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Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Dental Helps.

What’s the best way  for that new dentist to be able to  introduce himself to the team and then  in a non you know jerk way tellin teen like hey I don’t wanna make sure that  we’re really great everything that we do yeah and then so instead of you know as  a resource we’re gonna have something that runoff the trots help us with that training yeah and again it’s very  similar to having the employee.

That’s been there for a long time most doctors who buy a practice get the employees get  the culture get the team and it’s always been done this way and I was in a friend’s office dental helps recently and they answered the phones  you know how may I direct your call well when you’re calling a dental office nobody’s really directing your call anywhere your how can I help you would  be much more you know appropriate so I asked them.

Why do you guys say how do I where do I direct your call or how do I George they’re like I don’t know we’ve  always just said it that way I’m like well do you ever direct their call anywhere do you just handle their question they’re like oh yeah so some of it is when you’re going in as  a doctor taking or the practice there’s going to be some changes that need to be made but again if I feel if you you know come in with the hammer or standing over their desk saying change the way you’re  doing it you’re gonna get a lot of pushback so having something like this.

Where you can introduce ideas and because I’m an office manager who have done who’s done this for so long as the doctor you might come in full coverage dental insurance and introduce  an idea and the staff will say no you don’t know trust us we know what we’re doing we’ve got this but if you bring in a resourcel like ne then they’re hearing it from somebody who understands what goes on the front desk and I not  only trained what to do but I trained the reason why why is it important that we do conformation calls why it is important we call on over to read care reports and and get our patients.