The guardian dental insurance

The guardian dental insurance Stick to your brushing and flossing habits. You can best prevent dental problems and discolored teeth by brushing and tearing your teeth. Make sure you not only brush teeth before bedtime but after every meal brushes.

Go to the dentist frequently, as strictly necessary. The guardian dental insurance  You can clean your teeth professionally to ensure your smile stays white and sparkles. In addition, the dentist can detect problems earlier, so it’s a win-win situation.

It turns out that blue colors (on the body or lips) make sure your ivory looks white. So choose instead of that red sweater and lipstick for that blue turtle and / or that bramstick lipstick. Well, the effect will disappear if you decrease the colors …

But it works fast! Do not choose lipstick or lip gloss, even if they are blue (ig). This ensures that your teeth look rugged or less pearl. Keep it shiny with a shiny lipstick for a beautiful, radiant shine.