River s Edge One extraordinary woman will come of age and come into her own in this haunting elegiac portrait of an ever changing America during the tumult and uncertainty of World War II After the death of her m

  • Title: River's Edge
  • Author: Marie Bostwick
  • ISBN: 9780758209917
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • One extraordinary woman will come of age and come into her own in this haunting, elegiac portrait of an ever changing America during the tumult and uncertainty of World War II After the death of her mother, Elise Braun is sent to live with a new family in the United States and to start a new life Her father only wants to save his daughter from the impending war in her nOne extraordinary woman will come of age and come into her own in this haunting, elegiac portrait of an ever changing America during the tumult and uncertainty of World War II After the death of her mother, Elise Braun is sent to live with a new family in the United States and to start a new life Her father only wants to save his daughter from the impending war in her native Germany and the horrors of the new Nazi regime But Elise can only feel a sense of abandonment and resentment toward the one man who is supposed to protect her An accomplished pianist, music has become her only solace from the loneliness and loss that makes it so difficult for her to love or trust anyoneDevastated by his wife s death, Herman Braun knows that he s incapable of caring for the daughter he loves so deeply He also knows that Germany is becoming a treacherous country in the hands of a tyrant, one he must defy at any price even the price of sending his daughter away to a strange new land It s a choice that may cost him his family and his life.Now, with the war over, Elise has grown into the beautiful and brave young woman her father always hoped she would be But underneath the polished facade, she remains torn between her love for her adoptive home and the heartbreak caused by her homeland As she struggles to find her place in a harrowing new world, she must also learn to acknowledge her love for her father, the man who traded his happiness for her ownPraise for Fields of Gold Captivating and hauntingly beautiful, this debut is a true gem Romantic Times Book Club 4 1 2 stars A lyrical, lush, and lovely novel from a clever and talented new writer Jane Green A gripping, heartwarming story.ete with fascinating characters and a page turning plot Dorothy GarlockMarie Bostwick was born and raised in the Northwest Since marrying the love of her life twenty four years ago, she has never known a moment s boredom Marie and her family have moved a score of times, living in eight U.S states and two Mexican cities, and collecting a vast and cherished array of friends and experiences Marie now lives with her husband and three handsome sons in Connecticut where she writes, reads, quilts, and is privileged to serve the women of her local church Visit her at mariebostwick.View ChapterMarie Bostwick visits with readers during a Meet and Greet at Ft Bragg.

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    1. Marie Bostwick

      Marie Bostwick is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of uplifting historical and contemporary fiction She lives in the state of Oregon and travels fequently to sign books, speak to reading groups, and meet her readers.

    758 thoughts on “River's Edge”

    1. River s Edge by Marie Bostwick is one of the best books I have read in a long time The setting is pre WWII through the war years in a small New England community, where they grow tobacco, of all things It is a coming of age story, a building a new life story Bostwick gives us characters we really care about, can relate to, and root for She captures the place and times and people so thoroughly that the story lingered in my mind during the intervals between reading Maybe it is because my mother ha [...]

    2. I really wasn t very interested in the book just by reading the back cover, but once I got into it, I really liked it I ve never thought of how displaced Germans were treated by Americans This was an eye opener.

    3. Sweet story, loved the romance and time period, but I think the author completely missed the mark on her intended message, which was supposed to be how hard it was for Germans living in US during the waris book was 90% description of a girl from Germany sent to live with 10 times removed cousins on a farm in NH and her daily life growing up and maybe 10% description of a few instances of being outcast or bullied because she was from Germanyeach instance of outcast felt out of place and forced Th [...]

    4. I enjoyed the story and most of the writing was well done I felt there were too many similes though She would describe something well enough, but then add like and another description But you can always depend on this author for a clean story, which I appreciate.

    5. Spoiler alert I really enjoyed a glimpse into life in the 40s and what things must have been like for everyone on both sides of the war.Instead of describing trees and wind and water, it would have been nice to give detail on what the houses were like, clothes, furniture, appliances, the town, etc If we are being transported into the World War 2 era, it would be nice to read substance in normal life It felt unbalanced to have such detail of plants and trees, and not as much of everything else. [...]

    6. As has been true with all of the Marie Bostwick books I ve read, I truly enjoyed this one It is a romance, for sure, although it takes a while for that fact to show itself The setting is along the banks of the Connecticut River, where coincidentally I grew up That drew my interest, of course The time period is from about 1939 1947 The central character, Elise Braun, is a German girl who s sent to live with the pastor of the small town of Brightfield fictional Her mom has died of consumption and [...]

    7. So many different aspects to WWII and although I have read much historical fiction, haven t read this scenario before young German girl sent to the US by her father, a German officer, to live with distant relatives It s a big culture change, but she adapts despite the war and other hardships It is a heartwarming story with interesting characters.

