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How To Buy Ameritas dental network

Tray comes with Ameritas dental network extra piece of material we call a gum stick and that’s the same material as you find out the tray but it’s  Ameritas dental network much softer and if you.

Ameritas dental network
Ameritas dental network

Heat that you can actually apply it to the heated tray if you need to make the tray bigger the trays only come in one size so you need to be able to manipulate them if you need to chair side this is .

The technique you take the tray which comes in its own little Bowl and pour in a hundred and sixty degree water wherever the tray turns color is gonna soften so degrees and you’re gonna keep it in for a minute you’re gonna time time it with.

That timer if you could let it go longer the tray might become too soft if you don’t go for a minute it might be too hard to manipulate take that tray place it in the patient’s mouth and have them go through border mounding motions that means tightening their lips.

I pushed it up in the palate so it goes follows the shape of the palate and then then you just use the technique that you you learn the use for a final impression take it out and examine it but one thing with this tray is you can actually stretch .

The tray if you need to one of the places where you traditionally Mix miss up a maxillary final impressions over the generosities and that’s because a lot of times the trays are too short with this tray a warm tray you can just stretch .

Which makes it much easier to adapt in the mouth you can do the same thing on the lower of the big mistake for lower impressions is not getting over the pear-shaped pad so with this tray you just stretch it just pull it just make it a little