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What Is Full Coverage Dental ?

Full Coverage Dental Keep in mind that multiple treatments, outside of these “basic” treatments, may not be reimbursed. After a root canal treatment, for example, a crown may be necessary to give the Full Coverage Dental more firmness, or your dentist works with a microscope during the root canal treatment.

Full Coverage Dental
Full Coverage Dental

these costs are not or only to a limited extent covered by the insurances mentioned above. Insurance that does not cover unlimited expenses, but covers dental costs with a 75-100% reimbursement will probably save you money because you have to pay less.

Ensure an amount of at least 750 euros.

Periodontal disease is the follow-up stage of inflamed gums. It is often painless and occurs unnoticed. This very persistent and difficult to heal inflammation of the Full Coverage Dental (the gums and surrounding jaw bone) can lead to withdrawn gums and jawbone.

Wherein advanced stage teeth and molars can come loose and even be lost. The treatment of periodontists is time-consuming and can include several years. These costly treatments are covered mainly by T-treatment codes.

T-codes are NOT reimbursed by all insurers, Anderson, Ora DEW have some dental insurances or additional packages with many exceptions about these codes, especially in the cheaper boxes.

These treatments start from about € 500, but with a 3-part bridge they can quickly reach € 1500, and with 5-part bridges, the costs are around € 2500. An insurer that is “reimbursed as much as possible” is of course welcome.

Since 2017 many health insurance companies are happy about offering accident cover. A comprehensive overview can be found on the dental insurance page.

Do you want dental accident insurance for dental insurance without dental insurance? Ix org has an accident coverage up to € 10,000, but Quicksilver also offers this in the additional modules. Ix org is not