    8. I had read the Cobbled Court quilt series and really enjoyed it, so I decided to go back and read Bostwick s earlier books Fields of Gold, her first book, was okay It was well written, had a good plot but it didn t grab me and suck me in It sort of lagged and dragged here and there The book would have been great with about 15 pages less of details and such, I thought I wasn t sure about this bookyou know the saying about the sopho slump, not at all I got right into this book It was written from [...]

    9. This is another story that takes place during World War 2, but it is a fictional account about a girl that is sent to America, to protect her from the war in Germany It is an interesting story and I enjoyed reading about her life in Germany and her adjusting to American life in a small town in New England She was wealthy in Germany, with servants, etc and in America, she lives with a minister and his wife on a farm That was the best part of the book Near the end, it feels like the author wants t [...]

    10. If I could rate this 4 1 2 stars, I would I am a huge fan of historical fiction if you need proof, just check out my read list LOL , and the WWII era is one of my favourite eras to read about Most of the books I ve read set in this period are about women holding down the fort in the US while the men are off fighting While this book definitely had some of that in it, it was of a coming of age story I really liked watching Elise grow from a girl who is unsure of her place in the world to a woman [...]

    11. A great read The only reason I m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I felt the ending was rushedI wanted details But, even with that said, the story was still a complete one.I enjoy books set during World War II and this one was very interesting and had a unique point of view The characters were excellent and thoroughly developedElise was a terrific character to be the center of the storye grew as a person throughout the book and I was cheering for her.River s Edge is a story about love [...]

    12. This was a very moving novel The story centers around Elise Braun who is sent by her military father to distant relatives in America in 1939 Elise has lost her mother to illness and now her father has sent her away to live with people she has never heard of in another country where the culture and the language are as alien to her as she is to them The descriptions of her experiences and emotions are beautifully done This book is a joy to read.

    13. I always enjoy reading historical novels This is an account of an affluent German girl sent to live in a small New England town to remove her from the dangers of the war in her country Having just lost her mother, she is dealing with many emotions.I would have like details about her father s mission in the war, and description of her earlier life, but all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    14. I enjoyed the writing style and the characters in this book I think this author has a wonderfully descriptive style that feels almost poetic at times The story was compelling and flowed nicely too I thought it was a nice summer read because it is not too intense despite being set in war time The sadness and difficult themes were handled deftly and allowed the reader to dip into the emotion without getting overwhelmed The heartwarming ending was nice too.

    15. This book should be classified as historical, Christian Fiction It is the story of a young German girl who is sent from her home in Berlin to live with distant relatives in America in the years prior to WW II Her father, who is her only living parent, believes that she would be much safer living in America.This account of the girl, the American family, and her German father, who is in the German military during World War II is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

    16. This is the LDS groups disscusion book for June 2013 I look forward to the disscusion I really enjoyed this book It took me back to my childhood days in the 1940s I thought it was well written,and the characters were well developed I liked the way Marie discribed the natural setting of the story.

    17. I don t know if I just wasn t in the mood for this book or what but I really struggled to get through the book and only made it about half way It got good reviews from other readers so I was a little confused I just couldn t really get into the book Maybe I ll try reading it again someday Until then my impression of it isn t that great.

    18. Rivers Edge was delightful Rivers Edge was delightful After reading Marie Bostwick s Cobbled Court Quilt Series, I discovered her earlier written books This author is so very talented.

    19. I thought this book was entertaining I also liked the characters and the way they developed within the story This would be a good book to use in a a history class that covers World War II because it shows the home front during the war and what women and children had to do to survive.

    20. An enjoyable easy read set during WWWII Elise is a German child sent to away to American to live safely with extended family while her father fights for Germany Appropriate for young adult readers.

    21. I just love Bostwick It was so nice to read another book by her And this one was so different from her quilting series I m always a sucker for historical fiction and this one was very well done Wonderful writing, seamless plot, and strong characters.

    22. This is a surprisingly good book about a young girl who is sent to America from Germany right before the start of WWII to live with distant relatives in Connecticut A feel good book that I had trouble putting down.

    23. I kind of had to push to get myself through this one Even though it was a light and easy read It had the backbones of a really good story, but it just lacked the depth to get me emotionally involved or attached to the characters.My favorite character was Mrs Ludwig.

    24. I really felt for Elise Coming to America at a time when Germans were ostricised, living with a new family with different manners, dealing with prejudices because of her home land It was all so believable.I enjoyed the ending.

    25. Starts slow, but a very powerful book about being a stranger in a new land, the power of love, and the gentle way God guides us even in our darjkest hours This book takes place for the most part in a small town in New England during WW2.

    26. Another great historical fiction book by Ms Bostwick I think she really shines writing historical fiction She people s the past with her wonderfully deep characters and the reader gets a very dimensional view of the flat facts of the past Always a good read.

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