and the characters Plus, you can always count on a good scare but nothing that ll will keep you up at night Okay, that s a lie.I just learned that they re making this into a movie tha [...]

    26. This book was creepy, so creepy that I had to put the book down when I was in my dark house alone Down a Dark Hall is about Kit, a 14 year old girl starting out at an exclusive boarding school called Blackwood School for Girls The school is so exclusive that there are only 4 students Kit senses immediately that there is something wrong with the school, but it takes her and her schoolmates time to figure out what that bizarre something is.This book was first published in 1974, but it is not as ho [...]

    27. Want to see bookish things from me Check out my YouTube channel youtube channel UCferKit Gordy is sent to Blackwood Hall, a boarding school for girls when her mother remarries and travels to Europe for her honeymoon When she arrives, she instantly gets a weird feeling, something is wrong but she can t quite put her finger on what it is When the other girls in her class begin to have strange dreams and develop unbelievable talents, she begins to wonder what Madame Duret, headmistress of Blackwoo [...]

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