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This light over ameritas dental the plasma lights because the public kind of tends to heat up a little bit too much so if you’re using that light I feel like that can cause a lot of irritation to the Popol as well and causing that irritation to the Pope is actually gonna be detrimental in.

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The long term because that in itself can cause some papaya to so we want to avoid all that as much as possible so.

like using this light and it’s been very successful with me in my office okay so going back to finishing and polishing you can see right here.

That we have the primary Anatomy already built in before we polish and I like using this cue finisher from comment.

What this cue finisher does it’s a course and it’s also a fine edge depending how much pressure put on the bird soft so

I like using this one you can also use a leaf carbide barber and all you really want to do right here is remove.

That excess composite that you have on the sides you want to remove all the excess that you have mainly under clueless surfaces remember if you have .

A proper adaptation from your matrix you’re really not gonna have much to remove then interproximal area you can just floss that and then you’re gonna be able to just polish it without actually finishing because there’s really nothing there to finish if you do have to finish make sure you always go from tooth to composite.

So you don’t want to start in the composite and then go to the tooth because you’re gonna actually maybe something make a little bit of a dent make a little bit of a depression there and that’s gonna cause some food to get stuck and then plaque buildup and micro leakage again which is what we want to avoid